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November 25, 2015

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November 25, 2015

Late Effects of Treatment Study Continues Sustained Academic Effort in Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Nov. 18, 2015 — Early diagnosis, targeted therapeutics, and more personalized multimodal treatments have boosted survival rates of patients with cancer and have led to a large and rapidly increasing number of cancer ... read more

Studying Cancer DNA in Blood May Help Personalize Treatment in Liver Cancer

Nov. 2, 2015 — Fragments of cancer DNA circulating in a patient's bloodstream could help doctors deliver more personalized treatment for liver cancer, researchers report. The new research may help address a ... read more

New Treatment Targets Cancers With Particular Genetic Signature

Nov. 2, 2015 — Cancer cells with a mutated SETD2 gene were killed by a drug called AZD1775 that inhibits a protein called WEE1 in a recent study. It is well known that mutations drive cancer cell growth and ... read more

New Thyroid Cancer Gene Discovered

Oct. 29, 2015 — A new gene associated with Cowden syndrome, an inherited condition that carries high risks of thyroid, breast, and other cancers, and a subset of non-inherited thyroid cancers, has been discovered by ... read more

Targeted Therapy for Gastric Cancer Possible

Oct. 29, 2015 — Gastric cancer, otherwise known as stomach cancer, does not respond well to existing treatments and it is currently the third leading cause of cancer death in the world (after lung and liver cancer). ... read more

Scientists Deploy Data Analysis to Identify Subtypes of Common Disease

Oct. 29, 2015 — A large-scale network analysis uses electronic medical records, genotype data to reveal three patient subtypes of type 2 diabetes, report researchers, adding that this leads to a possibility for ... read more

Massive Screen of Drug Combinations May Find Treatment for Resistant, BRAF-Mutant Melanoma

Oct. 26, 2015 — A new combination of drugs has been discovered that may be effective against one of the deadliest cancers, malignant melanoma. The combination -- pairing a drug targeted against mutations in the BRAF ... read more

Lung Cancer Specialist Brings New Treatments, Hope to New Mexicans

Oct. 26, 2015 — This year, more than 158,000 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer. That's a staggering number: it's more than all the deaths expected from breast, prostate, colon, rectum, bladder ... read more

Toddler's Rare Disease Identified and Treated Using Precision Medicine

Oct. 22, 2015 — A 20-month-old girl suffering from a rare neurodegenerative disease was diagnosed by exome sequencing and successfully treated. The case, say researchers, exemplifies the potential of precision ... read more

Biologists Unravel Drug-Resistance Mechanism in Tumor Cells

Oct. 22, 2015 — Cancer biologists have discovered that targeting the RNA-binding protein that promotes drug-resistance could lead to better cancer ... read more

BRCA1 Expression in Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumors Predicts Patient Survival

Oct. 21, 2015 — Results of a new study are the first to show that breast cancer type 1 susceptibility gene (BRCA1) protein expression is an important predictive biomarker of overall survival in patients with ... read more

Blood Test Could Match Cancer Patients to Best Treatments

Oct. 15, 2015 — Scientists have developed a blood test that could help pair cancer patients with the most suitable therapy for their disease and then track the tumor's progress to see if the treatment is ... read more

Rare Variant Discovered Through Deep Whole-Genome Sequencing of 1,070 Japanese People

Oct. 14, 2015 — A research group has successfully constructed a Japanese population reference panel, from the genome information of 1,070 individuals. They have produced a basic analysis tool for the large-scale ... read more

Oct. 14, 2015 — A new study charts the 'genomic biography' of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, identifying gene mutations driving its growth, and tracing the shift in mutations as the disease progresses and ... read more

Genetic Variant Shown to Influence Women's Body Shape and Diabetes Risk

Oct. 10, 2015 — A genetic variant near the KLF14 gene regulates hundreds of genes that govern how and where women's bodies store fat, which affects their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to new ... read more

Researchers Gauge Heritability of Childhood-Onset Autoimmune Diseases

Oct. 9, 2015 — Scientists have calculated more precise measurements of heritability -- the influence of underlying genes -- in nine autoimmune diseases that begin in childhood. The research may strengthen ... read more

Breast Cancer Genomic Analysis Reveals Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Subtypes

Oct. 8, 2015 — Researchers analyzed hundreds of breast cancer samples to reveal genetic drivers of invasive lobular carcinoma, the second most commonly diagnosed invasive form of breast cancer. The work, the ... read more

'Chromosomal Chaos:' Complex Array of Mutations Found in Rare, Aggressive Leukemia

Oct. 7, 2015 — Sezary syndrome (SS), an aggressive leukemia of mature T cells, is more complicated at a molecular level than ever suspected. With a poor prognosis and limited options for targeted therapies, this ... read more

Researchers Develop Classification Model for Cancers Caused by Most Frequently Mutated Cancer Gene

Oct. 7, 2015 — Researchers have developed a classification for cancers caused by KRAS, the most frequently mutated gene in cancer, that could eventually help oncologists choose more effective, customized cancer ... read more

Studies Suggest New Ways to Inhibit Oncogenes, Enhance Tumor-Suppressor Activity

Oct. 6, 2015 — Two studies suggest new approaches for treating cancer by inhibiting overactive cancer-promoting genes and by enhancing the activity of sluggish tumor-suppressor ... read more

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