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April 29, 2017

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April 29, 2017

Apr. 26, 2017 — New research shows that the invasive European paper wasp, Polistes dominulus, plays a role in facilitating sour rot disease in the absence of other ... read more

Apr. 17, 2017 — Zika RNA has now been found in Aedes albopictus. That’s not the species -- known as Aedes aegypti -- most often associated with Zika. But scientists have never discounted Aedes albopictus as ... read more

Traces of Zika Found in Asian Tiger Mosquito in Brazil

Apr. 14, 2017 — In a recent test of Asian tiger mosquitoes collected in Brazil, researchers found fragments of Zika virus RNA, raising concerns that it may be carried by species other than Zika's known primary ... read more

Research Unravels Mysteries of Mouthparts of Butterflies

Apr. 13, 2017 — A researcher has been studying how the mouthparts of butterflies and moths work since 2010. His research shows that the method in which flies and butterflies ingest liquids into their own bodies for ... read more

The Problem Expands for Avocado Growers: 9 Beetle Species Carry Deadly Fungus

Apr. 12, 2017 — Many people love their avocados – not to mention guacamole dip. So it was bad enough when scientists said a beetle was ravaging avocado trees in South Florida. Then scientists found out that the ... read more

Mosquito Egg Hunt: Many Culex Species Prefer Alternatives to Standing Water

Apr. 12, 2017 — The conventional wisdom about where many mosquitoes lay their eggs -- in standing water -- is not always wise. Research into a diverse group of mosquitoes shows that many, if not most, regularly lay ... read more

What Obese Fruit Flies May Tell Us About the Evolution of Cold Tolerance

Apr. 10, 2017 — Researchers have hypothesized that migrations into higher, colder latitudes may lead to evolution of fast-burning metabolisms that keep cells warm in chilly conditions. In a new article, researchers ... read more

Some Bed Bugs Show Early Signs of Resistance to Two Common Insecticides

Apr. 10, 2017 — Pest management professionals battling the ongoing resurgence of bed bugs are wise to employ a well-rounded set of measures that reduces reliance on chemical control, as new research shows the early ... read more

Apr. 10, 2017 — Reconstructed food webs from the Ancestral Puebloan southwestern United States show the complexity and interconnectedness of humans, other animals, crops and the environment, in an area of uncertain ... read more

To Save Honey Bees, Human Behavior Must Change

Apr. 6, 2017 — In the search for answers to the complex health problems and colony losses experienced by honey bees in recent years, it may be time for professionals and hobbyists in the beekeeping industry to look ... read more

Apr. 6, 2017 — Bees have much better vision than was previously known, offering new insights into the lives of honey bees, and new opportunities for translating this knowledge into fields such as robot vision, ... read more

Genes Key to Killer Bee's Success

Apr. 5, 2017 — Researchers have sequenced the genomes of Africanized bees that have invaded large parts of the world to find out what makes them so extraordinarily successful. One particular region in the genome ... read more

Apr. 4, 2017 — A cave in Oregon that is the site of some the oldest preserved evidence of human activity in North America was also once home to not-too-distant cousins of the common bed bug. Archaeologists describe ... read more

No More 'Superbugs'? Maple Syrup Extract Enhances Antibiotic Action

Apr. 2, 2017 — Antibiotics save lives, but there is a downside to their ubiquity. High doses can kill healthy cells along with bacteria, while also spurring the creation of 'superbugs' that don't ... read more

Independent Evolutionary Origins of Complex Sociality in Marine Life

Mar. 31, 2017 — In the world of evolutionary research, scientists studying the evolution of eusocial societies have traditionally relied on information gathered from studying terrestrial insects. A group of ... read more

Mar. 30, 2017 — Orchard growers looking for alternatives to honey bees for managed pollination services have new reason to be optimistic about the potential of one honey bee cousin, the blue orchard bee. A recent ... read more

Mar. 30, 2017 — The unique mechanisms involved in mosquito flight have been shared for the first time in a new collaboration, which could inform future aerodynamic innovations, including tiny scale flying ... read more

Napping Flies Have Higher Resistance to Deadly Human Pathogen

Mar. 30, 2017 — Fruit flies that take frequent naps have the strongest resistance to both a fungal infection and to Drosophila 'superbug' bacteria, new research has discovered. The unexpected finding of ... read more

Mar. 28, 2017 — A honeybee can carry up to 30 percent of its body weight in pollen because of the strategic spacing of its nearly three million hairs. The gap between each eye hair is approximately the same size as ... read more

Mar. 27, 2017 — Fifteen new species of parasitic wasps have been described from the Neotropics. Apart from being quite distinct with their large and elongated bodies, the new insects also draw attention with their ... read more

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