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Social Psychology News

November 29, 2023

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Debunking, 'prebunking,' nudging and teaching digital literacy are several of the more effective ways to counter misinformation, according to a new ...
Whether infants at five months of age look mostly at faces or non-social objects such as cars or mobile phones is largely determined by genes. The findings suggest that there is a biological basis ...
Hikikomori is a pathology characterized by social withdrawal for a period exceeding six months. While first defined in Japan, the pathology is growing globally. To help better assess individuals for ...
Psychologists are using EEG to research what games reveal about our ability to ...
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As possibilities have changed and technology has advanced, memories and nostalgia are now a significant part of our use of social ...

While there are a number of studies demonstrating that dog therapy programs can improve a person's social and emotional wellbeing, many typically have a disproportionate number of female ...

While often perceived as a negative emotion, anger can also be a powerful motivator for people to achieve challenging goals in their lives, according to new ...

Adult listening abilities are critical to the ability to understand children's early linguistic efforts, according to new ...

A holistic transformation is needed for the planet to accommodate people's pursuit of well-being. A new study explores a Theory of Planetary Social Pedagogy as a driver of a transformative ...

Married couples and long-term romantic partners typically engage in a variety of behaviors that sustain and nourish the relationship. These actions promote higher levels of commitment, which benefits ...

When given the choice to learn how their actions will affect someone else, 40% of people will choose ignorance, often in order to have an excuse to act selfishly, according to new ...

People judge members of their own circles more harshly than they judge individuals from other groups for the same transgressions, new research has ...

New research considers how the financial industry can identify, manage and, if necessary, remove these ...

Why do we dream? A product of our brain's neurophysiology, dreaming is a complex experience that can take on many emotional tones and simulate reality to varying degrees. As a result, there is ...

Data from more than 15,000 lower-income children ages 2 to 6 reveals higher-than-expected levels of significant behavioral dysfunction. Co-authors urge increased screening, prevention programs in ...

True altruism is rare behavior in animals, but a new study has found that honey bees display this trait. Additionally, they found that an evolutionary battle of genetics may determine the parent they ...

Shyness can influence a child’s performance in language assessments, depending on the level of social interaction required to complete the ...

An extremely supportive atmosphere for new ideas laid the foundation for an 'Aha moment' about a toggle-switch in the fruit fly brain. Do humans have one, ...

In a new study, participants tended to rate women's bodies as slimmer when viewed in selfie photographs than in photographs taken from other ...

When we’re married or in a long-term romantic relationship, we may eventually come to take each other for granted and forget to show appreciation. A new study finds that it doesn’t have to stay ...

Researchers have learned the efficiency by which people recognize spoken words depends as much on the mind as on hearing ability. In a new study, the researchers examined how well adults across the ...

In a common metaphor used to describe human fertilization, sperm cells are competitors racing to penetrate a passive egg. But as critics have noted, the description is also a 'fairy tale,' ...

A new study examined psychological well-being among older individuals in the United States and United Kingdom and found that high life satisfaction was associated with increased cognitive functioning ...

Researchers have found a link between a pregnant woman or her partner losing their job and an increased risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. The study found a doubling in the chances of a pregnancy ...

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