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May 5, 2015

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May 5, 2015

Better Evidence Needed to Guide EU Efforts to Increase Hep B and C Testing

Apr. 25, 2015 — The apparent dearth of research on hepatitis B and C testing in many European countries could be hampering efforts to identify infected individuals, according to results from a comprehensive review ... read more

Sofosbuvir/daclatasvir Combination Effective Treatment for Difficult-to-Treat Hep C Patients

Apr. 25, 2015 — New results show that the sofosbuvir (SOF)/daclatasvir (DCV) treatment combination is effective amongst hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype-1 mono-infected patients. These results are significant ... read more

Alcohol Use Disorders Stronger Predictor of Mortality Than Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Apr. 25, 2015 — Scientists show that alcohol use disorders (AUD) have a serious, negative prognostic outcome with higher mortality risks in the general population and patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection ... read more

Sofosbuvir and Peginterferon/ribavirin Demonstrates Virologic Response Rates in G3 Hep C Patients

Apr. 25, 2015 — New results demonstrate that hepatitis C (HCV)-infected genotype-3 (GT-3) patients, with and without cirrhosis, receiving 24 weeks of sofosbuvir (SOF) in combination with ribavirin (RBV) and ... read more

Cancer Rates Among Patients With Hepatitis C Are Increased Compared to Those Not Infected

Apr. 24, 2015 — New results show that cancer rates in patients with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) were significantly increased compared to the non-HCV cohort. The researchers suggest an extrahepatic manifestation of ... read more

Alginate-Enriched Bread Shown to Reduce Fat Digestion and Absorption in Patients With NAFLD

Apr. 23, 2015 — Alginate-enriched bread has the potential to inhibit fat digestion and circulatory lipids in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver ... read more

Long-Term Therapy With ETV or TDF Demonstrates Positive 5-Year Survival in Patients With Chronic HBV

Apr. 23, 2015 — Data show that the long-term use of entecavir or tenofovir results in excellent five-year survival for Caucasian patients with chronic hepatitis B, with more than 95 percent of patients surviving at ... read more

Novel Immunotherapeutic, TG1050, Shows Early Signs of Potential for Chronic Hepatitis B Cure

Apr. 23, 2015 — A novel immunotherapeutic in early development for chronic hepatitis B , has been shown to reach the clinical goals that are considered to be the hallmarks of a cure for ... read more

Delaying Treatment for Hepatitis C Puts Patients' Lives at Risk

Apr. 23, 2015 — New data highlights the impact of delaying treatment for the hepatitis C virus. Researchers found that treatment delays have a serious detrimental effect on treatment efficacy, increasing the risk of ... read more

Pooled Analysis Confirms Vitamin E as a Treatment for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Apr. 23, 2015 — Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) is an effective treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), according to new research. NASH occurs when the liver becomes inflamed due to the accumulation of ... read more

Daclatasvir-Sofosbuvir Combination Highly Effective and Well Tolerated in Patients With Hepatitis C

Apr. 23, 2015 — Phase III results show that once-daily treatment with daclatasvir plus sofosbuvir resulted in an overall 97 percent sustained virologic response at 12 weeks post-treatment in patients with hepatitis ... read more

Finding Liver Cancer Early and Reversing Its Course

Apr. 21, 2015 — Liver cancer is often lethal in humans because it is diagnosed in late stages, but new work in animal models has identified a potential diagnostic biomarker of the disease and a potential way to ... read more

Mouth, as Well as Gut, Could Hold Key to Liver Disease Flare-Ups

Apr. 17, 2015 — In a recent study, researchers predicted which cirrhosis patients would suffer inflammations and require hospitalization by analyzing their saliva, revealing a new target for research into a disease ... read more

Apr. 16, 2015 — Researchers generated a mouse with dysfunctional telomeres in the liver; as a result, it developed cellular alterations present in human diseases such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. This study is the ... read more

Paternal Alcohol Problems, Death from Liver Disease, Signal Offspring Risk for Cirrhosis

Apr. 14, 2015 — While heavy drinking is known to lead to liver cirrhosis, not all heavy drinkers develop the disease. Variation in susceptibility may go beyond quantity of alcohol to also involve genetics, gender, ... read more

Standard Nursing Assessments Improve Ability to Predict Survival in Cirrhosis Patients

Apr. 8, 2015 — Standard assessments that nurses already use to care for patients can be mined for data that significantly improve the ability to predict survival following liver transplantation and may help improve ... read more

Allergy Drug Inhibits Hepatitis C in Mice

Apr. 8, 2015 — An over-the-counter drug indicated to treat allergy symptoms limited hepatitis C virus activity in infected mice, according to a study. The results suggest that the drug, chlorcyclizine HCl, ... read more

Liver Injury in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Leads to a Leaky Gut

Apr. 2, 2015 — Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the more severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that can progress to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, is associated with leakiness of the intestinal wall, ... read more

Computer Model Predicts How Our Livers Will Store Fat

Apr. 1, 2015 — As part of an effort to understand how an experimental drug for atherosclerosis causes the build-up of fat in the liver, scientists have developed a computer model that can predict how the rate at ... read more

Protein May Improve Liver Regeneration: GF21 Boosts Regenerative Ability in Mice Carrying Human PPAR Alpha Protein

Mar. 31, 2015 — Researchers have illuminated an important distinction between mice and humans: how human livers heal. The difference centers on a protein called PPAR alpha which activates liver ... read more

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