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June 30, 2015

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June 30, 2015

Bright Light After Night Shift May Enhance Alertness and Cognitive Performance

June 11, 2015 — Bright light at the end of a night shift may have potential as a countermeasure to improve driving performance, particularly for low light work environments and commutes that occur before dawn, a new ... read more

Twitter Data May Help Shed Light on Sleep Disorders

June 11, 2015 — Researchers have built the beginnings of 'digital phenotype' of insomnia and other sleep disorders based on data from ... read more

Sleep Duration, Quality May Impact Cancer Survival Rate

June 10, 2015 — Pre-diagnostic short sleep duration and frequent snoring were associated with significantly poorer cancer-specific survival, particularly among women with breast cancer, new research ... read more

Partial Sleep Deprivation Linked to Biological Aging in Older Adults

June 10, 2015 — One night of partial sleep deprivation promotes biological aging in older adults, a new study suggests. One night of partial sleep deprivation activates gene expression patterns in peripheral blood ... read more

Mean Light Timing May Influence Body Mass Index, Body Fat

June 9, 2015 — The timing of exposure to moderate levels of light may influence body mass index and body fat, a new study suggests. Results show that people with more exposure to moderate or higher intensity light ... read more

Insomnia Leads to Decreased Empathy in Health Care Workers

June 9, 2015 — Insomnia decreases empathy in health care workers and may lead to adverse clinical outcomes and medical errors, a new study suggests. Results show that subjects with an Insomnia Severity Index ISI of ... read more

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Reduced Resilience Among Veterans

June 8, 2015 — Poor sleep quality is associated with reduced resilience among veterans and returning military personnel, a new study suggests. Findings suggest that appraisal of sleep quality may contribute to ... read more

People at Risk of Hoarding Disorder May Have Serious Complaints About Sleep

June 8, 2015 — A new study suggests that those at risk of hoarding disorder may have serious complaints about sleep. Results show that participants at risk of hoarding disorder scored significantly higher on the ... read more

Children With TBI Have Poorer Sleep Quality, More Daytime Sleepiness

June 8, 2015 — Children with traumatic brain injuries have poorer sleep and more daytime sleepiness in comparison to healthy children, new research confirms. The children with TBI also had impaired emotional, ... read more

Study Links Lower Life Satisfaction to Sleep Problems During Midlife

June 8, 2015 — Lower life satisfaction is linked to sleep problems during midlife, a new study suggests. Sleep onset delay among those with low life satisfaction could be the result of worry and anxiety, as ... read more

Study Links Severe Restless Legs Syndrome to Increased Risk of Stroke

June 8, 2015 — Increased restless legs syndrome severity is associated with subsequent increased risk of stroke, researchers report. The study group comprised 72,916 female registered nurses ages 41-58 years in ... read more

Babies Who Can Resettle Are More Likely to 'Sleep Through the Night'

June 5, 2015 — Young infants who can 'resettle' themselves after waking up are more likely to sleep for prolonged periods at night, according to a video study. The researchers also looked for times when ... read more

Eating Less During Late Night Hours May Stave Off Some Effects of Sleep Deprivation

June 4, 2015 — Eating less late at night may help curb the concentration and alertness deficits that accompany sleep deprivation, according to results of a new ... read more

June 4, 2015 — After a concussion, a person can be left with disturbed sleep, memory deficits and other cognitive problems for years, but a new study suggests that despite these abnormalities, sleep still helps ... read more

June 4, 2015 — Rev-erb? is a transcription factor that regulates a cell's internal clock and a new study describes how it regulates the clock in most cells in the body and metabolic genes in the liver in ... read more

Study Maps Types of Physical Activity Associated With Better Sleep

June 4, 2015 — Physical activities, such as walking, as well as aerobics/calisthenics, running, weight-lifting, and yoga/Pilates are associated with better sleep habits, compared to no activity, according to a new ... read more

Scientists Discover a Protein That Silences the Biological Clock

June 2, 2015 — A new study has found that a protein associated with cancer cells is a powerful suppressor of the biological clock that drives the daily ('circadian') rhythms of cells throughout the body. ... read more

June 1, 2015 — Sleep may be a missing piece of the Alzheimer's puzzle. The toxic protein that is the hallmark of Alzheimer's disease blocks the deepest stages of sleep, resulting in memory decline, ... read more

The Less You Sleep, the More You Eat

June 1, 2015 — Factors influencing food intake have, and continue to be, a hotly contested subject. A new paper suggests that disrupted sleep could be one factor contributing to excessive food intake and thus ... read more

June 1, 2015 — In the first ever study to attempt to treat insomnia in the acute phase -- before it becomes chronic -- researchers found that almost three-quarters of participants saw improvements in the quality of ... read more

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