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Addiction News
February 19, 2017

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February 19, 2017

'Hair of the Dog' Won’t Cure That Hangover

Feb. 14, 2017 — The notion that having a drink can cure a hangover has been around since the 16th century. That doesn't mean it's ... read more

Strong Alcohol Policies Protect Against Drunk Driving Deaths Among Young People

Feb. 13, 2017 — Stronger alcohol policies protect young people from dying in crashes caused by drunk driving according to researchers. The study supports the importance of comprehensive alcohol control policies to ... read more

Mixing Opioids and Alcohol May Increase Likelihood of Dangerous Respiratory Complication

Feb. 7, 2017 — Taking one oxycodone tablet together with even a modest amount of alcohol increases the risk of a potentially life-threatening side effect known as respiratory depression, which causes breathing to ... read more

Rewards Treat Alcohol Abuse in Those With Mental Illness

Feb. 7, 2017 — Offering prizes- - from simple shampoo to DVD players -- can be an effective, low-cost treatment for alcohol abuse, the nation's third leading preventable cause of death, suggests a new ... read more

E-Cigarettes Safer Than Smoking Says Long-Term Study

Feb. 7, 2017 — E-cigarettes are less toxic and safer to use compared to conventional cigarettes, according to new ... read more

One in Four Teen E-Cigarette Users Have Tried 'Dripping'

Feb. 6, 2017 — One in four high schoolers who use electronic cigarettes are inhaling vapors produced by dripping e-liquids directly onto heating coils, instead of inhaling from the e-cigarette mouthpiece, possibly ... read more

Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs Among Young People: A Growing Global Concern

Feb. 3, 2017 — Balancing a country's need to make prescription drugs available to those in need while simultaneously curbing nonmedical use is one of our greatest challenges. A new article shows increased ... read more

Neurobiologist Illuminates the Underexplored Potential of Cannabis to Address Opioid Addiction

Feb. 2, 2017 — Cannabinoids, extracts of cannabis legally sold as medical marijuana, could reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms in heroin users, a number of animal studies and a small human pilot study have ... read more

So-Called 'Synthetic Marijuana' Linked to Serious Health Problems

Feb. 2, 2017 — Synthetic marijuana compounds are marketed as safe, legal alternatives to marijuana that cannot be detected by standard drug testing, but these substances differ chemically from marijuana; are linked ... read more

Study Affirms That Cocaine Makes Users More Likely to Risk Unsafe Sex

Feb. 2, 2017 — Cocaine use has long been tied anecdotally to higher-than-usual rates of impulsive behavior, including risky sex, but the tie-in has been difficult to study with any scientifically controlled ... read more

Addicted Individuals Less Responsive to Reward-Anticipation

Feb. 2, 2017 — It may be difficult for addicted individuals to learn when they can expect a reward. This learning problem could perhaps explain why they are more prone to addiction and find it difficult to kick the ... read more

Feb. 2, 2017 — A researcher reports a surprise that came after three months into her study on nicotine abstinence, when lab rats suddenly became fearless and sought out well-lighted areas that prey animals normally ... read more

Immune System Suppression May Be Related to Problem Drinking

Feb. 2, 2017 — Cytokines are small proteins in the immune system that act as chemical messengers between cells. Prior research suggests that pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines are dysfunctional during alcohol ... read more

Scientists Show Deep Brain Stimulation Blocks Heroin Relapse in Rats

Feb. 1, 2017 — Deep brain stimulation (DBS) can greatly reduce the compulsion to use heroin in standard rat models of addiction, new research has ... read more

Drug Shows Promise for Treating Alcoholism

Feb. 1, 2017 — An anti-inflammatory drug called Ibudilast, used in Japan to treat asthma, may be a promising new treatment for alcoholism, a new study has ... read more

Intimate Partner Violence Among Youth Linked to Suicide, Weapons and Drug Use

Jan. 31, 2017 — Adolescents who are violent toward their romantic partners are also more likely to think about or attempt suicide, carry a weapon, threaten others with a weapon and use drugs or alcohol than peers in ... read more

Brain Potassium Channels May Unlock Future Precision Medicine Approaches for Alcoholism

Jan. 30, 2017 — Researchers have identified novel potassium (K+) channel genes within addiction brain circuitry that are altered by alcohol dependence and correlate with drinking levels in a mouse model of alcohol ... read more

Jan. 30, 2017 — Opioid use and abuse is a significant social, health and economic issue. Researchers have discovered that an existing anti-gout medication is effective in reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms ... read more

Prior DUIs Predict Future Criminal Activity Among Firearm Owners

Jan. 30, 2017 — Among individuals who legally purchased handguns in California, prior convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) and other alcohol-related crimes were associated with a substantial increase in ... read more

Combined Use of Alcohol, Cocaine May Play a Unique Role in Suicide Risk

Jan. 27, 2017 — Alcohol use can be found in suicide deaths and unintentional deaths due to injuries such as those from motor vehicle collisions (MVCs). The authors of a new study argue that it is important to ... read more

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