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Food News

March 4, 2024

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Dung beetles share the load when it comes to showing their affection for each-other, when transporting a 'brood ...
Researchers have not only succeeded in using blue-green algae as a surrogate mother for a new protein -- they have even coaxed the microalgae to produce 'meat fiber-like' protein strands. The ...
New research provides compelling evidence that partially substituting animal with plant protein foods can increase life expectancy and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, it also suggests that benefits depend on the type of animal ...
Your liver plays a vital role in your metabolism, the biological process which converts food into energy. We know that being overweight can negatively affect metabolic activity, but not exactly how. To better understand this, researchers compared ...
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Corals searching for food in the cold and dark waters of the deep sea are building higher and higher mountains to get closer to the source of their food. But in doing so, they may find themselves ...

From lab-grown chicken to cricket-derived protein, these innovative alternatives offer hope for a planet struggling with the environmental and ethical impacts of industrial agriculture. Now, ...

Researchers have succeeded in biomanufacturing from chemically synthesized sugar for the first time in the world. With refinement of this technology, one can envision a future society in which the ...

The secret to making delicious chocolate with less added sugar is oat flour, according to a new study. In a blind taste test, 25% reduced-sugar chocolates made with oat flour were rated equally, and ...

Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of physical activity do not outweigh the risks of cardiovascular disease associated with drinking sugar-sweetened beverages, according to a new ...

Research shows that phthalates, a class of chemicals associated with plastics, can shed from the wrapping, packaging and even from plastic gloves worn by food handlers into food. Once consumed during ...

Researchers report that replacing 50% of animal products with alternative proteins by 2050 could free up enough agricultural land to generate renewable energy equivalent in volume to today's ...

A new study explores whether the plentiful, fibrous byproduct of CBD production holds potential promise as a nutritious, efficiency-boosting feed ingredient for the dairy ...

A research team has solved the mystery of a novel clove-like off-flavor in orange juice, the cause of which was previously unknown. The study proves for the first time that the undesirable flavor ...

Analysis of a common preservative used to kill pathogens in food shows that it affects beneficial bacteria as well, threatening the healthy balance of the gut ...

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are produced by gut bacteria from dietary fiber, regulate our immune system, but the mechanism of their action remains unknown. In a recent study, researchers ...

Climate change poses a threat to yields and food security worldwide, with plant diseases as one of the main risks. An international team of researchers has now shown that further spread of the fungal ...

Scientists have succeeded in cultivating and characterizing tomato varieties with higher water use efficiency without compromising yield. The researchers, employing CRISPR genetic editing technology, ...

As the world's population increases, cultivated or lab-grown meat -- animal muscle and fat cells grown in laboratory conditions -- has emerged as a potential way to satisfy future protein needs. ...

A new study explored whether practicing self-compassion -- or treating oneself with the same care and kindness that people typically offer to their loved ones -- helps people become more resilient to ...

Kiwifruit has proven itself as a powerful mood booster and new research has shown just how fast its effects can ...

An estimated 1,600 people in the U.S. contract a serious infection from Listeria bacteria in food each year and, of those individuals, about 260 people die, according to the Centers for Disease ...

Chopped carrot pieces are among the most universally enjoyed foods and a snacking staple -- a mainstay of school lunchboxes, picnics and party platters year-round. Now researchers have uncovered the ...

The study is the first of its kind to compile a three-year dataset using a citizen science-based, opportunistic research method to include a large sample of gulls and other sub-Arctic birds in urban ...

Researchers found that years when moth numbers were up resulted in increased population growth for the blue ...

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