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April 25, 2017

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April 25, 2017

Apr. 19, 2017 — Knowing where migrating birds came from and where they're headed is essential for their conservation and management. A new study tackles this challenge using stable isotope ratios, which reflect ... read more

Giant Sloth Was Vegetarian: Diet of Fossil Megatherium Decoded

Apr. 18, 2017 — Scientists have examined the diet of the extinct Giant Sloth Megatherium. Based on analyses of the collagen in the fossil bones, the researchers concluded in their study that Megatherium subsisted on ... read more

Busy City Living Makes Some House Finches More Savvy Than Others

Apr. 18, 2017 — House finches that frequent North American cities and towns are better at solving problems than their rural counterparts. They are able to solve new problems even when humans are around. The study ... read more

Apr. 17, 2017 — Marine scientists find that the space bullethead parrotfish use is influenced more by competition than by fear of ... read more

Apr. 17, 2017 — Scientists have discovered and named a new genus and species of clingfish after stumbling upon a specimen preserved in a jar dating back to the 1970s. High-resolution scans and 3-D printing helped ... read more

Apr. 17, 2017 — Why do animals that live in caves become blind? Charles Darwin originally suggested that eyes could be lost by “disuse” over time. Now, an evolutionary biologist who wants to get to the heart of ... read more

Traces of Zika Found in Asian Tiger Mosquito in Brazil

Apr. 14, 2017 — In a recent test of Asian tiger mosquitoes collected in Brazil, researchers found fragments of Zika virus RNA, raising concerns that it may be carried by species other than Zika's known primary ... read more

Apr. 14, 2017 — A wild-born, pure Australian desert dingo called Sandy Maliki has taken out first place in the World's Most Interesting Genome competition. The UNSW-led proposal to have Sandy's DNA decoded ... read more

Apr. 13, 2017 — Hunting is a major threat to wildlife particularly in tropical regions, but a systematic large-scale estimate of hunting-induced declines of animal numbers was lacking so far. A study now fills this ... read more

Apr. 13, 2017 — Different than expected, wild boars do not come to Berlin in order to use garbage or other anthropogenic food resources. In fact, also in the city they predominantly consume natural ... read more

Apr. 13, 2017 — Online computer games played by more than 30,000 people have helped scientists understand animal camouflage and color ... read more

Fish Migration Tracked by Testing DNA in Seawater

Apr. 12, 2017 — For the first time, researchers have successfully recorded fish migration by conducting DNA tests on seawater samples. Using this method to estimate the abundance and distribution of fish species ... read more

Why Treating Animals May Be Important in Fighting Resurgent Tropical Disease

Apr. 12, 2017 — As the World Health Organization steps up its efforts to eradicate a once-rampant tropical disease, a new study suggests that monitoring, and potentially treating, the monkeys that co-exist with ... read more

Cracking the Origin of Ancient Decorative Ostrich Eggs

Apr. 12, 2017 — Archaeologists and scientists are using cutting edge technology to crack a conundrum surrounding the ancient trade in ostrich ... read more

Apr. 12, 2017 — Asian elephants are able to recognize their bodies as obstacles to success in problem-solving, further strengthening evidence of their intelligence and self-awareness, according to a new ... read more

Apr. 12, 2017 — Researchers have demystified the way that polar bears search for their typical prey of ringed seals. The answer, it turns out, is simple: they follow their nose using the power of ... read more

Apr. 12, 2017 — Florida's manatee population is highly likely to endure for the next 100 years, a study has ... read more

Apr. 12, 2017 — Millions of years before humans discovered agriculture, ants were farming fungus beneath the surface of the Earth. By tracing their evolutionary history, scientists have learned about a key ... read more

Apr. 11, 2017 — Changes in a single color-vision gene demonstrate convergent evolutionary adaptations in widely separated species and across vastly different time scales, according to a new study. The study, which ... read more

Apr. 11, 2017 — Biologists and veterinarians across the central and eastern United States are calling on researchers to help them identify, understand and potentially treat snake fungal disease, a baffling ... read more

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