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April 27, 2017

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April 27, 2017

Ambulances Respond More Slowly in Summer and Winter

Apr. 24, 2017 — Ambulance response times in London worsen when air temperatures rise or fall beyond certain limits in summer and winter, according to a new ... read more

Are the Paris Soil Carbon Sequestration Goals Unrealistic?

Apr. 21, 2017 — The goal to offset rises in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations by increasing soil carbon storage by 4 per mille (0.4%) per year is unrealistic, say scientists in a new ... read more

Apr. 19, 2017 — Volcanologists spent two weeks collecting samples from Yasur, a continuously erupting volcano on Tanna, an island in the remote South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu, to study its chemical composition ... read more

Apr. 19, 2017 — Humans began measurably and negatively impacting water quality in the Chesapeake Bay in the first half of the 19th century, according to a study of eastern ... read more

Hazardous Asteroid Effects Ranked from Least to Most Destructive

Apr. 19, 2017 — If an asteroid struck Earth, which of its effects -- scorching heat, flying debris, towering tsunamis -- would claim the most lives? A new study has the answer: violent winds and shock waves are the ... read more

Apr. 19, 2017 — The fossil fuel fight goes on for scientists as they develop a new method for creating reversible hydrogen storage based on methanol, with no carbon emissions, in the last major paper co-authored by ... read more

How Campuses Can Measure Their Nitrogen Footprints

Apr. 18, 2017 — A new groundbreaking initiative helps researchers to measure and reduce the nitrogen footprint left behind by campus activities like food waste and energy consumption. The publication outlines ... read more

Apr. 18, 2017 — Although human population studies have linked air pollution to chronic inflammation of nasal and sinus tissues, direct biological and molecular evidence for cause and effect has been scant. Now, ... read more

Models, Observations Not So Far Apart on Planet's Response to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Apr. 17, 2017 — Recent observations suggest less long-term warming, or climate sensitivity, than the predicted by climate models. But the mismatch is resolved by factoring in that Earth is still in the early stages ... read more

'Bad' Air May Impact 'Good' Cholesterol Increasing Heart Disease Risk

Apr. 13, 2017 — Traffic-related air pollution may increase risk of developing cardiovascular diseases through its effects on high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as 'good' cholesterol. US middle-aged ... read more

Apr. 13, 2017 — While it's easy to condense water from humid air, machines that harvest water from drier air require energy. Researchers have created the first water harvester that uses only ambient sunlight. ... read more

Apr. 13, 2017 — What is the volume of water in lakes on Earth? Using a mathematical analysis, researchers now suggest that the mean depth of lakes is 30 per cent lower than previously estimated. Shallower lakes ... read more

Fish Migration Tracked by Testing DNA in Seawater

Apr. 12, 2017 — For the first time, researchers have successfully recorded fish migration by conducting DNA tests on seawater samples. Using this method to estimate the abundance and distribution of fish species ... read more

US Streams Carry Surprisingly Extensive Mixture of Pollutants

Apr. 12, 2017 — Many US waterways carry a variety of pollutants, but not much is known about the composition or health effects of these chemical combinations. A new in-depth study, however, is providing insight as ... read more

Predictive Model Measuring Nitrous Oxide Emissions in Streams, Rivers

Apr. 12, 2017 — When it comes to greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide tends to steal the spotlight -- but new research reveals how scientists have developed a new, predictive tool to estimate nitrous oxide emissions ... read more

New Breed of Supermolecule 'Hunts Down' Harmful Drugs and Removes Them from Water

Apr. 10, 2017 — Researchers have found an effective, environmentally friendly way to monitor and remove pharmaceuticals from ... read more

Apr. 10, 2017 — North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier due to development and exposure to road salt. A study of 371 lakes reports that many Midwestern and Northeastern lakes are experiencing ... read more

Apr. 10, 2017 — Nearly 4 million square kilometers of frozen soil -- an area larger than India -- could be lost for every additional degree of global warming experienced, warn scientists. Global warming will thaw ... read more

New Breed of Supermolecule 'Hunts Down' Harmful Drugs, Removes Them from Water

Apr. 10, 2017 — An effective, environmentally friendly way to monitor and remove pharmaceuticals from water has been discovered by a team of ... read more

Apr. 10, 2017 — Thanks to the innovative radar scanner, defects in the material composition of the wind turbine blades can now be detected with far greater accuracy and visualized in a cross-sectional view, thereby ... read more

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