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May 23, 2017

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May 23, 2017

May 15, 2017 — The most extreme rain events in most regions of the world will increase in intensity by 3 to 15 percent, depending on region, for every degree Celsius that the planet warms, say ... read more

May 12, 2017 — Dramatic drops in oceanic oxygen, which cause mass extinctions of sea life, come to a natural end -- but it takes about a million ... read more

Some Forests Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight

May 11, 2017 — A new estimate of dryland forests suggests that the global forest cover is at least 9 percent higher than previously thought. The finding will help reduce uncertainties surrounding terrestrial carbon ... read more

May 11, 2017 — Glaciers around the world are disappearing before our eyes, and the implications for people are wide-ranging and troubling, a glacier expert concludes in a new ... read more

May 11, 2017 — As the oceans ebb and flow, the resulting waves and splashes form tiny bubbles.The bubbles burst and release a vapor -- called sea spray aerosol -- into the air. This aerosol scatters sunlight and is ... read more

Distance at Which Supernova Would Spark Mass Extinctions on Earth

May 11, 2017 — KU researcher Adrian Melott examines the effects of a supernova on Earth's biology in new research to appear in Astrophysical Journal. The KU researcher and colleagues argue the estimated ... read more

May 11, 2017 — The higher the seawater temperature in the tropical Pacific, the more likely ice breakup will occur in East Antarctica, according to ... read more

May 11, 2017 — By the second half of this century, rising air temperatures above the Weddell Sea could set off a self-amplifying meltwater feedback cycle under the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, ultimately causing the ... read more

Shelf Sediments Reveal Climate Shifts Through the Eons

May 10, 2017 — Climate change around Antarctica can severely affect Australia's rainfall and even influence the distribution of wet and dry zones across southeast Asia, an international study has ... read more

May 10, 2017 — The warming climate has dramatically reduced the size of 39 glaciers in Montana since 1966, some by as much as 85 percent. On average, the glaciers have reduced by 39 percent and only 26 glaciers are ... read more

May 10, 2017 — New research by chemist has shed new light on ice crystal formation by combining an electron backscatter with a large single crystal ice model. Scientists discovered that an ice crystal's flat ... read more

May 10, 2017 — African lions are under the same threats extinct sabre-toothed tigers ... read more

Climate Change Could Increase ER Visits for Allergy-Related Asthma

May 10, 2017 — More children could wind up in hospital emergency rooms suffering from allergy-induced asthma if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and cause longer oak pollen seasons, according to a new ... read more

May 10, 2017 — A warming climate could affect the stability of alpine grasslands in Asia's Tibetan Plateau, threatening the ability of farmers and herders to maintain the animals that are key to their ... read more

May 10, 2017 — New research in Brazil has found that rivers in the Amazon emit far more carbon dioxide (CO2) than previously estimated, suggesting that the Amazon Basin is closer to net carbon neutral. The results ... read more

May 9, 2017 — Beavers, high elevation streams, and oyster reefs are just three of the weapons in the fight against climate change discussed in 14 Solutions to Problems Climate Change Poses for ... read more

May 9, 2017 — The movement of the dentex, a fish living in rocky sea floors and marine lands in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is influenced by the changes in ocean temperatures, according to a study carried ... read more

Oversized Landforms Discovered Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet

May 9, 2017 — Scientists have now discovered an active hydrological system of water conduits and sediment ridges below the Antarctic ice ... read more

May 9, 2017 — It is becoming more and more appreciated that a major part of the biologic activity is not going on at the ground surface, but is hidden underneath the soil down to depths of several kilometres in an ... read more

May 9, 2017 — One of the robust features of global warming under increasing greenhouse gas concentrations is that different places warm at different paces. It turns out that the fast warming in each region has its ... read more

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