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July 24, 2016

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July 24, 2016

Anticancer Drug Discovery: Structures of KDM5 Histone Demethylase Inhibitors

July 14, 2016 — When doctors hurl toxic death at cancer cells, often a few will survive and come back. A family of enzymes called KDM5 histone demethylases is emerging as important for this resilience, and drugs ... read more

Cutting Nerves During Breast Cancer Surgery Is Associated With Chronic Pain

July 11, 2016 — A systematic review has been conducted that analyzed 30 observational studies that enrolled 20,000 women undergoing surgery for breast cancer. Analysis of this data suggested that disruption of ... read more

Strategies to Mimic Fasting During Chemotherapy Enhance Anticancer T Cell Activity in Mice

July 11, 2016 — Fasting is known to increase positive outcomes during cancer treatment, and now two independent studies in mice show that fasting, either through diet or drugs, during chemotherapy helps increase the ... read more

Researchers Developing Quick, Inexpensive Test to Assess ER+ Breast Cancers

July 11, 2016 — Researchers are teaming with industry to develop a quick and inexpensive test to predict which women with ER+ breast cancer need chemotherapy and which need only the more tolerable hormonal ... read more

Statins May Be Associated With Reduced Mortality in 4 Common Cancers

July 8, 2016 — A diagnosis of high cholesterol is associated with reduced mortality and improved survival in the four most common cancers, according to new research. The 14-year study from nearly one million ... read more

Exercise Improves Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors

July 8, 2016 — Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is related to improved subjective memory in breast cancer survivors, who often complain about memory problems, reports a new study. It appears the physical ... read more

Imaging Technique Could Help Focus Breast Cancer Treatment

July 7, 2016 — Scientists have used imaging techniques as a new way to identify patients who could benefit from certain breast cancer treatments, according to a new ... read more

Two Groundbreaking Studies Reflect New Paradigm in Breast Cancer Research

July 7, 2016 — In a new paradigm of breast cancer research, physicians are fast-tracking promising new experimental drugs for further study, while immediately dropping drugs that don't ... read more

Acupressure Reduced Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors

July 7, 2016 — Acupressure helped reduce persistent fatigue in women who had been treated for breast cancer, a new study finds. Fatigue is one of the most common long-term effects of breast cancer treatment. About ... read more

July 7, 2016 — Researchers describe a repression mechanism active in hormone-dependent breast cancer cells for the first time. The repression complex of these cells silences genes related with cell proliferation ... read more

Women Trust Their Own Instincts When Choosing Breast Cancer Surgery

July 6, 2016 — When faced with a decision on the type of surgery to have to remove breast cancer, more women trust their own judgment over the input of their surgeon and even their partner, new research ... read more

June 30, 2016 — Researchers have developed a new technology that can identify aggressive forms of ductal carcinoma in situ, or stage 0 breast cancer, from non-aggressive ... read more

June 30, 2016 — Using a database of human tumor genomic data, researchers discovered that mutation hotspots known as kataegis are a positive marker in breast cancer -- patients with kataegis have less invasive ... read more

June 29, 2016 — Zap a tumor with radiation to trigger expression of a molecule, then attack that molecule with a drug-loaded nanoparticle, say cancer ... read more

Protein Associated With Improved Survival in Some Breast Cancer Patients

June 29, 2016 — A family of proteins that help cancer cells survive and spread around the body may be associated with improved prognosis for some women receiving treatment for breast cancer, research has ... read more

New, Non-Invasive Method Developed to Wipe out Cancerous Tumors

June 27, 2016 — A newly patented method to kill cancer cells has been developed by an American lab. This discovery may tremendously help people with inoperable or hard-to-reach tumors, as well as young children ... read more

Threshold for Pre-Emptive Surgery to Curb Ovarian Cancer Risk Should Be Halved

June 27, 2016 — The current threshold for pre-emptive surgery to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes of women aged 40+ at high risk of developing ovarian cancer should be halved, concludes new ... read more

June 27, 2016 — Scientists have identified a protein that launches cancer growth and appears to contribute to higher mortality in breast cancer patients. The new findings suggest that future therapies might target ... read more

Prognostic Factor Indicates Risk of Cancer Recurrence Following Radical Prostatectomy

June 27, 2016 — Slightly more than 10% of all patients who undergo successful surgery for prostate cancer have an elevated risk of tumor recurrence afterwards – especially as metastases. Under the microscope, it ... read more

Genetic Signatures Expose Drug Susceptibility in Breast Cancer Cells

June 25, 2016 — A genomics approach has unmasked genetic signatures in breast cancer cells that predict their sensitivity to certain drugs. The findings provide proof of concept for personalized pharmaceutical ... read more

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