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July 23, 2016

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July 23, 2016

July 13, 2016 — People with serious weight problems who are not interested in or candidates for bariatric surgery can turn to physician-supervised weight-loss programs go beyond diet and exercise to tackle obesity ... read more

Social Influence Can Prompt Healthier Eating Choices

July 12, 2016 — Researchers have found that exposure to social-based messages promoting healthy eating can increase consumption of fruit and vegetables and reduce consumption of high-calorie snacks. It has been ... read more

Policymakers Fall Short on Global Agreement to Reduce Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Kids

July 5, 2016 — While small steps have been taken by the global food and beverage industry to reduce the targeted marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages to children and teens, comprehensive measures to keep them ... read more

More Calories Consumed from Subsidized Food Commodities Linked to Cardiometabolic Risks

July 5, 2016 — Two related dietary studies and a commentary online examined whether an individual's consumption of food derived from subsidized food commodities was associated with cardiometabolic risks. The ... read more

July 5, 2016 — Convincing kids to choose vegetables becomes easier when you deploy a team of animated characters to sell them on the good stuff, new research has ... read more

Junk Food Advertising Is Too Tempting for Children

July 4, 2016 — Children describe junk food advertising as ‘tempting’ and ‘addictive’, and say they could ‘lick the screen’, according to a new study that talked to children in the United Kingdom aged ... read more

Weight-Loss Technologies Train the Brain to Resist Temptation

June 30, 2016 — Can a computer game train your brain to resist sweets? The game is designed to improve a person's "inhibitory control," the part of the brain that stops you from giving into unhealthy ... read more

June 30, 2016 — Fruit and vegetable availability is often assumed to be a purchase barrier, yet fruit and vegetable availability does not necessarily result in frequent purchases. Rather, in-store marketing of ... read more

Can Healthy Eating Reduce Diabetes Risk?

June 29, 2016 — A diet rich in vegetables and fruit may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to new research. The study identified a combination of foods that reduce biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative ... read more

Study Uses Diverse Sample to Examine Childhood Weight's Link to Age of First Substance Use

June 28, 2016 — Girls who were overweight as children are likely to begin using cigarettes, marijuana or alcohol at an earlier age than their healthy-weight peers, according to a new ... read more

June 24, 2016 — Parents, and especially fathers, play a vital role in developing healthy behaviors in young adults and helping to prevent obesity in their children. When it came to predicting whether a young male ... read more

For Women, Healthy Diets May Help With Mobility When Aging

June 22, 2016 — An association has been found between women who maintain a healthy diet and a reduction in the risk of developing impaired physical function as they age, researchers report at the conclusion of a ... read more

Is 'When We Eat' as Important as 'What We Eat'?

June 22, 2016 — In a review of research on the effect of meal patterns on health, the few studies available suggest that eating irregularly is linked to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, type ... read more

Mice Fed More Fiber Have Less Severe Food Allergies

June 21, 2016 — The development of food allergies in mice can be linked to what their gut bacteria are being fed, reports a new study. Rodents that received a diet with average calories, sugar, and fiber content had ... read more

June 21, 2016 — The adolescent years can be full of changes. A new study now suggests that when these years include prolonged periods of food insecurity coupled with harsh parenting practices, females are prone to ... read more

Children's Nutrition Influenced by Local Neighborhoods

June 21, 2016 — In an innovative study, researchers used GPS technology to provide evidence that adolescents' exposure to junk food outlets during trips to and from school affects their likelihood of making a ... read more

June 16, 2016 — A pregnant woman's high-fat, high-sugar diet may have consequences for later generations, a mouse study indicates. The study suggests that a woman's obesity can cause genetic abnormalities ... read more

June 15, 2016 — Drinking piping hot coffee, tea and the caffeine-infused beverage yerba mate probably causes cancer, the World Health Organization has ... read more

Healthy Plant-Based Diet Linked With Substantially Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk

June 14, 2016 — Consuming a plant-based diet -- especially one rich in high-quality plant foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes -- is linked with substantially lower risk of developing ... read more

What Do My Cravings Say About My Health?

June 14, 2016 — After a stressful day, it’s almost second nature to laze on the couch and drown our sorrows in a bowl of ice-cream or potato chips. Soon, we glance down and realize we’ve managed to consume the ... read more

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