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May 29, 2017

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May 29, 2017

May 10, 2017 — Bacteria in the gut microbiome drive the formation of cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs), clusters of dilated, thin-walled blood vessels in the brain that can cause stroke and seizures. The ... read more

Loss of Spinal Nerve Fibers Not the Only Cause of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

May 10, 2017 — Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have now sampled spinal cords of thirteen people with MS and five healthy controls, and found that spinal cord cross sectional area is not a good ... read more

May 3, 2017 — Flying a stroke specialist by helicopter to a nearby stroke patient for emergency care is feasible, saves money and, most importantly, gets critical care to patients faster than transporting the ... read more

Stroke Prevention May Also Reduce Dementia

May 1, 2017 — Ontario's stroke prevention strategy appears to have had an unexpected, beneficial side effect: a reduction also in the incidence of dementia among older seniors. A new paper is the first to ... read more

One in Three American Adults May Have Had a Warning Stroke

May 1, 2017 — About one in three American adults experienced a symptom consistent with a warning or 'mini' stroke, but almost none -- 3 percent -- took the recommended ... read more

Diagnosing and Treating Alzheimer's, Dementia at Home Could Be Key for Rural, Low-Income Populations

May 1, 2017 — The lack of easily accessible, culturally proficient, and gerontology-trained providers creates a unique challenge for older adults in rural communities. Providing earlier cognitive assessment to ... read more

Unemployment Associated With 50% Higher Risk of Death in Heart Failure Patients

Apr. 30, 2017 — Not being employed linked with greater likelihood of death than history of diabetes or ... read more

Genes Associated With Resilience Against Brain Pathology Identified

Apr. 25, 2017 — Researchers have discovered two genes, known as UNC5C and ENC1, that are associated with aging individuals having better memory and brain function than would be expected, given the amount of ... read more

Brain's Power to Adapt Offers Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Strains

Apr. 24, 2017 — Like air-traffic controllers scrambling to reconnect flights when a major hub goes down, the brain has a remarkable ability to rewire itself after suffering an injury. However, maintaining these new ... read more

Methadone May Reduce Need for Opioids After Surgery

Apr. 24, 2017 — Patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery who are treated with methadone during the procedure require significantly less intravenous and oral opioids to manage postoperative pain, reports a new ... read more

Immune Discovery Points to Therapies to Improve Stroke Recovery

Apr. 20, 2017 — Having a stroke damages immune cells as well as affecting the ... read more

First Systemic Evidence for Safety of tPA in Stroke Patients With Sickle Cell Disease

Apr. 11, 2017 — Adult patients with sickle cell disease who experience a stroke caused by a clot (i.e., ischemic strokes) can be treated safely with tissue plasminogen activator if they qualify, report ... read more

Common Sedatives Linked to Increased Risk of Pneumonia in People With Alzheimer's Disease

Apr. 10, 2017 — Commonly used sedatives called benzodiazepines are associated with an increased risk of pneumonia when used in people with Alzheimer's disease, according to a ... read more

Finger Prosthesis Provides Clues to Brain Health

Apr. 4, 2017 — The aim of a new study was to analyze how the brain interprets information from a virtual experience of touch, created by a finger prosthesis with artificial sensation. The result was – completely ... read more

Psychiatric Disorders Do Not Increase Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Apr. 4, 2017 — Psychiatric disorders do not increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to a recent study. However, the prevalence of psychiatric diagnoses increased before the Alzheimer’s diagnosis, ... read more

Insomnia Associated With Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Mar. 31, 2017 — Insomnia is associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke, according to new ... read more

US Burden of Neurological Disease Is Nearly $800 Billion/year

Mar. 30, 2017 — The most common neurological diseases cost the United States $789 billion in 2014, and this figure is projected to grow as the elderly population doubles between 2011 and 2050, according to a new ... read more

Molecular Therapy Set to Protect at-Risk Patients Against Heart Attack and Stroke

Mar. 30, 2017 — Even a single dose of a specific ribonucleic acid molecule, known as a small interfering RNA (siRNA), offers patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease long-lasting protection against high LDL ... read more

Hepatitis B and C May Be Linked to Increased Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Mar. 31, 2017 — The viruses hepatitis B and C may both be associated with an increased risk of Parkinson's disease, according to a study. The hepatitis virus affects the ... read more

Aphasia May Not Solely Be a Language Disorder, Study Shows

Mar. 30, 2017 — Aphasia, a language disorder commonly diagnosed in stroke patients, may not be solely a language issue as traditionally believed, according to a new ... read more

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