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June 30, 2015

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June 30, 2015

Graphic Novella Could Help Prevent Hearing Loss in Spanish-Speaking Agricultural Workers

June 18, 2015 — In the Mountain West region, noise-induced hearing loss is common among Spanish-speaking agricultural workers due to their proximity to noise produced by heavy farm equipment and livestock, according ... read more

Gene Modulation Method May Provide Insight on Regrowing Inner-Ear Sensory Hair Cells

June 11, 2015 — An expert in the biology and physiology of the inner ear has developed a method to temporally modify the expression of the retinoblastoma-1 gene in mice. Modulation of the RB1 gene can allow for the ... read more

Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Effective, Study Suggests

June 10, 2015 — A study supports findings that costs of spinal cord stimulation implants are recouped due to decreased demands for medical treatment in chronic pain ... read more

Study Links Brain Inflammation Triggered by Chronic Pain to Anxiety and Depression

June 9, 2015 — Brain inflammation caused by chronic nerve pain alters activity in regions that regulate mood and motivation, suggesting for the first time that a direct biophysical link exists between long-term ... read more

Current BMI Tests Underestimate Obesity in Teens With Disabilities

June 9, 2015 — New approaches, based on body mass index (BMI) or other simple measures, are needed to improve assessment of obesity in adolescents with physical disabilities, report experts. Obesity is a major ... read more

Control System Shows Potential for Improving Function of Powered Prosthetic Leg

June 9, 2015 — A control system that incorporated electrical signals generated during muscle contractions and gait information resulted in improved real-time control of a powered prosthetic leg for different modes ... read more

Overall Rate of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Remains Stable in U.S.

June 9, 2015 — Between 1993 and 2012, the incidence rate of acute traumatic spinal cord injury remained relatively stable in the U.S., although there was an increase among older adults, mostly associated with an ... read more

Recovery of Sensory Function by Stem Cell Transplants

June 8, 2015 — New research shows promising progress in the use of stem cells for treatment of spinal cord injury. The results show that human stem cells that are transplanted to the injured spinal cord contribute ... read more

As Death Rates Drop, Nonfatal Diseases and Injuries Take a Bigger Toll on Health Globally

June 8, 2015 — People across the world are living longer but spending more time in ill health as rates of nonfatal diseases and injuries -- including diabetes and hearing loss -- decline more slowly than death ... read more

New Data on Botulinum Toxin as Treatment for Nerve Pain

June 5, 2015 — Botulinum toxin could offer an effective new treatment for two forms of neuropathy—pain caused by different types of nerve injury, according to an experimental ... read more

Drug-Induced Tissue Regeneration Demonstrated by Scientists

June 3, 2015 — A primordial form of energy production that still exists in mammals can be harnessed to achieve spontaneous tissue regeneration in mice, without the need for added stem cells, a scientist has ... read more

Compensatory Rehabilitation Limits Motor Recovery After Stroke

June 2, 2015 — Relying on the better-functioning side of the body after a stroke can cause brain changes that hinder rehabilitation of the impaired side, according to an animal study. Strokes that occur in one ... read more

June 2, 2015 — A team of investigators has made the first steps towards development of bioartificial replacement limbs suitable for transplantation. In their report, the researchers describe using an experimental ... read more

June 1, 2015 — Hearing-impaired people face a challenge at the theater or cinema. New technology promises a remedy integrated into two apps that allow the hearing impaired to adjust the sound to match their ... read more

High Cost of Healthcare for UK Military Amputees from Afghan Conflict

May 31, 2015 — Researchers have calculated that £288 million is the cost of lifetime care for amputee veterans from the Afghanistan ... read more

Altered Pain Processing in Patients With Cognitive Impairment

May 29, 2015 — People with dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment (CI) have altered responses to pain, with many conditions associated with increased pain sensitivity, concludes a new research ... read more

Prosthetic Hands With a Sense of Touch? 'Sensory Feedback' from Artificial Limbs

May 29, 2015 — Researchers are exploring new approaches to designing prosthetic hands capable of providing "sensory feedback." New advances have been made toward developing prostheses with a sense of ... read more

Nearly One in Seven Hispanic/Latino Adults Has Some Hearing Loss

May 28, 2015 — In the largest study to date of hearing loss among Hispanic/Latino adults in the United States, researchers have found that nearly one in seven has hearing loss, a number similar to the general ... read more

May 26, 2015 — A unique, high performance foam has been developed that can be used to make safer athletic gear and medical equipment, among other things. The developers anticipate an immediate benefit to the ... read more

New Findings About Mechanisms Underlying Chronic Pain Reveal Novel Therapeutic Strategies

May 26, 2015 — A critical role for a class of cells present in the brain and spinal cord, called microglia, has been discovered for those in pain. Researchers have found microglia to neuron signaling to be crucial ... read more

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