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Perception News

March 4, 2024

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Researchers report that a single glial cell uses different molecules to communicate with different neurons. Careful clustering of these molecules ensures that the glial cell can conduct a distinct ...
While it's not surprising to spot teens wearing headphones and earbuds, it's also becoming a widespread trend among younger children, a national poll ...
The eyes have been called the window to the brain. It turns out they also serve as an immunological barrier that protects the organ from pathogens and even tumors, researchers have found. In a new study, researchers showed that vaccines injected ...
How does listening to live music affect the emotional center of our brain? A study has found that live performances trigger a stronger emotional response than listening to music from a device. Concerts connect performers with their audience, which ...
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By combining behavioral and wireless eye tracking and neural monitoring, a team of scientists studied how pairs of freely moving macaques interacting in a naturalistic setting use visual cues to ...

Scientists have developed a new machine learning method that reveals surprisingly consistent intrinsic brain patterns across different subjects by disentangling these patterns from the effect of ...

Drugs that trap excess zinc in the inner ear could help restore lost hearing or, if administered before an expected loud sound exposure, can protect from hearing loss, study ...

Sensory feedback is important for amputees to be able to explore and interact with their environment. Now, researchers have developed a device that allows amputees to sense and respond to temperature ...

People with aphasia have more trouble coming up with words they want to use when they're prompted by images and words that carry negative emotional meaning, new research ...

If you're looking for a long-term relationship or to boost your social status, lower your pitch, according to researchers studying the effects of voice pitch on social perceptions. They found ...

The processing of visual information begins with a targeted and balanced communication between nerve cells in the retina via synapses. Proteins in the vicinity of nerve cells play an important role ...

Scientists have found soundwaves from low-intensity focused ultrasound aimed at a place deep in the brain called the insula can reduce both the perception of pain and other effects of pain, such as ...

By using advanced brain recording techniques, a new study demonstrates how neurons in the human brain work together to allow people to think about what words they want to say and then produce them ...

A new study has shown that music evokes similar emotions and bodily sensations around the ...

Researchers have discovered that a brain area preserved through evolution, called the superior colliculus, is more crucial for vision than we ...

Researchers identified a retinal disease to evaluate the success of gene and cell replacement ...

A novel gene therapy for hearing loss was administered to six children in China in a clinical trial. Each child had an inherited deafness caused by mutations in the OTOF gene, called DFNB9. The ...

A research team announced they have identified the principle by which musical instincts emerge from the human brain without special learning using an artificial neural network ...

The six anatomical layers of the mammalian brain cortex show distinct patterns of electrical activity which are consistent throughout the entire cortex and across several animal species, including ...

Scientists have shown that people are able to tell apart morning from evening depictions in paintings using simple and subtle color clues in the ...

Our body movements profoundly impact how our brain processes sensory information. Historically, it was believed that the brain's primary motor cortex played a key role in modulating sensory ...

A person's hearing can be damaged by loud noise, aging and even certain medications, with little recourse beyond a hearing aid or cochlear ...

In a new study featuring data from 573,088 people, researchers have found a link between hearing loss and the development of dementia. The study is the largest of its kind to ...

Scientists used transcranial magnetic stimulation to temporarily enhance hypnotizability in patients with chronic pain, making them better candidates for ...

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