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Relationships News

April 19, 2024

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People who as teenagers felt pressure to lose weight from family or from the media, females, people who are not heterosexual, and people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage, are most at risk of ...
Researchers found that when the adult talked and played socially with a 5-month-old baby, the baby's brain activity particularly increased in regions responsible for attention -- and the level of this type of activity predicted enhanced language ...
The couple that drinks together might live longer together, too, says a University of Michigan ...
If you're looking for a long-term relationship or to boost your social status, lower your pitch, according to researchers studying the effects of voice pitch on social perceptions. They found that lower voice pitch makes women and men sound more ...

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Individuals underestimate the social connection they can make with a stranger who disagrees with them on contentious issues, a new research paper ...

Researchers investigate the influence of social relationships on our bodily responses to the presence of other persons in the interpersonal ...

A new study has identified recurring, 'toxic' human conversation patterns on social media, which are common to users irrespective of the platform used, the topic of discussion, and the ...

When small hierarchical groups bond, neural activity between leaders and followers aligns, promoting quicker and more frequent communication, according to a new ...

In a new study, participants' levels of consumption of refined carbohydrates were statistically linked with their facial attractiveness as rated by heterosexual volunteers of the opposite ...

A new paper examines the possible effects of two properties of receiver playing fields documented in studies of animal psychology -- habituation and neural adaptation -- on the efficacy of mate ...

Australian adults who report a good relationship that meets their original expectations tend to score higher in mental health, while adults who report loving their spouse but wished they had never ...

In a new study, viewers of Facebook users' posts came away with perceptions of the users that differed from the users' own ...

How do women picture the partner of their dreams? And how does this vary between women based on their age? A team of researchers has investigated the complex relationships between age and preferences ...

Partners and children who are subject to domestic abuse are more likely to experience certain physical and mental health effects than previously thought, according to a new ...

New research shows that social chatbots could be doing more harm than good for neurodiverse people, entrenching social isolation and reinforcing dysfunctional habits among many people with autism, ...

It may feel unforgivably rude to reject an invitation -- even one to an event you would much prefer not to attend -- but people often overestimate the social consequences of saying no, according to ...

Communities can prosper by providing attentive education and social services to their youngest residents -- but the challenge is for leaders to work together, according to ...

Whether infants at five months of age look mostly at faces or non-social objects such as cars or mobile phones is largely determined by genes. The findings suggest that there is a biological basis ...

As possibilities have changed and technology has advanced, memories and nostalgia are now a significant part of our use of social ...

Researchers incorporate language ideologies, along with the impact of interaction between individuals with opposing preferences, on the language shift process. The team chose a quantitative approach ...

Married couples and long-term romantic partners typically engage in a variety of behaviors that sustain and nourish the relationship. These actions promote higher levels of commitment, which benefits ...

Why do we dream? A product of our brain's neurophysiology, dreaming is a complex experience that can take on many emotional tones and simulate reality to varying degrees. As a result, there is ...

Shyness can influence a child’s performance in language assessments, depending on the level of social interaction required to complete the ...

When we’re married or in a long-term romantic relationship, we may eventually come to take each other for granted and forget to show appreciation. A new study finds that it doesn’t have to stay ...

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