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July 29, 2015

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July 29, 2015

Anti-Inflammatory Drug Acts Against Ovarian Cancer, Scientists Find

July 28, 2015 — A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) called ketorolac helped women with ovarian cancer to survive longer, researchers report. Ketorolac, marketed as Toradol®, is approved for clinical use ... read more

Scientists Solve Breast, Ovarian Cancer Genetic Mystery

July 16, 2015 — Scientists have solved a decades-old mystery and helped to unravel the genetic cause of some breast and ovarian cancers, according to new research. Following a five-year study in nematode worms, ... read more

Scientists Map out the Odds of Recurrence of Breast Cancer in Individual Patients

July 16, 2015 — Scientists have developed system that maps out the odds of recurrence of breast cancer in individual patients. On the basis of information about the patient, the original tumor and the treatment ... read more

July 15, 2015 — A new discovery has potential to help brain and breast cancer patients, scientists suggest. The researchers examined compounds that inhibit Stat3, a protein implicated in a variety of cancers that ... read more

Breast Cancer Survivors Gain Weight at a Higher Rate Than Their Cancer-Free Peers

July 15, 2015 — Breast cancer survivors with a family history of the disease, including those who carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, gained more weight over the course of four years than cancer-free women -- ... read more

July 14, 2015 — Researchers have found that certain types of weight-lifting and jumping exercises, when completed for at least six months, improve bone density in active, healthy, middle-aged men with low bone mass. ... read more

Dietary Intervention Primes Triple-Negative Breast Cancer for Targeted Therapy

July 14, 2015 — A diet that starves triple-negative breast cancer cells of an essential nutrient primes the cancer cells to be more easily killed by a targeted antibody treatment, scientists ... read more

Anti-Stress Hormone May Provide Indication of Breast Cancer Risk

July 14, 2015 — A new study shows that women with low levels of an anti-stress hormone have an increased risk of getting breast cancer. The study is the first of its kind on humans and confirms previous similar ... read more

Leisure Time Sitting Linked to Higher Risk of Specific Cancers

July 13, 2015 — Spending more leisure time sitting was associated with a higher risk of total cancer risk in women, and specifically with multiple myeloma, breast, and ovarian cancers, according a new ... read more

Kidney, Bladder Stones Do Not Increase Postmenopausal Women's Risk of Osteoporosis

July 13, 2015 — Postmenopausal women with kidney or bladder stones are not at increased risk for osteoporosis, but they do have about a 15 percent increased risk of another painful stone, physician-scientists ... read more

July 10, 2015 — A radioactive agent developed in the 1960s to detect bone cancer can be re-purposed to highlight the build-up of unstable calcium deposits in arteries, a process that can cause heart attack and ... read more

New Guideline Puts Emphasis on Patient Care in Treating Hypoparathyroidism

July 10, 2015 — Patients with low levels of calcium and parathyroid hormone in their blood should be investigated for chronic hypoparathyroidism to optimize their treatment, according to a new ... read more

MRI, Near Infrared Spectral Tomography Increases Specificity in Breast Cancer Imaging

July 9, 2015 — Breast MRI is the most sensitive imaging technique for cancer surveillance and is recommended for screening in women with elevated risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast MRI generates many ... read more

Treating Breast Cancer With Progesterone Could Aid Survival

July 8, 2015 — A special technique where breast cancer cells are “rescued” for research has been developed by researchers. Coupled with advanced scientific technologies, this has provided a unique insight into ... read more

Breast Cancer Routinely Overdiagnosed in Norway

July 7, 2015 — For every life saved by Norway's Breast Cancer Screening Programme, five women are over-diagnosed, and have to go through an operation to remove a tumour that otherwise never would have caused ... read more

Simple Heart Scan May Help Identify Patients at Risk for Premature Death

July 6, 2015 — Coronary artery calcification scans could help physicians identify patients at risk for premature death, a new study proposes. CAC is an x-ray test that looks for specks of calcium in the walls of ... read more

Heart Attack Treatment Hypothesis 'Busted'

July 6, 2015 — Researchers have long had reason to hope that blocking the flow of calcium into the mitochondria of heart and brain cells could be one way to prevent damage caused by heart attacks and strokes. But ... read more

Detecting More Small Cancers in Screening Mammography Suggests Overdiagnosis

July 6, 2015 — Screening mammography was associated with increased diagnosis of small cancers in a study across U.S. counties but not with significant changes in breast cancer deaths or a decreased incidence of ... read more

Cardiovascular Disease in Females: New Perspectives on Lifelong Risks

July 2, 2015 — While heart disease is the number one cause of death in both sexes, it poses special considerations in women—with risks often beginning in childhood and changing at different stages of ... read more

July 1, 2015 — Menopausal women had a lower risk of dying from heart attack than men, new research shows. However, the advantage was not as great between black women and ... read more

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