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May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015

Apr. 23, 2015 — A genetic mystery that has afflicted three unrelated families plagued by congenital eye malformations has now been solved by researchers. By mapping and sequencing family DNA, the research team found ... read more

Pooled Analysis Confirms Vitamin E as a Treatment for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Apr. 23, 2015 — Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) is an effective treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), according to new research. NASH occurs when the liver becomes inflamed due to the accumulation of ... read more

Team Succeeds in Doubling Life Span of Mice Suffering from Premature Aging

Apr. 1, 2015 — An increase in the capacity to produce nucleotides, the 'building blocks' of DNA, reduces genome fragility and counteracts premature aging in mutant mice for the ATR protein. The ... read more

Vitamin D Can Affect Pain, Movement in Obese Osteoarthritis Patients

Mar. 30, 2015 — If you are overweight and have osteoarthritis, you may want to bone up on vitamin D. According to a new study, higher levels of vitamin D may decrease pain and improve function in obese individuals ... read more

Low Vitamin D Linked to Worse Prognosis in Type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Mar. 30, 2015 — People with lower vitamin D levels prior to treatment for follicular lymphoma succumb to the disease or face relapse earlier than patients with sufficient vitamin D levels in their blood, a new study ... read more

Eating Green Leafy Vegetables Keeps Mental Abilities Sharp

Mar. 30, 2015 — Something as easy as adding more spinach, kale, collards and mustard greens to your diet could help slow cognitive decline, according to new research. The study also examined the nutrients ... read more

Natural Extract Shows Promise for Preventing Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Mar. 29, 2015 — In a new study, the extract from rosehips — the fruit of the rose plant — significantly reduced the growth and migration of cells from a type of breast cancer known as triple negative. This ... read more

Consuming Eggs With Raw Vegetables Increases Nutritive Value

Mar. 29, 2015 — There is burgeoning research showing that co-consuming cooked whole eggs with your veggies can increase carotenoids absorption. With the recent scientific report from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines ... read more

Hip Fracture Patients in Long-Term Care Are Less Likely to Receive Osteoporosis Therapy

Mar. 29, 2015 — Canadian researchers calculated the proportion of high-risk residents of long-term care homes receiving osteoporosis medications and vitamin D supplementation according to specific high-risk ... read more

Mar. 27, 2015 — A new study found that more than one-third of elite, Division I college athletes may have low levels of vitamin D, which is critical in helping the body to absorb calcium needed to maintain bone ... read more

Are Our Schools Damaging Children's Eyes?

Mar. 24, 2015 — Shockingly, research has shown a dramatic increase in the number of students leaving secondary school with short-sightedness, or myopia, and a new study suggests lighting in schools could be a ... read more

Metformin, Vitamin D3 Show Impressive Promise in Preventing Colorectal Cancer

Mar. 23, 2015 — The concept was simple: if two compounds each individually show promise in preventing colon cancer, surely it's worth trying the two together to see if even greater impact is possible. Not only ... read more

Cerebellar Ataxia Can't Be Cured, but Some Cases Can Be Treated

Mar. 23, 2015 — No cures are possible for most patients who suffer debilitating movement disorders called cerebellar ataxias. But in a few of these disorders, patients can be effectively treated with regimens such ... read more

Neither Vitamin D nor Exercise Affected Fall Rates Among Older Women in Finland

Mar. 23, 2015 — In a clinical trial that explored the effectiveness of exercise training and vitamin D supplementation for reducing falls in older women, neither intervention affected the overall rate of falls, ... read more

Vitamin D May Keep Low-Grade Prostate Cancer from Becoming Aggressive

Mar. 22, 2015 — Taking vitamin D supplements could slow or even reverse the progression of less aggressive, or low-grade, prostate tumors without the need for surgery or radiation, scientists ... read more

Vitamin D Helps Immune Cells Prevent Atherosclerosis, Diabetes

Mar. 19, 2015 — Altered signaling through the vitamin D receptor on certain immune cells may play a role in causing the chronic inflammation that leads to cardiometabolic disease, the combination of type 2 diabetes ... read more

Mar. 19, 2015 — Vitamin D deficiency is linked to type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and both disorders are rooted in chronic inflammation. Now, studying mice that lack the ability to process vitamin D in immune ... read more

Excessive Vitamin Intake in Pregnant Rats Impacts Food Choices in Offspring

Mar. 19, 2015 — A rat model has been used to see how maternal intake of above-requirement vitamins (A, D, E, and K) impact offspring's brain development and behavior. During pregnancy many women consume better ... read more

Mar. 18, 2015 — There is a relationship between low levels of vitamin D and depression in otherwise healthy young women, a new study ... read more

Vitamin D May Help Prevent, Treat Diseases Associated With Aging

Mar. 17, 2015 — Vitamin D may play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging, according to researchers. Researchers reviewed evidence that suggests an association between vitamin ... read more

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