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Addiction News
December 10, 2016

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December 10, 2016

Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation May Help People Manage Their Drive for Gambling, Sex, Alcohol or Overeating

Nov. 29, 2016 — A new study looks at theta burst stimulation as an intervention in problem behaviors. The study shows how non-invasive brain stimulation might be used as an intervention in sexual desire ... read more

Study Zeros in on Gene That Limits Desire to Drink Alcohol

Nov. 28, 2016 — In the largest study of its kind, scientists say that they have identified a gene variant that suppresses the desire to drink ... read more

Study in Rats Finds Low Blood Alcohol Levels Have No Effect on Total Calories Consumed

Nov. 23, 2016 — Laboratory rats will drink alcohol if it’s available, and may even get a little tipsy, researchers report in a new study. But they won’t voluntarily drink until they’re drunk. And while ethanol ... read more

Scientists Develop Vaccine Against Fatal Prescription Opioid Overdose

Nov. 23, 2016 — Scientists have developed a vaccine that blocks the pain-numbing effects of the opioid drugs oxycodone (oxy) and hydrocodone (hydro) in animal models. The vaccine also appears to decrease the risk of ... read more

Benzodiazepine, Related Drug Use Increases Hip Fractures in Persons With Alzheimer's Disease

Nov. 23, 2016 — The use of benzodiazepines and related drugs increases the risk of hip fracture by 43% in persons with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study. The hip fracture risk was investigated in ... read more

Drug-Caused Deaths Among Health Care Professionals: New Insights Revealed

Nov. 22, 2016 — From 2003-2013, nearly five deaths per 1000 employed Australian health care professionals were caused by drugs, with a significant association between specific professions and drug type, an ... read more

Do Stress and Strain Lead to Deviant Behavior?

Nov. 22, 2016 — Chances are good that youngsters growing up around family members who gamble will also start doing so to release the strains of daily living. This is not necessarily true for adolescents whose family ... read more

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Results Improved When Teens Stopped Smoking, Researcher Finds

Nov. 21, 2016 — Addiction treatment results improved when teens in a residential program stopped smoking, new research ... read more

New Test for Cocaine in Urine, Oral Fluid Could Lead to Rapid, Low Cost Roadside Testing

Nov. 21, 2016 — Chemistry researchers have developed a simple diagnostic test that can identify the level of cocaine in a person's urine or oral fluid, outlines a new report. The new test offers a low cost, ... read more

E-Cigarettes May Harm Teens' Lung Health

Nov. 16, 2016 — E-cigarette use among teenagers is growing dramatically, and public health experts are concerned that these devices may be a gateway to smoking. Now, new research indicates that even if these young ... read more

Preventing Adolescent Substance Use May Need to Start in Early Childhood

Nov. 15, 2016 — The approach to preventing alcohol and drug use by some adolescents should begin in early childhood, new research ... read more

Drinking Red Wine Before Smoking Can Prevent Short Term Vascular Damage

Nov. 15, 2016 — Drinking red wine is widely regarded as protective against cardiovascular disease. A new report has found that a glass or two of red wine before lighting up a cigarette can counteract some of the ... read more

Unhealthy Weight Management Practices Associated With Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs Among Adolescents

Nov. 15, 2016 — A new study reinforces the need for comprehensive health education efforts addressing healthy weight management strategies and substance abuse ... read more

Compound Suggests Chronic Pain Treatment Without Opioid or Medical Marijuana Side Effects

Nov. 15, 2016 — Neuroscientists have found evidence that the brain’s cannabis receptors may be used to treat chronic pain without the side effects associated with opioid-based pain relievers or medical ... read more

Nov. 14, 2016 — Siblings bear responsibility for the spread of problem behaviors. Identifying the exact nature of that influence has proven difficult, because behavior problems in siblings can also be traced to ... read more

Blood Test May Help Identify Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Nov. 9, 2016 — Researchers have identified a blood test that may help predict how severely a baby will be affected by alcohol exposure during ... read more

More Frequent Vaping Among Teens Linked to Higher Risk of Heavy Cigarette Smoking

Nov. 8, 2016 — Scientists examined associations of e-cigarette vaping with subsequent smoking frequency and heavy smoking among adolescents. E-cigarette vaping is reported by 37 percent of U.S. 10th-grade ... read more

Telephone-Based Intervention Shows Promise in Combating Alcohol Abuse Among Soldiers

Nov. 8, 2016 — Researchers tested a telephone-based intervention for military members struggling with alcohol abuse, with promising results. Participants significantly reduced their drinking over time, had lower ... read more

Does Sugar Make Your Alcoholic Drink Less Dangerous?

Nov. 7, 2016 — Some women restrict food before and while drinking, quite possibly to compensate for alcohol-related calories, new research shows. This can result in a combined state of fasting/alcohol intake, which ... read more

Nov. 4, 2016 — Rodents that had been exposed to stress had a weakened alcohol-induced dopamine response and voluntarily drank more alcohol compared to controls, a new study has found. The blunted dopamine signaling ... read more

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