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Skin Care News

February 28, 2024

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A new technique for electro-spinning sponges has allowed scientists to directly produce 3D scaffolds -- on which skin grafts could be grown from the patient's own ...
Medical researchers have found a peptide which, when administered intravenously, homes in on the new blood vessels that are forming in damaged tissue. The peptide has been used as a delivery vehicle for therapeutics targeted at regenerating tissues. ...
A new study examines dermal injections and their impact on skin ...
A study has demonstrated that the appearance of ageing skin looks noticeably different compared to younger skin, when examined under polarized laser light. The scientists believe that their new finding could pave the way for new, non-invasive ...
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Skin-to-skin contact between parent and infant during the first hours after a very premature birth helps develop the child's social skills. The study also shows that fathers may play a more ...

Researchers have been working to better understand what drives melanoma brain metastasis. They now report on the identification of a cell signaling pathway that regulates the metastatic spread of ...

Scientists show for the first time that bacteria can cause itch by activating nerve cells in the skin. The findings can inform new therapies to treat itch that occurs in inflammatory skin conditions ...

Researchers have shown for the first time that hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells where it binds oxygen, is also present in the epidermis, our skin's outermost body tissue. The study ...

Researchers have discovered the key role of the extracellular environment in dictating the ability of mutated cells to induce cancer ...

Scientists have 3D-printed hair follicles in human skin tissue cultured in the lab. This marks the first time researchers have used the technology to generate hair follicles, which play an important ...

Measuring skin water loss during food allergy tests may help predict anaphylaxis and keep patients safe. The method aims to detect the life threatening reaction before epinephrine injections are ...

In a new study, scientists show that their synthetic melanin, mimicking the natural melanin in human skin, can be applied topically to injured skin, where it accelerates wound healing. These effects ...

Researchers have discovered a hidden mechanism within hair follicles that allow us to feel ...

Sunscreen usage is climbing, but so are melanoma and skin cancer rates: this, researchers say, is the sunscreen ...

Genetic analysis of psoriasis shows somatic mutations are not linked to the development or the spread of the ...

Researchers have pinpointed a particular peptide's role in activating atopic dermatitis, or eczema. The work could lead to more effective treatments for the ...

A team of researchers has engineered an innovative magnetic wound-healing gel that promises to heal diabetic wounds three times faster, reduce the rates of recurrence, and in turn, lower the ...

It can be a relief to scratch the occasional itch, but when itch gets out of control, it can become a serious health problem. How does the body know when to ...

A team found a way to deliver clear pictures of anyone's internal anatomy, no matter their skin ...

A research article presents a significant breakthrough in the area of skin regeneration and wound ...

A new study into sepsis in neonatal babies has uncovered the secrets of the bacteria’s success in causing this life-threatening condition. Using genomic sequencing, they have found how certain ...

Up to 15 percent of children and five percent of adults are affected by the chronic inflammatory skin disease atopic dermatitis. Despite advanced therapy measures, the severe itching and eczema, ...

Scrubbing behind the ears and between the toes may help keep the skin in those regions healthy, new research suggests. The microbiome, or the collection of microbes living on and in the human body, ...

Findings from a clinical trial has recommended methotrexate for children with severe atopic ...

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