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April 27, 2017

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April 27, 2017

Novel Molecular Pathway in Aggressive Breast Cancer Offers Potential Therapeutic Targets

Apr. 21, 2017 — A novel molecular mechanism involved in progression and metastasis in the most aggressive form of breast cancer has now been identified by researchers. The gene MAFK is known to be induced by the ... read more

Rogue Breast Tumor Proteins Point to Potential Drug Therapies

Mar. 28, 2017 — For patients with difficult-to-treat cancers, doctors increasingly rely on genomic testing of tumors to identify errors in the DNA that indicate a tumor can be targeted by existing therapies. But ... read more

Mar. 28, 2017 — Researchers have developed a new way to approach breast cancer treatment. First, they search for the proteins that drive tumor growth, and then test in the lab drugs that potentially neutralize these ... read more

Scientists Discover Mechanism That Causes Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

Mar. 27, 2017 — A new study reveals the role of three proteins in killing fast-duplicating cancer cells while they're dividing. The research finds that these proteins can be specifically modified to unleash an ... read more

Nanoparticle Paves the Way for New Triple Negative Breast Cancer Drug

Mar. 24, 2017 — A potential new drug to tackle the highly aggressive ‘triple negative’ breast cancer – and a nanoparticle to deliver it directly into the cancer cells – has been developed by ... read more

Significant Increase in Number of Women Tested for BRCA Gene, but Many High-Risk Patients Still Missing out

Mar. 22, 2017 — Previously, mainly women with a history of cancer were referred for genetic testing, but as awareness has grown, more low-risk women are undergoing BRCA testing. A new study found that the proportion ... read more

Researchers Discover Key to Drug Resistance in Common Breast Cancer Treatment

Mar. 20, 2017 — Three-quarters of all breast cancer tumors are driven by the hormone estrogen. These tumors are frequently treated with drugs to suppress estrogen receptor activity, but unfortunately, at least half ... read more

Novel Genes Identified That Help Suppress Prostate and Other Cancers

Mar. 20, 2017 — New genes which help prevent prostate, skin and breast cancer development in mice have been discovered by researchers. The study identified genes that cooperate with the well-known tumor suppressor ... read more

Targeting a Tumor Trigger

Mar. 15, 2017 — Many cancer patients that receive chemotherapy go into remission at first, but relapse after treatment is discontinued. There is increasing evidence that this is due to the presence of cancer stem ... read more

Reducing Radiation Could Safely Cut Breast Cancer Treatment Costs

Mar. 14, 2017 — More than half of older women with early stage breast cancer received more radiation therapy than what might be medically necessary, adding additional treatment and health care costs, according to a ... read more

Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors at High Risk of Second Cancers

Mar. 13, 2017 — Patients who are cured of Hodgkin lymphoma are at a high risk of developing a second type of cancer, particularly if they have a family history of the disease, a major new study ... read more

One in Five Breast Cancer Patients Could Benefit from Existing Treatment, Genetic Study Reveals

Mar. 13, 2017 — Researchers have discovered that a greater number of breast cancers are genetically similar to rarer cases with faulty BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. The results open up the possibility of up to 20 percent of ... read more

New Critical Information on Tumor Sequencing, Response to Chemotherapy

Mar. 10, 2017 — Tumor sequencing is increasingly used to select treatment for patients with cancer, but its role in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer is unknown. Researchers now report the results of a ... read more

Potential Drug Candidates Halt Prostate and Breast Cancer Growth

Mar. 9, 2017 — Two new drug candidates have now been designed to target prostate and triple negative breast cancers. The new research demonstrates that a new class of drugs called small molecule RNA inhibitors can ... read more

Hormonal Contraceptives and Hair Dyes Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Mar. 9, 2017 — Age is the most important risk factor of breast cancer but current study suggests that the use of hormonal intrauterine device increases the breast cancer risk ... read more

Massive Drop in Mortality from Breast Cancer

Mar. 9, 2017 — The rate of mortality from breast cancer has fallen by one third over the last 30 years. This is due to improvements in early detection, the refinement of treatment concepts and the development of ... read more

Mar. 7, 2017 — Researchers have discovered that a metabolic enzyme called AKR1B1 drives an aggressive type of breast cancer. The study, 'AKR1B1 promotes basal-like breast cancer progression by a positive ... read more

Isoflavones in Food Associated With Reduced Mortality for Women With Some Breast Cancers

Mar. 6, 2017 — Higher intake of foods containing isoflavones, estrogen-like compounds primarily found in soy, is associated with reduced all-cause mortality in women with hormone-receptor-negative breast cancer and ... read more

Vulnerability in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Could Improve Treatment Outcomes

Mar. 2, 2017 — Triple-negative breast cancer cells ramp up production of a key component of DNA in response to chemotherapy and that targeting this pathway could undermine their resistance to such therapies, ... read more

Scientists Discover Metabolic Pathway That Drives Tumor Growth in Aggressive Cancers

Mar. 2, 2017 — A rheumatoid arthritis drug can block a metabolic pathway that occurs in tumors with a common cancer-causing gene mutation, offering a new possible therapy for aggressive cancers with few therapeutic ... read more

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