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Nutrition Research News

July 24, 2024

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In a large Singapore cohort study involving over 13,000 participants spanning close to 20 years, higher consumption of fruits during midlife was found to be associated with lower odds of depressive symptoms at ...
A new study on common food aromas may help explain why astronauts report that meals taste bland in space and struggle to eat their normal nutritional intake. This research has broader implications for improving the diets of isolated people, ...
Rigorous exercise before bed has long been discouraged, but researchers have now found short bursts of light activity can lead to better ...
Do you grab a fork and take a first bite of cake, or say no and walk away? Our motivation to eat is driven by a complex web of cells in the brain that use signals from within the body, as well as sensory information about the food in front of us, to ...

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People's moral values could limit their uptake of lab-grown meat, a study suggests. People who say living a natural life is morally important to them are more likely to reject lab-grown meat -- ...

A novel omega-3 injectable emulsion reduces brain damage in newborn rodents experiencing lack of oxygen at delivery, a major cause of disability in human infants and ...

Eating a poor quality diet might lead to brain changes that are associated with depression and anxiety. This is according to a first-of-its-kind study into the brain chemistry and structure, and diet ...

New research finds that binge-eating disorder symptoms may persist longer than once believed, finding 61 percent and 45 percent of individuals still experienced binge-eating disorder 2.5 and 5 years ...

People who eat more ultra-processed foods like soft drinks, chips and cookies may have a higher risk of having memory and thinking problems and having a stroke than those who eat fewer processed ...

A new study suggests better nutrition might help prevent cognitive decline. Working with a group of 100 cognitively healthy participants aged 65 to 75, a research team combined neuroscience with ...

Why can some people easily stop eating when they are full and others can't, which can lead to obesity? A new study has found one reason may be a newly discovered structural connection between ...

If you tend to do other things or get distracted while eating dinner, you may be running the risk of over-consuming everyday pleasures later, possibly because the distraction caused you to enjoy ...

A groundbreaking article describes a promising new therapy for obesity that leads to greater weight loss in mice than existing medications. The approach smuggles molecules into the brain's ...

A new study provides some of the clearest and most comprehensive evidence to date on what is known about stress physiology and 'epigenetic ...

The team discovered that an essential nutrient called choline is transported into the brain, across the blood-brain barrier, by a protein transporter called FLVCR2. This is discovery will inform ...

A genetic propensity to higher circulating levels of lipids containing arachidonic acid, an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid found in eggs, poultry, and seafood, has been found to be linked with a ...

Researchers have found a protein that is responsible for turning off brown fat activity. This new discovery could lead to a promising strategy for safely activating brown fat and tackling obesity and ...

People who take acid-reducing drugs may have a higher risk of migraine and other severe headache than people who do not take these medications, according to a new study. The acid-reducing drugs ...

A brain circuit inhibits food intake during ...

New research has highlighted the profound link between dietary choices and brain ...

A study on the effects of a junk food diet on rats reinforces scientific understanding about the gut-brain ...

A new study has found that women who perceive themselves to be lonely exhibited activity in regions of the brain associated with cravings and motivation towards eating especially when shown pictures ...

Researchers have found that even low to moderate alcohol use by pregnant patients may contribute to subtle changes in their babies' prenatal development, including lower birth length and a ...

Cell damage from oxidative stress is a major underlying cause of age-related cognitive and muscle strength decline. Antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress and prevent age-related health decline. A ...

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