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Brain Injury News

April 12, 2024

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Childhood maltreatment can continue to have an impact long into adulthood because of how it effects an individual's risk of poor physical health and traumatic experiences many years later, a new ...
Researchers report that mature oligodendrocytes -- the central nervous system cells critical for brain function -- cling to life following a fatal trauma for much, much longer than scientists knew. ...
Artificial intelligence (AI) may serve as a future tool for neurologists to help locate where in the brain a stroke occurred. In a new study, AI processed text from health histories and neurologic examinations to locate lesions in the brain. The ...
Just as you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, scientists have found that you can't make long-term memories without DNA damage and brain ...

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Electrical deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a well-established method for treating disordered movement in Parkinson's disease. However, implanting electrodes in a person's brain is an ...

A mouse study designed to shed light on memory loss in people who experience repeated head impacts, such as athletes, suggests the condition could potentially be reversed. The research in mice finds ...

RSV, a common infection in children and the elderly thought to only infect the respiratory tract, can also infect nerve cells and cause nerve damage, according to a new study. The findings could have ...

A subset of neurons related to memory and neuroplasticity continue to migrate into the brain through ...

Signs of injury to the brain's white matter called white matter hyperintensities, as seen on brain scans, may be tied more strongly to vascular risk factors, brain shrinkage, and other markers ...

Smoking shrinks the brain and effectively causes premature brain aging, according to a new study. Quitting smoking prevents further loss of brain tissue but doesn't restore the brain to its ...

A new study provides us with a better understanding of how the brain responds to injuries. Researchers have discovered that a protein called Snail plays a key role in coordinating the response of ...

Researchers have succeeded in restoring lost brain function in mouse models of stroke using small molecules that in the future could potentially be developed into a stroke recovery ...

In a new study using brain scans of former NFL athletes, researchers say they found high levels of a repair protein present long after a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion takes ...

Researchers have designed and developed a novel diagnostic device to detect traumatic brain injury (TBI) by shining a safe laser into the ...

New research links soccer heading -- where players hit the ball with their head -- to a measurable decline in the microstructure and function of the brain over a two-year ...

Damage to the body's peripheral nerves can cause pain and movement disorders. Researchers have recently investigated how damaged nerves can regenerate better. They found that fat tissue strongly ...

Researchers discovered a mechanism for repairing damaged nerves during peripheral neuropathy in mice, wherein the protein Mitf orchestrates nerve repair after both trauma-induced and chronic nerve ...

Researchers have found that a form of cholesterol known as cholesteryl esters builds up in the brains of mice with Alzheimer's-like disease, and that clearing out the cholesteryl esters helps ...

What is the mechanism that allows our brains to incorporate new information about the world, and form memories? New work by a team of neuroscientists shows that learning occurs through the continuous ...

A new study has revealed a new culprit in the formation of brain hemorrhages that does not involve injury to the blood vessels, as previously believed. Researchers discovered that interactions ...

New soft, implantable fibers can deliver light to major nerves through the body. They are an experimental tool for scientists to explore the causes and potential treatments for peripheral nerve ...

Researchers have discovered that turning brain immune cells into neurons successfully restores brain function after stroke-like injury in mice. These findings suggest that replenishing neurons from ...

Researchers have identified a new way of mapping ‘phosphenes’ – the visual perception of the bright flashes we see when no light is entering the eye – to improve the outcome of surgery for ...

New guidance has been issued for clinicians on the determination of brain death, also known as death by neurologic ...

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