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May 26, 2016

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May 26, 2016

Teen Contraband Smokers More Likely to Use Illicit Drugs: Study

Dec. 16, 2014 — An economics professor has discovered a link between contraband cigarette use and illicit drug use among Canadian teens. The survey assessed students' past-year use of the following drugs ... read more

Federal Law to Combat Use of 'Club Drugs' Has Done More Harm Than Good, Study Suggests

Aug. 17, 2014 — A federal law enacted to combat the use of “club drugs” such as Ecstasy -- and today’s variation known as Molly -- has failed to reduce the drugs’ popularity and, instead, has further ... read more

Can Exercise Help Reduce Methamphetamine Use?

Apr. 27, 2014 — Exercise may help reduce methamphetamine use, researchers have concluded after a recent study. The abuse of amphetamine type psychomotor stimulants remains a critical legal and public health problem ... read more

Recreational Drug Users Who Switch from Ecstasy to Mephedrone Don't Understand Dangers

Mar. 25, 2014 — Contrary to popular belief among recreational drug users, mephedrone has several important differences when compared with MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy. These differences mean that mephedrone could ... read more

Surge in Designer Drugs, Tainted 'E' Poses Lethal Risks

Feb. 26, 2014 — With up to 10 new designer drugs flooding streets every year, more education is needed to convey risks, especially among youth. In the span of a decade, Canada has gone from ecstasy importer to ... read more

'Legal Highs,' PMMA and Zombie Panic: Real Dangers of the Lacing of Ecstasy Pills

Feb. 18, 2014 — Recent deaths in both Canada and the UK linked to PMA/PMMA in ecstasy pills has brought public scrutiny to this little known drug. With Canada producing most of the ecstasy in the North American ... read more

Jan. 17, 2014 — Brain imaging experiments have revealed for the first time how ecstasy produces feelings of euphoria in users. The findings hint at ways that ecstasy, or MDMA, might be useful in the treatment of ... read more

'Yes' to One Drug Could Become 'Yes' for Other Drugs

Oct. 8, 2013 — High school seniors who frown upon the use of drugs are most likely to be female, nonsmokers or hold strong religious beliefs, according to a new study. The work examines how teenagers’ attitudes ... read more

Believers Consume Fewer Drugs Than Atheists

Oct. 3, 2013 — Young Swiss men who say that they believe in God are less likely to smoke cigarettes or pot or take ecstasy pills than Swiss men of the same age group who describe themselves as atheists. Belief is a ... read more

Mephedrone Boosts Illegal Drug Use

Apr. 22, 2013 — Experienced clubbers are more likely to add the former ‘legal high’ mephedrone to their drug repertoires rather than use it to replace popular established club drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine, ... read more

July 26, 2012 — Waste water analysis using urinary biomarkers allows the reliable detection of actual drug consumption in cities. For the first time, a wide group of scientists have carried out a comparative study ... read more

European Drug Use Analyzed Through Raw Sewage Samples

July 26, 2012 — Surveys of drug use form an important basis for the development of effective drug policies, and also for measuring the effectiveness of existing policies. For the first time in history, scientists ... read more

July 25, 2012 — There has been significant debate in policy circles about whether governments have over-reacted to ecstasy by issuing warnings against its use and making it illegal. In the UK, David Nutt said ... read more

Drug Study Shows Clubbers Have Little Interest in New Wave Legal Highs

June 21, 2012 — Clubbers show little interest in the subsequent wave of legal highs that have become available since mephedrone was banned, according to a new ... read more

American Teens Are Less Likely Than European Teens to Use Cigarettes and Alcohol, but More Likely to Use Illicit Drugs

June 1, 2012 — The U.S. had the second-lowest proportion of students who used tobacco and alcohol compared to their counterparts in 36 European countries, a new report ... read more

Speed and Ecstasy Associated With Depression in Teenagers

Apr. 18, 2012 — A five year study conducted with thousands of teenagers reveals that those who used speed (meth/ampthetamine) or ecstasy (MDMA) at fifteen or sixteen years of age were significantly more likely to ... read more

Ecstasy Drug Produces Lasting Toxicity in the Brain

Dec. 5, 2011 — Recreational use of Ecstasy -- the illegal "rave" drug that produces feelings of euphoria and emotional warmth -- is associated with chronic changes in the human brain, researchers have ... read more

High Childhood IQ Linked to Subsequent Illicit Drug Use, Research Suggests

Nov. 14, 2011 — A high childhood IQ may be linked to subsequent illegal drug use, particularly among women, new research ... read more

Safety Issue Revealed as 1 in 20 Australian Workers Admits to Drinking at Work, Survey Finds

June 27, 2011 — A national survey has found that more than one in twenty Australian workers report using alcohol while at work or just before work, and more than one in fifty report taking drugs during or just ... read more

Ecstasy Associated With Chronic Change in Brain Function

May 3, 2011 — Ecstasy -- the illegal "rave" drug that produces feelings of euphoria and emotional warmth -- may have therapeutic value. Clinical trials are testing Ecstasy in the treatment of ... read more

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