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May 27, 2016

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May 27, 2016

Middle School Intervention Program Leads to Long-Term BMI Reduction for Obese Students

May 23, 2016 — A five-week obesity prevention program for seventh grade students in Southern California helped obese students lose weight over a long-term period. The average reduction in body mass index (BMI) ... read more

May 17, 2016 — Grocery stores and cafeterias successfully nudge selection of target foods, but can this same strategy be used to encourage food pantry clients to select target healthful foods? In a new study, ... read more

Neighborhoods With More Take-out Restaurants Amplify Social Inequalities in Unhealthy Eating and Obesity

May 11, 2016 — People who live or work near to a greater number of take-out outlets are more likely to eat more takeaway food and to be overweight, but new research indicates that neighborhoods that are saturated ... read more

Junk Food Causes Similar High Blood Sugar Levels as Type 2 Diabetes

May 10, 2016 — A junk food diet can cause as much damage to the kidney as diabetes, according to a study. In their study, researchers used animal models of diabetes and models of diet-induced obesity and insulin ... read more

Serious Video Games May Help Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake

May 9, 2016 — Using a serious video game, Squires Quest! II: Saving the Kingdom of Fivealot, researchers evaluated how creating implementation intentions (i.e., specific plans) within the goal-setting component in ... read more

Apples or Fries: When Apples Are the Default Side-Dish, Children Still Choose Fries

May 6, 2016 — There has been a lot of enthusiasm for nudging individuals to eat better without restricting choice by making healthy foods more visible, attractive, and convenient. One such effort is for ... read more

Can Believing You Are a Food Addict Affect Your Eating Behavior?

May 5, 2016 — Obesity is often attributed to an addiction to food and many people believe themselves to be "food addicts." However, until now no studies have looked at whether believing oneself to be a ... read more

Kids' Eating Habits Highlight Need for Healthier Lunchboxes

May 3, 2016 — New research shows children aged 9-10 years old are receiving almost half of their daily energy requirements from 'discretionary' or junk ... read more

Social Clubs Fill Gap in Dementia Support

May 3, 2016 — Community-based social groups could play a crucial role in empowering people with early-onset dementia, according to new research. The research focused on an independently run program known as ... read more

Teens With Allergies and Asthma: Start Prepping Now for Move to College

May 3, 2016 — Being in a new location with new risky behaviors can negatively impact your health and increase your risk for ingesting food allergens and exposure to allergy and asthma triggers. A new article ... read more

A Spoonful of Sugar? Swapping Sugary Drinks for Water and Dairy Seems the Best Medicine

Apr. 29, 2016 — New research may have an impact on the sugar tax debate. The research team observed overall changes in dietary patterns in overweight children, including a decrease in consumption of sugary drinks, ... read more

Junk-Food Junkies Go Healthy When Rewarded

Apr. 28, 2016 — According to new research, the most effective strategy for influencing such healthy food choices is not calorie counts and reduced prices, but rather more subtle incentives that reward healthy eating ... read more

Faith-Based Health Promotion Program Successful With Older Latinas

Apr. 27, 2016 — Abuelas en Accion, a faith-based program that connects healthy behaviors with lives of Catholic saints, successful at helping older Latinas eat healthier and exercise, say ... read more

'Grand Vision' to Regulate Allergies in Food

Apr. 27, 2016 — A new review of allergen analysis aims to improve the situation for those living with food allergies -- preventing food fraud and protecting consumers. Food allergies are a rapidly growing problem in ... read more

Food Allergies of Low-Income Kids Are Poorly Managed

Apr. 27, 2016 — Low-income families of children with food allergies spend 2.5 times more on emergency department and hospitalization costs nationally. They are less likely to see an allergist who would counsel them ... read more

Bored People Reach for the Chips

Apr. 27, 2016 — People crave fatty and sugary foods when they are ... read more

China Pays Price of Western Lifestyle With Soaring Childhood Obesity

Apr. 26, 2016 — Less than one percent of children were obese in 1985 compared to 17 percent of boys and 9 percent of girls in 2014, a study from China concludes. Boys may be more overweight than girls because of ... read more

Apr. 26, 2016 — Food scientists have discovered how to add carrot pomace -- the pulpy leftover from juicing the veggies -- to cornstarch, increasing the nutrition and 'puffiness' of snack ... read more

No Change Found in Antibody Levels Associated With Food Allergy

Apr. 25, 2016 — A new study using 5,000 stored blood samples found no increase in the presence of food-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) -- a blood marker associated with food allergy -- in children's blood ... read more

'Mediterranean' Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes in Heart Patients

Apr. 25, 2016 — A 'Mediterranean' diet, high in fruit, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods, is linked to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease, according to a ... read more

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