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October 4, 2023

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A recent study has found that bird communities inside and outside protected areas are beginning to resemble each other as a result of climate change. In both areas, southern species increase in abundance, while northern species ...
An international research group examined which plants honeybees favor when collecting nectar and pollen. The choices honeybees make have an impact on their health and also on humans, as honeybees ...
Individual voice could help birds be recognized in a flock, no matter what they ...
Facial recognition software used to study the social behavior of individual Greylag Geese in Europe will soon be used to monitor one of the rarest geese in the world, the Cape Barren Goose in South Australia. The technology was used to assess how ...

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Primate species with better color vision are not more likely to have red skin or fur coloration, as previously ...

Trees depend on fungi for their well-being. As climate change and global warming cause higher temperatures and amplified drought, little is known about how these important fungi will respond. To ...

Biologists have discovered why an enzyme is important for the survival of fruit flies, even though it can shorten their lives under certain ...

The bright lights of big cities could be causing an evolutionary adaptation for smaller eyes in some birds, a new study indicates. Researchers found that two common songbirds, the Northern Cardinal ...

While many species are undergoing drastic declines in their numbers and geographic ranges, other species seem to be thriving. Researchers investigating the great-tailed grackle, a bird that has been ...

A new study finds that most Rafflesia species, which produce the world's largest flowers, face extinction. Lack of protection at local, national, and international levels means that remaining ...


Living on a golf course dramatically changes alligator feeding ...

New research paints a worrying picture for the different species of bees that provide multi-million-euro pollination services in Ireland each yea. The work raises concerns about the potential ...

A new study shows the isolation and sequencing of more than a century-old RNA molecules from a Tasmanian tiger specimen preserved at room temperature in a museum collection. This resulted in the ...

Many pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, are thought to have originated in wild animals before spilling into human ...

The research team generated a series of fire susceptibility maps. These show the proportion of Australia experiencing 'high' or 'very high' fire susceptibility increasing from ...

A database tracking hospital admissions and deaths reveals the devastating impact cars, disease and dogs are having on the South East Queensland koala ...


Ground-nesting birds called lapwings use the shape of their nests and surroundings to hide from predators, new research ...

The better a songbird is at working its way around obstacles to retrieve a snack, the more complex its vocal learning ability will ...

To obtain the biggest cherry harvest, trees should be pollinated by both honey bees and mason bees. This new study shows yet another benefit of ...

Most wild bees are solitary, but one tiny species of carpenter bees fastidiously cares for and raises their offspring, an act that translates into huge benefits to the developing bee's ...

Sitting calmly in their webs, many spiders wait for prey to come to them. Arachnids along lakes and rivers eat aquatic insects, such as dragonflies. But, when these insects live in ...

New research suggests that owls in Texas have high rates of anticoagulant rodenticides (AR) -- blood thinning rat poisons -- in their ...

Accelerometers reading the behavior of wild boars can pick up when animals are infected with a fatal ...

Peppers are a versatile, flavorful, and widely popular crop, used not only as a healthy food source but also for their medicinal properties. Scientists have now sequenced the genomes of key ...

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