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May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015

May 6, 2015 — Diagnosing a heart attack can require multiple tests using expensive equipment. But not everyone has access to such techniques, especially in remote or low-income areas. Now scientists have developed ... read more

Shedding Light on Rods: Novel Technique to Investigate the Activity of These Retinal Cells

May 5, 2015 — By using 'unusual' optic fibres in a novel fashion, an international team of researchers scrutinized the response to light of rods, the light-sensitive cells of the retina, and demonstrated ... read more

Gene Therapy Efficacy for Leber Congenital Amaurosis Is Dynamic: Improvement Is Followed by Decline in Vision

May 3, 2015 — Gene therapy for Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), an inherited disorder that causes loss of night- and day-vision starting in childhood, improved patients’ eyesight within weeks of treatment in a ... read more

Identifying Speech, Hearing Problems Early May Prevent Future Losses

May 1, 2015 — Experts share tips and tools that identify and prevent speech, voice, and hearing impairments. Such impairments affect 43 million Americans, they say, noting how important it is to diagnose these ... read more

Apr. 23, 2015 — A genetic mystery that has afflicted three unrelated families plagued by congenital eye malformations has now been solved by researchers. By mapping and sequencing family DNA, the research team found ... read more

Apr. 21, 2015 — Blocking another protein, Slit2, prevents the pathological blood vessel development that causes blindness diseases, a team of Inserm researchers has demonstrated in an animal model. Vasoproliferative ... read more

New Technology May Improve Management of Leading Causes of Blindness

Apr. 20, 2015 — New technology can improve the clinical management of the leading causes of blindness, researchers say. Optical coherence tomography angiography could largely replace current dye-based angiography in ... read more

Apr. 16, 2015 — Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death and morbidity in older adults, especially those with a chronic eye disease such as glaucoma. To investigate this problem, a multidisciplinary group ... read more

Novel Neurodegenerative Disease and Gene Identified With the Help of 'Man's Best Friend'

Apr. 16, 2015 — A breakthrough study performed with veterinary neurologists and neuropathologists has identified a gene mutation that causes a novel type of neurodegenerative disease in dogs. The results of the ... read more

Unnecessary Preoperative Testing Still Done on Cataract Patients

Apr. 15, 2015 — Although routine preoperative testing is not indicated for patients undergoing cataract surgery, researchers have found that it is still a common occurrence and is driven primarily by provider ... read more

Man With Restored Sight Provides New Insight Into How Vision Develops

Apr. 15, 2015 — Fifteen years after California entrepreneur and downhill ski champion Mike May underwent a pioneering stem cell procedure, researchers investigate how functional his vision is. "With ... read more

Vision: New Technique Reduces Halo Effect Caused by Lenses

Apr. 15, 2015 — Scientists have developed a new technique that significantly reduces the halo effect that is generated when using multifocal (contact and intra-ocular) lenses and looking at bright point sources in ... read more

Experimental Drug May Repair Nerve Damage in Multiple Sclerosis

Apr. 14, 2015 — A new study suggests that an investigational drug for multiple sclerosis (MS) may repair myelin, the fatty material that protects nerves and is damaged in MS, according to a new ... read more

Healthcare Professionals Must Recognize Importance of Human Rights to Improve Healthcare for Women, Experts Say

Apr. 14, 2015 — Women's human rights need to be addressed globally in order to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, says an ... read more

Stem Cell Injection May Soon Reverse Vision Loss Caused by Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Apr. 14, 2015 — An injection of stem cells into the eye may soon slow or reverse the effects of early-stage age-related macular degeneration, according to new research. Currently, there is no treatment that slows ... read more

Advancements in Retinal Detachment Research Pave the Road to Better Visual Recovery

Apr. 14, 2015 — Age, disease and even playing certain sports like basketball can increase a person’s risk of developing a detached retina. While surgery is typically used to treat the condition, subsequent ... read more

Open-Angle Glaucoma: Poor Data for the Fixed Combination Tafluprost/timolol

Apr. 7, 2015 — Research that focused on open-angle glaucoma provided study results that are uncertain, claiming that information on important outcomes is lacking. As such, no added benefit can be determined for the ... read more

Apr. 7, 2015 — Impaired vision is one of the most common consequences of a stroke. In rare cases, patients may even lose their ability to perceive depth. Such patients see the world around them as flat, like a ... read more

Malignant Melanoma: Pensioners Seven Times More Likely to Get Deadly Skin Cancer Than 40 Years Ago

Apr. 6, 2015 — Pensioners are seven times more likely to get malignant melanoma than 40 years ago, a study confirms. While age is one of the biggest risk factors for melanoma the huge increase in pensioners being ... read more

One Test Can Predict Which Kids Will Become Nearsighted

Apr. 2, 2015 — A study of 4,500 U.S. children over 20 years has identified a single test that can predict which kids will become nearsighted by the eighth grade: a measure of their current refractive error. The ... read more

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