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Anger Management News

December 1, 2023

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For the first time, teachers in a nationwide study have told researchers what strategies they think work best to deal with student violence against educators. Teachers rated suspending or expelling students as the least effective way of addressing ...
While often perceived as a negative emotion, anger can also be a powerful motivator for people to achieve challenging goals in their lives, according to new ...
A new study has shown that children as young as four years old eat 79% more calories when they are bored, compared to when they are in a neutral ...
A new systematic review has highlighted the importance of identifying childhood verbal abuse by adults as a standalone subtype of child maltreatment, to ensure targeted prevention and address the ...
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Alcohol use and subsequent handgun carrying were positively associated during adolescence and young adulthood among individuals who grew up in rural areas, similar to findings in urban areas. ...

In a study of children and adults, both higher age and having had a pet dog were associated with better ability to recognize dog emotions from facial expressions. The findings show that 4-year-olds ...

A new study has found a consistent relationship between higher temperatures and higher risk of shootings in 100 of the country's most populated cities. The comprehensive study reveals that ...

A linguistic analysis of Nazi propaganda suggests that dehumanization of Jews shifted over time, with propaganda after the onset of the Holocaust portraying Jews as having a greater capacity for ...

A new study suggests that exposure to violent screen content in the preschool years is associated with a heightened risk of psychological and academic difficulties in ...

A new study links psychological trauma in childhood with an increased risk of developing some kind of mental disorder years ...

New research has shown that people who experience bullying in the workplace are more likely to engage in conspiracy ...

Spanking is more common among parents who report using many types of discipline with children and in families where there is intimate partner violence, according to new ...

While not all impulsive behavior speaks of mental illness, a wide range of mental health disorders which often emerge in adolescence, including depression and substance abuse, have been linked to ...

A new study following hundreds of youth over more than a half-dozen years suggests that targeting adolescents who exhibit high levels of impulsivity in early adolescence could halt a cascading chain ...

Researchers have identified the brain regions responsible for the increased aggression that occurs when male mice spend time with other male mice before an aggressive encounter -- a concept known as ...

New research has discovered that feeling hungry really can make us 'hangry', with emotions such as anger and irritability strongly linked with ...

Researchers found that targets of cyberbullying were more likely to report suicidal thoughts and attempts, above and beyond offline ...

Allowing fights among players in the National Hockey Leagues does not deter greater violence in the modern game, according to a new ...

Humans tend to form groups, which often find themselves in conflict with rival groups. But why do people show such a ready tendency to harm people in opposing groups? A new study led by researchers ...

Want to be less selfish, manipulative or impulsive? A new study has found that tasks designed to make someone more agreeable also effectively reduce a trio of negative personality traits known as the ...

Researchers looked at the effects of narcissism on whether people were more or less likely to wear a mask in public or get vaccinated against COVID-19 and found a person's individual level of ...

A longitudinal study tested the novel hypothesis that aggressive and disruptive children engage in frequent conflicts with classmates to strengthen their position in the group and enhance their ...

Men with high blood pressure have a biased recognition of other people's anger, as shown in a new ...

Over one in four women (or 27 per cent) experience intimate partner violence before the age of 50, according to a worldwide analysis. The largest of its kind, the analysis covers 366 studies ...

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