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September 29, 2023

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New research has found that monkeys increase their use of scent markings to compensate for human noise pollution. The study has investigated how primates change their communication strategies in response to noise pollution. The researchers studied ...
Primate species with better color vision are not more likely to have red skin or fur coloration, as previously ...
Researchers report that the flexible shoulders and elbows that allow us to throw a football or reach a high shelf may have evolved as a natural braking system that let our primate ancestors get out of trees without dying. The researchers used ...
Neuroscientists created the first non-human primate model of hereditary Alzheimer's in marmosets to accelerate the pace of drug discovery and rebuild the foundation for future translational ...

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Researchers from 24 countries have analyzed the genomes of 809 individuals from 233 primate species, generating the most complete catalog of genomic information about our closest relatives to date. ...

For the first time ever, scientists have uncovered evidence that a species' long-term adaptation to living in an extremely cold climate has led to the evolution of social behaviours including ...

Whole-genomic sequencing has revolutionized the amount and detail of genetic diversity now available to researchers to study. While the researchers previously had looked at a few hundred mobile ...

Researchers have developed 'Dynamic Prospect Theory,' which integrates the most popular model in behavioral economics -- prospect theory and a well-established model from neuroscience -- ...

New animal research is helping explain why at least five people have become HIV-free after receiving a stem cell transplant, and may bring scientists closer to developing what they hope will be a ...

The many types of cells in the human body are produced through the process of differentiation, in which stem cells are converted to more specialized types. Currently, it is challenging for ...


Understanding that others hold different viewpoints from your own is essential for human sociality. Adopting another person's visual perspective is a complex skill that emerges around the age of ...

Drawing on 36 years of data, a new study of 199 baboons in southern Kenya finds that adversity early in life can take years off the lifespan, but strong social bonds with other baboons in adulthood ...

New findings in color vision research imply that humans can perceive a greater range of blue tones than monkeys do. Distinct connections found in the human retina may indicate recent evolutionary ...

Just like humans, monkeys are capable of complex deliberation and careful decision-making that consider combinations of factors such as costs, consequences and ...

Human embryo development and early organ formation remain largely unexplored due to ethical issues surrounding the use of embryos for research as well as limited availability of materials to study. ...

An illusion involving a hidden thumb confounds capuchin and squirrel monkeys for the same reason it does humans -- it misdirects expected outcomes of actions they can carry out. However, marmosets ...


Even supposedly adaptable mammal species face increased risk of ...

A previous study confirmed that chronic use of cannabis may greatly impact male fertility and reproductive outcomes in nonhuman primates -- but it was unclear whether the effects are permanent. Now, ...

New method to study the movement, behaviour, and environmental context of group-living animals using drones and computer ...

Researchers have discovered artefacts produced by old world monkeys in Thailand that resemble stone tools, which historically have been identified as intentionally made by early hominins. Until now, ...

A sense of fairness has long been considered purely human -- but animals also react with frustration when they are treated unequally by a person. In a study with long-tailed macaques (Macaca ...

Scientists transform blood cells to regain a flexible fate, growing into a precursor of sperm ...

Simple solutions, such as not leaving out food at night, could help to protect non-human primates in Sub-Saharan Africa -- some of which are already struggling because of threats like climate change ...

Madagascar is home to a unique biodiversity with a large number of endemic species, among those many lemur species, including the mouse lemurs. This diversity is also found in their retroviruses. ...

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