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April 30, 2016

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April 30, 2016

Apr. 28, 2016 — Over 300 million people worldwide use groundwater contaminated with arsenic or fluoride as a source of drinking water. Now a research team has developed a method whereby the risk of contamination in ... read more

Landscape Ecology Must Play a Role in Policymaking

Apr. 27, 2016 — Landscape ecology considers the influence of time and space on environmental patterns. Because of this focus, it is uniquely positioned to inform crucial policy decisions -- in particular, those ... read more

Framing Discourse Around Conservative Values Shifts Climate Change Attitudes

Apr. 25, 2016 — Conservatives' attitudes toward climate change and other environmental concerns shift when the issues are reframed in terms more closely aligned with their values, a new study ... read more

Apr. 25, 2016 — While environmental issues are often cited as a major factor in cities and towns in pursuing sustainability, a new study shows that economic concerns can be just as important to local governments in ... read more

Environmental Impacts of Demand-Side Technologies, Strategies for Carbon Mitigation

Apr. 25, 2016 — A new article aims to advance our understanding of life cycle environmental and natural resource implications of energy efficiency ... read more

City, Corporate Actions Are Crucial to Global Climate Response, Researchers Say

Apr. 20, 2016 — When envoys from more than 130 nations, including 60 world leaders, convened to sign the Paris Climate Change Agreement, this historic deal was bolstered by contributions from hundreds of city mayors ... read more

Improving Carbon Dioxide Storage Using Hospital Scanner

Apr. 20, 2016 — PET scanning is an effective tool for improved oil production and carbon dioxide storage, new research shows. PET scans are well known from the health service and the researchers were investigating ... read more

Apr. 14, 2016 — More than 700 million people worldwide have no running water. A new study shows that a tax on carbon dioxide could help remedy this situation while contributing considerably to climate ... read more

Apr. 14, 2016 — A series of seismic surveys for oil and gas planned for the mid- and southeastern Atlantic coastal areas of the United States pose a substantial threat to one of the world’s most endangered whale ... read more

Using Data to Protect Coral Reefs from Climate Change

Apr. 13, 2016 — Coral reefs are early casualties of climate change, but not every coral reacts the same way to the stress of ocean warming. Researchers have developed the first-ever quantitative 'global ... read more

Apr. 12, 2016 — Global carbon dioxide emissions are triggering permanent changes to ocean chemistry along the North American West Coast that require immediate, decisive action to combat. That action includes ... read more

Local Fires Reduce Rainfall in Dry Season in Southern Africa

Apr. 12, 2016 — Emissions of particles, in particular soot, from local fires in southern Africa have increased due to human activities. Along with increasing global carbon dioxide levels, these particles have led to ... read more

Apr. 8, 2016 — Longer monsoon seasons with increased daily rainfall, aspects of climate change, are contributing to reduced tea yield in regions of China, with implications for crop management and harvesting ... read more

Apr. 7, 2016 — While farm soil grows the world's food and fiber, scientists are examining ways to use it to sequester carbon and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. But here's the scientific dirt: Soil can ... read more

Reducing Food Waste Could Help Mitigate Climate Change

Apr. 7, 2016 — About a tenth of overall global greenhouse-gas emissions from agriculture could be traced back to food waste by mid-century, a new study shows. A team of researchers, for the first time, provides ... read more

Network Governance Connects People to Solve Collective Environmental Problems

Apr. 6, 2016 — Ecological systems, and ecological problems, are not nicely contained within neat human boundaries. 'Network governance' can help big, agency- and border-spanning conservation alliances ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — The world's soils could store an extra eight billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, helping to limit the impacts of climate change, research ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — Increasing temperatures will enlarge Europe's seasonal window for the potential spread of mosquito-borne viral disease, expanding the geographic areas at risk for a dengue epidemic to include ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — State renewables portfolio standards, known as RPS policies, have contributed to more than half of all renewable electricity growth in the United States since 2000. Most state RPS requirements will ... read more

Despite Being 'the Biggest Threat Facing Humanity' Climate Change and Its Impacts Fail to Make Headlines, Says Study

Apr. 6, 2016 — Even as 60 million people around the world face severe hunger because of El Niño and millions more because of climate change, top European and American media outlets are neglecting to cover the ... read more

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