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Healthy Aging News

April 25, 2024

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Using state-of-the-art microscopy techniques, researchers have shed new light on the underlying mechanisms driving Alzheimer's ...
The rate at which human cells age is influenced by multiple interconnected factors. New research examined how restricting calories influences telomere length and biological ...
A study on the effects of a junk food diet on rats reinforces scientific understanding about the gut-brain ...
The first comprehensive cell atlas of aging human muscle reveals the intricate genetic and cellular processes behind muscle deterioration and mechanisms to counteract ...

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Children and teens from racial and ethnic minority groups are disproportionately affected by persistent insomnia symptoms that begin in childhood and continue through young adulthood, according to a ...

Certain RNA molecules in the nerve cells in the brain last a life time without being renewed. Neuroscientists have now demonstrated that this. RNAs are generally short-lived molecules that are ...

In old age, a tighter interlinkage between different domains of functional capacity may indicate a loss of system resilience. When functional capacity domains are tightly interconnected, a disruption ...

Most human nerve cells last a lifetime without renewal. A trait echoed within the cells' components, some enduring as long as the organism ...

Cell damage from oxidative stress is a major underlying cause of age-related cognitive and muscle strength decline. Antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress and prevent age-related health decline. A ...

A smartphone app could enable greater participation in clinical trials for people with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a devastating neurological disorder that often manifests in ...

A new bioluminescence imaging technique has created highly detailed, and visually striking, images of the movement of oxygen in the brains of mice. The method, which can be easily replicated by other ...

Familial Alzheimer's disease can be transferred via bone marrow transplant, researchers show. When the team transplanted bone marrow stem cells from mice carrying a hereditary version of ...

Researchers report that mature oligodendrocytes -- the central nervous system cells critical for brain function -- cling to life following a fatal trauma for much, much longer than scientists knew. ...

Just as you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, scientists have found that you can't make long-term memories without DNA damage and brain ...

Researchers have used data from UK Biobank participants to reveal that diabetes, traffic-related air pollution and alcohol intake are the most harmful out of 15 modifiable risk factors for ...

Researchers say they have discovered that the protein puromycin-sensitive aminopeptidase (NPEPPS) plays a role in regulating response to platinum chemotherapy in patients with bladder ...

Those with aging immune systems struggle to fight off novel viruses and respond weakly to vaccination. Researchers were able to revitalize the immune system in ...

Dedicated memory tests on smartphones enable the detection of 'mild cognitive impairment', a condition that may indicate Alzheimer's disease, with high ...

Tardigrade proteins are potential candidates in technologies centered on slowing the aging process and in long-term storage of human ...

Researchers have identified a new potential target for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease -- PDE4B. The researchers observed that AD mice showed memory deficits in maze tests, but memory was ...

Lewy body disease may be more common in middle-aged people than previously thought, according to a recent study. In the study, almost one in ten of over 50-year-olds were found to have tissue markers ...

A new study has found human brains are getting bigger. The increased size may lead to a brain reserve, potentially reducing the risk of ...

For the neurons in the brain to work smoothly and be able to process information, the central nervous system needs a strictly regulated environment. This is maintained by the blood-brain barrier, ...

A new study has identified 17 genetic variants that may influence Alzheimer's disease risk, putting researchers one step closer to uncovering biological pathways to target for future treatment ...

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