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September 25, 2023

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Inflammation is the sign that our body is defending itself against an aggression. But when this response escalates, for example in the brain, it can lead to serious neurological or psychiatric diseases. A team investigated a marker protein targeted ...
Research reveals new non-coding genetic variants associated with Alzheimer's disease functioning in microglia -- brain cells already implicated in the progression of this often-fatal ...
Is it possible that a single biomarker can detect all types of diseases related to dopamine deficiency in the brain? Yes, that's what a research group is discovering. 'We have observed that an enzyme in cerebrospinal fluid and in blood is a useful ...
A telecare program that improves outcomes for patients with dementia and lightens the load for unpaid caregivers also has the surprising bonus of cutting Medicare costs, according to new ...

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Scientists have opened a new view into the workings of the brain and central nervous system, detecting a diverse set of important molecules known as lipoproteins. The most common protein on the ...

Researchers have discovered a new avenue of cell death in Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. The study reveals for the first time that a form of cell death known as ferroptosis -- caused ...

A new article examines the use of monoclonal antibody therapies for treating Alzheimer disease and alerts physicians to be on the lookout for a potential side effect: amyloid-related imaging ...

A new blood test called p-tau217 shows promise as an Alzheimer's disease biomarker, and when used in a two-step workflow very high accuracy to either identify or exclude brain amyloidosis, the ...

Researchers have developed a blood test that detects Parkinson's disease, potentially establishing a way to help diagnose the condition before nervous system damage worsens. A new blood-based ...

A new study further illustrates that when it comes to risk of Alzheimer's disease, even genetically determined forms of the disease, genetics is only one piece of the puzzle. Researchers ...


Scientists have made a 'paradigm shifting' discovery on the mechanisms required for learning and memory that could lead to new therapies for Alzheimer's disease and potentially Down ...

Damage associated with Alzheimer's disease begins within hours after a concussion according to results from research that uses a 'mini-brain' lab on a chip ...

A potential new Alzheimer's drug represses the harmful inflammatory response of the brain's immune cells, reducing disease pathology, preserving neurons and improving cognition in ...

Patients living with one of the UK's most common heart rhythm conditions are 50% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than they were at the start of the millennium, analysis of ...

In the new study, the team used the model to demonstrate that as Alzheimer's pathology accumulates in the brain, specific types of immune cells called CT8+ T Cells surge into the brain and ...

Biomedical engineers have developed sophisticated optical techniques to monitor at close range the process by which protein aggregates form during liquid-to-liquid transition. This can lead to solid ...


Researchers make progress in developing a digital biomarker that detects early signs of Alzheimer's disease in brainwave patterns using a simple 'wearable' headband at ...

A new study uses more genetically diverse mouse models to study the accumulation and spread of abnormal tau protein deposits in the brain -- a known sign of Alzheimer's disease and several other ...

New results suggest that intermittent fasting could be an effective treatment approach for Alzheimer's disease. Mice fed on a time-restricted schedule had better memory and less accumulation of ...

Genetic remnants of viruses that are naturally present in the human genome could affect the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers come to this conclusion on the basis of studies on ...

Neuroscientists report the first results from experimental tests designed to explore the idea that 'forgetting' might not be a bad thing, and that it may represent a form of learning -- and ...

Researchers have found an injection of a specific blood factor can replicate the benefits of exercise in the brain. They've discovered that platelets secrete a protein, exerkine CXCL4/Platelet ...

Prior vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria, with or without pertussis (Tdap/Td); herpes zoster (HZ), better known as shingles; and pneumococcus are all associated with a reduced risk for ...

Needs related to housing, transportation, food, social support and more can be identified through AI/ML techniques, study of medical record notes from patients with dementia ...

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