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Hurricanes and Cyclones News

December 1, 2023

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Extreme events like tropical cyclones have immediate impacts, but also long-term implications for societies. A new study now finds: Accounting for the long-term impacts of these storms raises the ...
After a massive cyclone transformed the ecosystem of Gorongosa National Park, researchers studied the immediate and knock-on impacts to garner lessons for wildlife managers around the ...
Scientists at NCAR have identified two entirely different modes of hurricane rapid intensification. The findings may lead to better understanding and prediction of these dangerous ...
New research by climate scientists indicates that there have been great changes to Atlantic hurricanes in just the past 50 years, with storms developing and strengthening ...
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Combining satellite technology with machine learning may allow scientists to better track and prepare for climate-induced natural hazards, according to new ...

Tropical cyclone researchers report a warming climate could increase the number of tropical cyclones and their intensity in the North Atlantic, potentially creating more and stronger hurricanes. In a ...

Global warming is expected to lead to an accumulation of particularly intense hurricanes in the United States. This may substantially increase the economic losses caused by these storms. Better ...

ESA's novel Aeolus satellite reliably measures wind speed also in higher air layers and thus in a region of the atmosphere where other direct global wind measurements are relatively sparse. This ...

Americans are leaving many of the U.S. counties hit hardest by hurricanes and heatwaves -- and moving towards dangerous wildfires and warmer temperatures, says one of the largest studies of U.S. ...

Researchers used a unique coupled computer modeling approach to accurately recreate the coastal flooding that occurred during Hurricane Florence, demonstrating that it is more accurate than ...

As hurricane Michael churned through the Gulf of Mexico to make landfall near Florida's Apalachicola River in 2018, it left a sea of destruction in its wake. The path was easy to follow on land, ...

A new article illustrates the increases in adverse public health outcomes following tropical cyclones, especially in communities with existing health conditions. The paper explains that the focus ...

As strong winds and torrential rains inundate Australia's south-eastern coast, new research suggests that high intensity bushfires might not be too far behind, with their dual effects extending ...

Extreme heat often follows tropical cyclones, which can complicate disaster recovery even further, researchers have ...

The Royal Hawaiian Beach in Waikiki is a popular beach at the center of Hawai'i's tourism hub, with a valuation of $2.2 billion, according to a 2016 study. Two recently published studies ...

One natural disaster can knock out electric service to millions. A new study suggests that back-to-back disasters could cause catastrophic damage, but the research also identifies new ways to monitor ...

Hurricane damages can increase due to increasing global temperatures, caused by greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Computer simulations of regional economic sectors and supply chains in the ...

The strong winds and torrential rains that accompany a cyclone do tremendous damage to ecosystems, and this damage can make them more prone to future wildfires. As intense cyclones are projected to ...

A new study systematically investigates flooding risk to hospitals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts from Category 1-4 storms and finds that even relatively weak storms pose a serious flood risk to ...

Stronger hurricanes that are reenergised by jet stream winds are twice as likely to cross the Atlantic and wreak havoc in Europe than weaker ones, new research has ...

A new study finds that climate models are unreliable when it comes to predicting the damage that tropical cyclones will do to sensitive coral ...

A study shows the economic and mental health consequences on victims of Hurricane Harvey and COVID-19 were ...

New research shows that if it were not for the impact of climate change, up to 50 percent of residences in Houston's Harris County would likely not have been flooded by Hurricane Harvey five ...

A first-of-its-kind study of the 50 largest cities in the U.S. found a lack of preparedness, specifically to evacuate carless and vulnerable populations. Only seven cities had strong plans, including ...

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