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May 3, 2016

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May 3, 2016

Innovative Clothing Companies More Capable in Implementing Sustainability Throughout Their Supply Networks

May 2, 2016 — Companies with a great capacity for innovation turn out to be more dedicated to improving social sustainability aspects. Researchers have investigated the sustainability strategies of clothing ... read more

Remote Sensing Maps Threats to Malaysia’s Mangroves

May 2, 2016 — Remote sensing data reveals land use and land cover changes over an 18-year period at one of the best-managed mangrove forests in the ... read more

Apr. 29, 2016 — Although the coastal regions of the Greenland Ice Sheet are experiencing rapid melting, a significant portion of the interior of that ice sheet has remained stable -- but a new study suggests that ... read more

Apr. 29, 2016 — Engineers are using nanoparticle technology in an effort to meet the ever-increasing demand for food. Their innovative technique boosts the growth of a protein-rich bean by improving the way it ... read more

Detecting Minute Nano Amounts in Environmental Samples

Apr. 29, 2016 — It is still unclear what the impact is on humans, animals and plants of synthetic nanomaterials released into the environment or used in products. It’s very difficult to detect these nanomaterials ... read more

Exposure to Particulate Air Pollutants Associated With Numerous Cancers

Apr. 29, 2016 — Researchers have found that long-term exposure to environmental pollutants was associated with increased risk of mortality for many types of cancer in an elderly Hong Kong ... read more

Extreme Heat, Precipitation Linked to More Severe Asthma Requiring Hospitalization

Apr. 28, 2016 — Extreme heat and heavy rainfall are related to increased risk of hospitalization for asthma in Maryland, according to a study. Based on over a decade of asthma hospitalization data (115,923 cases ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — A new study examining wildfires in California found that human activity explains as much about their frequency and location as climate ... read more

Amazon Rainforest Responds Quickly to Extreme Climate Events

Apr. 28, 2016 — The carbon balance in the Amazon can change quickly in response to heat and drought ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — The risks of commercial marine shipping accidents across Canada's regions have been outlined in a new report, including information for different cargo types. The report highlights gaps in ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — Outbreaks by the mountain pine beetle and western spruce budworm can actually reduce wildfire severity, surprising new research shows. The findings contrast sharply with popular attitudes -- and some ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — Over 300 million people worldwide use groundwater contaminated with arsenic or fluoride as a source of drinking water. Now a research team has developed a method whereby the risk of contamination in ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — 'Zero-energy' buildings -- which generate as much power as they consume -- are now much closer after engineers have achieved the world's highest efficiency using flexible solar cells ... read more

Engineers Produce Biodiesel from Microalgae in Three Hours

Apr. 27, 2016 — By using native cells from the Lake of Texcoco, researchers reduce biofuel production ... read more

Home Movers More Likely to Be Green Commuters, Study Finds

Apr. 27, 2016 — People who have just moved house are significantly less likely to travel to work by car, opting for a greener mode of transport instead, a study of 18,000 UK residents has ... read more

Apr. 27, 2016 — The pavement sealcoat products used widely around the nation on thousands of asphalt driveways and parking lots are significantly more toxic and mutagenic than previously suspected, according to a ... read more

Apr. 27, 2016 — A new study found that vulnerability of deep-sea biodiversity to climate change's triple threat -- rising water temperatures, and decreased oxygen, and pH levels -- is not uniform across the ... read more

Apr. 27, 2016 — A reduction in the amount of oxygen dissolved in the oceans due to climate change is already discernible in some parts of the world and should be evident across large regions of the oceans between ... read more

New Tool Puts a Consistent Value on Experts' Uncertainty on Climate Change Models

Apr. 27, 2016 — To bridge the gap between projections of future sea-level rise and the need to prepare for it, a research team developed a method that consolidates climate models and the range of opinions that ... read more

Polarization May Cause Climate Communication to Backfire

Apr. 27, 2016 — Political polarization may cause communication about climate change to backfire, a new study finds. Even efforts that frame climate change around seemingly win-win issues such as economic growth or ... read more

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