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September 25, 2023

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In a groundbreaking endeavor, researchers have successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse's lifespan. The research opens exciting possibilities for unlocking the ...
Researchers have created a functional 'humanized' liver in living mice that will help scientists find human-specific mechanisms for regulating cholesterol levels and potentially for treating chronic liver diseases afflicting tens of millions of ...
A process of surgically joining the circulatory systems of a young and old mouse slows the aging process at the cellular level and lengthens the lifespan of the older animal by up to ...
A team has discovered a protein that plays critical roles in alerting the body to a bacterial infection and initiating an effective immune response to fight back against the ...

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A team that has used two-photon imaging technology to show the creation and elimination of synapses between neurons in the brains of live ...

Scientists have discovered for the first time that invasive rats on tropical islands are affecting the territorial behavior of fish on surrounding coral reefs. The new study shows that the presence ...

Mathematical modeling reveals how fleas with early-stage Yersinia pestis infections are insufficient to drive epizootic outbreaks but can help promote a low level of enzootic ...

In a global study, researchers have identified that most reservoirs of rodent-borne diseases tend to live exclusively or occasionally in or near human dwellings, show large fluctuations in their ...

The first things that mouse newborns touch and eat establishes their native microbiome, which is often influenced by their mother during birth and throughout nursing. Although diet has been a known ...

A research team has discovered the underlying neural mechanism that allows us to feel empathy. The group's study on mice hinted that empathy is induced by the synchronized neural oscillations in ...


The Sox9 gene is upregulated in the absence of sex-determining Y chromosome and Sry gene in Amami spiny ...

Researchers have assembled the first reference genome for the Nile rat -- a kind of genetic template of this species that may be used for laboratory and clinical studies. The hope is that it will be ...

A fluorescent protein makes it possible to follow disease progression in brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, strokes, and depression. That may lead to better insight into diseases and possible ...

Neuromedin U (NMU) is a hormone that suppresses appetite and affects energy metabolism and obesity patterns. Mice lacking NMU tend to become obese due to overeating, making NMU an ideal candidate for ...

The gene-silencing complex HUSH might be involved in complex disorders affecting the brain and neurons. However, its mechanism of action remains unclear. Researchers now uncover the in vivo targets ...

In the brain of adult mammals neural stem cells ensure that new nerve cells, i.e. neurons, are constantly formed. This process, known as adult neurogenesis, helps mice maintain their sense of smell. ...


Researchers have identified a pathway in the brains of mice that is activated when the animals see other mice scratching and that, surprisingly, does not involve the brain's visual ...

Researchers have developed a Zika vaccine technology that is highly effective and safe in preclinical mouse ...

On an island 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco, a hoard of invasive house mice are packing an ecological wallop far larger than what their small statures would ...

In the 2001 'Amerithrax' attacks, anthrax-causing spores were sent through the mail to media outlets and members of Congress, sickening at least 22 people and killing five. ...

Researchers announce the development of a mouse embryo model, complete with beating hearts and the foundations for a brain and other organs, out of mouse embryonic stem ...

An event that occurs only once every 120 years, the large-scale flowering, seeding, and dying of dwarf bamboo (Sasa borealis), has been found to provide ideal breeding conditions for Japanese field ...

Researchers have developed the first mouse model for a mitochondrial tRNALeu mutation, showing that the associated metabolic disorder results from faulty RNA ...

A review of decades of research revealed more than a dozen kinds of animals in addition to slugs and snails have caused rat lungworm disease in people around the ...

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