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April 29, 2016

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April 29, 2016

US National Forests and Grasslands Could Yield Less Water in Future Climate

Apr. 21, 2016 — A warmer climate may lead to higher growth and productivity on US national forests and grasslands, but researchers say this could reduce quantities of freshwater flowing from most of these lands, ... read more

Radical Solution Could Avoid Depletion of Natural Resources

Apr. 5, 2016 — A radical approach to managing natural resources could target the problem of their over-exploitation, such as in forests or fisheries, according to a new ... read more

Western Lifestyle Spells the End of Biodiversity

Apr. 4, 2016 — Contrary to what many economists suggest, 'development is not always good for Nature,' a biologist argues. It is broadly accepted that biodiversity and the ecosystem are both fundamental to ... read more

Mar. 31, 2016 — Global warming means much warmer winters in the Arctic, with more rain and icing. Researchers are working to understand what that will do to plants that have evolved to overwinter under a thick ... read more

Mar. 28, 2016 — Short, stunted mangroves living along the coastal desert of Baja California store up to five times more carbon below ground than their lush, tropical counterparts, researchers have found. The new ... read more

Simulation Shows How Modern Interventions Can Affect Tropical Forests and Indigenous People

Mar. 25, 2016 — Carefully designing government interactions with rural indigenous people is critical for protecting the sustainability of people, wildlife and the land, a computer simulation ... read more

Mar. 25, 2016 — An expert assessment helps quantify the amount of carbon dioxide that will be released in the Arctic following climate-related changes in the ... read more

Water Science Leads Ecological Survival Battle

Mar. 24, 2016 — Scientists have developed tools to help restore vital ecosystems found in tropical mangrove forests around the world. The team conducted fieldwork in three mangrove regions in south-east Asia: Can ... read more

Mar. 23, 2016 — Countries in the tropics are among the largest global exporters of key agricultural commodities such as oil palm, rice, soybean, sugarcane and cassava. Now researchers report that these tropical ... read more

Mar. 21, 2016 — A changing climate is altering the ability of Rocky Mountain forests to recover from wildfire, according to a new study. When warm, dry conditions lead to drought in the years following fires, it ... read more

Mar. 21, 2016 — A global study suggests that increases in plant respiration that could occur under global warming might not be as big as previously estimated, especially in the coldest regions. Since respiration ... read more

Mar. 18, 2016 — China's sweeping program to restore forests across the country is working. The vast destruction of China's forests, leveled after decades of logging, floods and conversion to farmland, has ... read more

Mar. 17, 2016 — A recent article provides the first comprehensive inventory of the world's biological field stations. Its authors report 1,268 stations are operating in 120 countries -- from the tropics to the ... read more

Plants' Ability to Adapt Could Change Conventional Wisdom on Climate Change

Mar. 17, 2016 — Plants speed up their respiratory metabolism as temperatures rise, leading to a long-held concern that as climate warms the elevated carbon release from a ramped-up metabolism could flip global ... read more

Mar. 16, 2016 — Researchers recently released 40 varieties of early-flowering sorghum bred for use in cooler, more temperate areas. These early-flowering varieties of sorghum are critical for the spread of the crop ... read more

Mar. 16, 2016 — A new study is among the first in the world to systematically assess the amount of carbon stored in tropical forests recovering after controversial land-clearing practices in the ... read more

Dissimilar Forests Are Vital for Delivery of Ecosystem Services

Mar. 14, 2016 — A team of ecologists aimed to find out what the effects of forest tree species diversity are on ecosystem services. These services, which include timber production, carbon storage, and forest ... read more

Wildland Fire Emissions Worse in Polluted Areas

Mar. 11, 2016 — When plant matter burns, it releases a complex mixture of gases and aerosols into the atmosphere. In forests subject to air pollution, these emissions may be more toxic than in areas of good air ... read more

Flooding Alleviated by Targeted Tree Planting and River Restoration, Scientists Discover

Mar. 10, 2016 — Strategic planting of trees on floodplains could reduce the height of flooding in towns downstream by up to 20 percent, according to a study by an international team of ... read more

Mar. 8, 2016 — Over thousands of years, most forests in the eastern United States evolved with frequent fire, which promoted tree species and ecosystems that were both fire and drought resistant. In little more ... read more

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