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April 29, 2016

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April 29, 2016

Diet Affects the Evolution of Birds

Apr. 13, 2016 — How diet has affected the evolution of the 10,000 bird species in the world is still a mystery to evolutionary biology. A new study shows how diet preferences have influenced bird diversification ... read more

Apr. 12, 2016 — Modelling software and satellite imagery can be used to rapidly predict the movements of endangered species in remote or inaccessible regions, a study shows. Scientists used the images and software ... read more

Apr. 12, 2016 — Researchers warn that the extinction to two amphibian species -- the southern toad and the southern leopard frog -- may be hastened by the combined effects of climate change and copper-contaminated ... read more

Apr. 8, 2016 — For the first time, it has been shown that eels from the Mediterranean Sea are able find their way through the Strait of Gibraltar to the Atlantic and potentially reach the Sargasso Sea to spawn ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — Harnessing an invasive fish species sounded like a promising conservation tool to help reverse the destruction wreaked by zebra mussels on endangered native mollusks in the Great Lakes -- except that ... read more

Fewer Than 250 Mature Bawean Warty Pigs in Existence

Apr. 6, 2016 — The rare Bawean warty pig mostly forages at night in community-owned forests on Bawean island, and is endangered, according to a new ... read more

Mediterranean Loggerhead Turtles Dying in Waters Off the Middle East, North Africa

Apr. 6, 2016 — Conservation biologists have found that many adult loggerhead turtles are migrating to areas of the Mediterranean where they are dying, trapped in fishing nets used by small scale fishing operations ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — Scientists have shed new light on the evolution of one of the world’s most diverse primate groups – the titi ... read more

Apr. 5, 2016 — A new study offers hope for cold-water species in the face of climate change. The study addresses a longstanding paradox between predictions of widespread extinctions of cold-water species and a ... read more

Apr. 5, 2016 — Paleontologists have demonstrated that ancient mammal relatives known as therapsids were suited to the drastic climate change by having shorter life expectancies and would have had a better chance of ... read more

Management Efforts for Elk, Deer May Not Benefit All Wildlife

Apr. 5, 2016 — Improving habitats for game animals has mixed consequences for other animals in the same setting, new research indicates. The study calls for more scrutiny of and a more holistic approach to current ... read more

Apr. 4, 2016 — New research on coral reefs suggests that existing biodiversity will be essential for the successful adaptation of ecosystems to climate ... read more

Apr. 4, 2016 — A catastrophic collapse of the world's largest great ape-- the Grauer's gorilla -- due to a combination of illegal hunting around mining sites and settlements, prior civil unrest, and ... read more

Sushi-Bar-Coding in the UK: Another Kettle of Fish

Apr. 4, 2016 — Critically-endangered species of fish are being sold in sushi restaurants in the UK without adequate labeling, report researchers. Overfished species of tuna and eel are among the sushi dishes being ... read more

Apr. 4, 2016 — Hormonally active substances may contribute to global amphibian decline. Some compounds, for example from pharmaceuticals, occur in biologically relevant concentrations in freshwater ecosystems, and ... read more

Global Carnivore Conservation at Risk, New Report Shows

Apr. 4, 2016 — Shrinking habitat and increased conflict are projected in regions critical to survival of threatened apex predators, a new report shows. Carnivores include some of the most iconic species that help ... read more

Mar. 31, 2016 — It lived millions of years ago and was three times as large as the great white shark: the megalodon. So far its extinction has been explained with the onset of an ice age. However, researchers have ... read more

Mar. 31, 2016 — A new study has found turtles released back into the wild almost always return home -- even if they have to swim more than 100km or have spent more than a year ... read more

Rapid Transformation Turns Clinging Tadpoles Into Digging Adult Frogs

Mar. 30, 2016 — The Indian Purple frog skeleton undergoes dramatic transformation as tadpoles clinging to underwater rocks become adults digging their way underground, according to a new ... read more

Mar. 28, 2016 — Researchers used novel approach with historic film to discover just how endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are. Kemp's ridley turtles are currently classified as critically endangered on the ... read more

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