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September 30, 2023

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Researchers have developed a non-invasive method for mapping the human auditory pathway, which could potentially be used as a tool to help clinicians decide the best surgical strategy for patients with profound hearing ...
An understanding of how words can be broken down into smaller units of meaning plays a key role when deaf and hard of hearing children learn to read, analysis ...
Researchers study the impact of hearing loss on subjects' enjoyment of different music mixes. They played different music mixes to listeners with and without hearing loss and found that those with hearing loss preferred louder lead vocals, higher ...
For those with neurological or developmental disorders compromising speech, brain machine interfaces could help them communicate. But today's interfaces are slow and, from electrodes placed on the scalp, can detect letters only. The speech generated ...

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How long is the present? The answer, researchers suggest in a new study, depends on your heart. They found that our momentary perception of time is not continuous but may stretch or shrink with each ...

The thousands of languages spoken throughout the world draw on many of the same fundamental linguistic abilities and reflect universal aspects of how humans categorize events. Some aspects of ...

Scientists develop testing model to enhance understanding of a condition known as 'third window ...

Brain-wave data collected during a hearing test routinely given to newborns could help clinicians spot neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism in early infancy, according to a new ...

The most common cause of hearing loss is progressive because hair cells -- the primary cells to detect sound waves -- cannot regenerate if damaged or lost. Researchers are now getting closer to ...

There is a correlation between traffic noise and risk of developing tinnitus, researchers have found. They point to a vicious cycle involving stress reactions and sleep disturbance as a potential ...


Researchers used data on more than half a million people in the UK and Canada to discover a link between social capital and indicators of Alzheimer's disease-related ...

Researchers attempted to identify early symptoms of Parkinson's disease using voice data. In their study, the researchers used artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and assess speech signals, ...

Advances in understanding the many different genetic causes of childhood-onset hearing loss indicate that genomic testing could assist in individualizing treatment planning, including the optimal ...

A new study has found that older adults with greater severity of hearing loss were more likely to have dementia, but the likelihood of dementia was lower among hearing aid users compared to ...

A research group has revealed that the checkerboard-like arrangement of cells in the inner ear's organ of Corti is vital for hearing. The discovery gives a new insight into how hearing works ...

Kickstarting the brain's natural ability to adjust to new circumstances, or neuroplasticity, improves how effectively a cochlear implant can restore hearing loss, a new study in deaf rats shows. ...


Scientists have uncovered the underlying cause of deafness caused by swelling of the chambers in the inner ear. Using a mouse model of a human congenital disorder that displays deafness, the ...

The researchers looked closer into the possibility of reprograming inner ear cells to repair long-term hearing ...

Researchers have grown 'mini eyes', which make it possible to study and better understand the development of blindness in a rare genetic disease called Usher syndrome for the first ...

When two musical notes are played simultaneously, the human ear can perceive weak additional tones called combination tones. While less perceivable, objective combination tones are also generated by ...

New research has found that seeing or hearing birds is associated with an improvement in mental wellbeing that can last up to eight ...

Scientists have revealed in near-atomic detail the structure of the key part of the inner ear responsible for hearing. The findings could point the way toward developing new treatments for hearing ...

Mandatory mask wearing saw more than 90 percent of deaf people struggle to communicate during the pandemic, research has revealed. It also discovered that 76 percent missed vital information and 59 ...

Fake it until you make is true for children, too, it turns out: Young girls playing the role of a successful female scientist, like Marie Curie, persist longer at a challenging science game. The new ...

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