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October 9, 2015

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October 9, 2015

Lung Cancer Screening Programs Do Not Increase Rates of Unnecessary Surgeries

Oct. 1, 2015 — Lung cancer screening programs that utilize standardized reporting and include cardiothoracic surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team can successfully be adopted into clinical practice without ... read more

What Is the Cost of Lung Cancer in Germany?

Oct. 1, 2015 — With more than 50,000 newly diagnosed cases each year, lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Germany. As yet, however, very few statistics are available on the care situation of ... read more

Doctors Often Overtreat With Radiation in Late-Stage Lung Cancer

Sep. 30, 2015 — Almost half of patients with advanced lung cancer receive more than the recommended number of radiation treatments to reduce their pain, according to a new study. Radiation therapy that is ... read more

First UK Biobank Genetic Study Reveals New Links Between Lung Disease and Smoking Behavior

Sep. 28, 2015 — Smokers who survive their habit into old age may hold the key to better lung health for all, according to a study. The new discoveries may one day help scientists develop better treatments for ... read more

Immunotherapy Superior to Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer in International Trial

Sep. 28, 2015 — "Game-changing results” have been announced by a team of scientists using the immunotherapy drug nivolumab to treat certain lung cancers that failed to respond to first-line ... read more

Workplace Exposure to Metalworking Fluid May Cause Irreversible Lung Disease

Sep. 28, 2015 — Occupational exposure to fluid commonly used in metal machining operations may be related to a rare, irreversible lung disease, according to new ... read more

Atezolizumab Set to Change Refractory Lung Cancer Treatment

Sep. 27, 2015 — Atezolizumab is set to substantially change treatment strategies for patients with refractory lung cancer, according to new ... read more

Results of International Trial Show Promise in Rare, Difficult to Treat Cancer: Results from the RADIANT-4 Trial

Sep. 27, 2015 — An international team of researchers has shown that the use of the mTOR inhibitor, everolimus, can delay tumour growth among both gastrointestinal and lung neuroendocrine tumours. This is ... read more

Infections in Childhood Could Provide Clues to Disease Development in Later Life

Sep. 27, 2015 — The interaction between infections and the microbiota during infancy in the lungs could help provide clues to disease development later in life, according to the findings of a new ... read more

Differences Found Between Smokers and Non-Smokers Who Develop Lung Cancer

Sep. 27, 2015 — Tobacco smoke is known to be the main risk factor for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), although non-smokers can get it too. The incidence among non-smokers is increasing in many countries. Now a ... read more

Everolimus Improves Progression-Free Survival for Patients With Advanced, Nonfuctional Neuroendocrine Tumors

Sep. 27, 2015 — In an international Phase III randomized study, everolimus, an inhibitor of the mammalian target of rapamycin, has shown to dramatically improve progression-free survival for patients with advanced, ... read more

Lung Cancer Survival Rates Improve With CT Scan Follow-Up

Sep. 27, 2015 — Patients with recurrent lung cancer have better post-surgery survival rates if their management includes a follow-up program based on computer tomography of the chest, according to new ... read more

COPD Heightens Deadly Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers

Sep. 26, 2015 — Smokers who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder may face nearly twice the risk of getting small cell lung cancer -- the deadliest form of lung cancer -- than smokers who don't have COPD, ... read more

Guideline Released on Minimally Invasive Procedure, EBUS-TBNA, to Diagnose Lung Diseases

Sep. 24, 2015 — New clinical guidelines on endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)-guided transbronchial needle aspiration have been released. The guideline, which applies to a common bronchoscopic test, contains 12 ... read more

Scientists Identify DNA Alterations as Among Earliest to Occur in Lung Cancer Development

Sep. 21, 2015 — Working with tissue, blood and DNA from six people with precancerous and cancerous lung lesions, a team of scientists has identified what it believes are among the very earliest ... read more

New Nebulizer Set to Replace the Need for Jabs

Sep. 18, 2015 — A revolutionary nebulizer could one day deliver life-saving cancer drugs and vaccines traditionally given by injection. Cheap, light-weight and portable, the advanced nebuliser delivers precise drug ... read more

COPD Sufferers Prescribed Most Sedatives

Sep. 17, 2015 — Norwegian COPD sufferers are prescribed even more sedatives than psychiatric patients, new research reveals. The researchers behind the study believe that this is problematic because the drugs in ... read more

Cancer Remains Leading Cause of Death in U.S. Hispanics, Report Shows

Sep. 16, 2015 — While cancer is the second leading cause of death overall in the United States, it remains the leading cause of death among US Hispanics, according to a new ... read more

What Happens on the Molecular Level When Smog Gets Into the Lungs?

Sep. 16, 2015 — Coughing. A sore throat. Maybe a pain in your chest as you take a deep breath. These are all common symptoms for many city-living people when smog levels are high. And while it is well understood ... read more

Sep. 14, 2015 — A new technique to recondition poorly functioning lungs and remove donor white blood cells has been used by researchers in an attempt to increase the number of lungs available for transplant, and at ... read more

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