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April 23, 2024

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Branching patterns are prevalent in our natural environment and the human body, such as in the lungs and kidneys. For example, specific genes that express growth factor proteins are known to influence the development of the lungs' complex branches. ...
This unusual, subterranean mammal with extreme longevity shows genetic adaptations to low oxygen environments which could offer opportunities for advancing other areas of physiological and medical ...
Psychologists have discovered a circuit in the brain of mice that makes them crave food and seek it out, even when they are not hungry. When stimulated, this cluster of cells propels mice to forage ...
A new study has examined social behavior of lab mice in large outdoor ...

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Facemap uses a mouse's facial movements to predict brain activity, bringing researchers one step closer to understanding brain-wide signals driven by spontaneous ...

High fiber diets, like those that include broccoli sprouts or other cruciferous vegetables, may reduce disease symptoms and improve quality of life in patients with inflammatory bowel disease ...

Researchers have discovered several factors that affect field mouse behavior using seeds from dwarf bamboo plants, a plant that flowers once in a century. Their findings not only suggest the ...

Researchers have developed a novel system to probe a rat's thoughts, finding that animals can control their brain activity to imagine remote locations. ...

Researchers found that the hormone oxytocin, known to be involved in regulating feeding and social behavior and until now to be produced mostly in the brain, is also produced in the human intestine. ...

Researchers have genetically engineered the first mice that get a human-like form of COVID-19, according to a new ...

Researchers introduce the 'Telomouse'. By making a subtle genetic alteration in standard lab mice, they've made the mouse telomeres, which protect the chromosome ends, more closely ...

Researchers have been working on a novel solution to prevent NEC. They have developed a novel probiotic system that harnesses the durability of biofilms to improve the administration of probiotics to ...

Scientists have uncovered 13 mummified cadavers of mice from the summits of Andean volcanoes that stretch nearly 4 miles above sea level. Analyses of the mummies, combined with the capture of ...

Whether a mouse is a good or bad parent can be traced back to imprinted genes in key neurons in the 'parenting hub' in the brain, according to a new ...

In a groundbreaking endeavor, researchers have successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse's lifespan. The ...

Researchers have created a panel of genetically diverse mice that accurately model the highly variable human response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. The team uncovered differences in the innate immune and ...

Researchers have created a functional 'humanized' liver in living mice that will help scientists find human-specific mechanisms for regulating cholesterol levels and potentially for ...

A process of surgically joining the circulatory systems of a young and old mouse slows the aging process at the cellular level and lengthens the lifespan of the older animal by up to ...

A team has discovered a protein that plays critical roles in alerting the body to a bacterial infection and initiating an effective immune response to fight back against the ...

Researchers have used an unprecedented stem cell zoo to compare six different mammalian species and their developmental ...

Some animals release chemical pheromones which can trigger behavioral or hormonal changes in other animals. It is known that calm rats can reduce the fear of nearby rats, but the exact mechanism was ...

A non-toxic method to prevent mice from devouring wheat crops has been shown to drastically reduce seed ...

People with Alzheimer's disease develop defects in cognitive functions like memory as well as problems with noncognitive functions that can lead to anxiety and depression. Investigators used ...

MitoQ, a mitochondrial antioxidant that is available to the public as a diet supplement, was found in a mouse study to reverse the detrimental effects that HIV and antiretroviral therapy (ART) have ...

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