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September 28, 2023

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Researchers have made a significant finding in determining the genetic background of dilated cardiomyopathy in Dobermanns. This research helps us understand the genetic risk factors related to fatal diseases of the heart muscle and the mechanisms ...
A database tracking hospital admissions and deaths reveals the devastating impact cars, disease and dogs are having on the South East Queensland koala ...
An international consortium of scientists is using an unprecedentedly large database of canine DNA to take an unbiased look at how our furry friends evolved into the various breeds we know and ...
A new study found that more than half of people who own dogs expressed some level of canine vaccine hesitancy -- i.e. skepticism about vaccinating their pets against rabies and other diseases. An estimated 45 percent of US households own a dog; ...

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In a study of children and adults, both higher age and having had a pet dog were associated with better ability to recognize dog emotions from facial expressions. The findings show that 4-year-olds ...

Researchers tested a new method of diagnosing sleep-disordered breathing in dogs using a neckband developed for human sleep apnea diagnostics. The study revealed that sleep-disordered breathing is ...

Genetic analysis shows dingo populations have significantly less dog ancestry than previously ...

Ever since scientists first read the complete genetic codes of creatures like fruit flies and humans more than two decades ago, the field of genomics has promised major leaps forward in understanding ...

In an analysis of over 65,000 infants from Japan, children exposed to pet cats or indoor dogs during fetal development or early infancy tended to have fewer food allergies compared to other ...

Data from 124 societies shows that dogs' functions predict their treatment, with closer bonds forming in societies where dogs have multiple ...


In today's pet food market, there are products to match nearly every lifestyle, value system, and price point pet owners demand, including vegan formulations. New research shows at least two ...

Physicists have developed a dynamical model of animal behavior that may explain some mysteries surrounding associative learning going back to Pavlov's ...

Researchers report abnormalities in functional neural networks of dogs diagnosed with anxiety. The study shows that compared with healthy dogs, those with anxiety exhibit stronger connections between ...

In the first step toward understanding how dogs -- and perhaps humans -- might adapt to intense environmental pressures such as exposure to radiation, heavy metals, or toxic chemicals, researchers ...

A large Bronze Age debris deposit in Mycenae, Greece provides important data for understanding the history of animal resources at the site, according to a new ...

A new study focused on defense veterans' mental health has found strong evidence that assistance dogs used in conjunction with traditional therapies provide the most effective treatment ...


Pet and animal-related apps are creating cybersecurity risks to their owners, new research has ...

Researchers have confirmed the first cases of canine distemper virus (CDV), which can cause fatal neurological disease, in tigers and leopards in ...

Simple solutions, such as not leaving out food at night, could help to protect non-human primates in Sub-Saharan Africa -- some of which are already struggling because of threats like climate change ...

A study has demonstrated that pet dogs could be trained to sniff out chronic wasting disease, a deadly ailment that affects deer. The proof-of-concept investigation suggests detection dogs could be ...

A new analysis has determined median ages of cancer diagnosis for dogs with different characteristics, providing support for the establishment of cancer screening guidelines that vary according to ...

An analysis of cremated bone fragments from burial mounds in Derbyshire, UK, provides the first solid evidence that Vikings crossed the North Sea with horses, dogs and other animals as early as the ...

The quail could be the unknown reservoir of the Toscana virus (TOSV) and the Sandfly Fever Sicilian virus (SFSV), mosquito-borne pathogens that can infect domestic animals and also cause disease in ...

Stem cells have been modified to carry a therapy to treat companion animal patients with late-stage cancer, preserving good quality of life and extending their lives, potentially leading to better ...

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