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September 25, 2016

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September 25, 2016

Researcher Finds Gene That Reduces Female Mosquitoes

Sep. 22, 2016 — Placing a particular Y chromosome gene on the autosomes of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes — a species responsible for transmitting malaria — killed off 100 percent of all female embryos that ... read more

New Insights Into Potent Cancer Tumor Suppressor Gene

Sep. 22, 2016 — TP53 is one of the most potent genes in the human genome at preventing cancer and hence is termed a tumor suppressor gene, explain researchers. The TP53 gene has even greater anti-cancer activity ... read more

Biological 'Dark Matter' Molecule Plays Surprise Role in Heart Failure

Sep. 21, 2016 — A molecule that appears to play a key role in the development of heart failure has been discovered by researchers. The scientists found that blocking the molecule, known as chaer, in animal studies ... read more

Unexpected Cause of Mutation in Cancer Identified

Sep. 21, 2016 — Researchers looking for a missing cause of a common type of mutation in breast cancer cells have uncovered the biochemical culprit and found that it may also be a general source of mutation in other ... read more

Importance of Breast Milk Gene for Toddler Gut Bacteria

Sep. 21, 2016 — A genetic variation affecting the composition of a mother's breast milk could have a lasting impact on the gut health of her child. Researchers report that children aged two to three had lower ... read more

Shedding Light on the Mutational Landscape of the Most Common Pediatric Cancer

Sep. 21, 2016 — Genomic alterations have been discovered in pediatric relapsed ALL that cause both therapy resistance and improved clinical response to multi-agent chemotherapy ... read more

Sep. 21, 2016 — You might be able to blame your genes for weighing more and increasing your risk of obesity, but you can no longer blame your genes for failing to lose weight, a comprehensive study has ... read more

Sep. 21, 2016 — A study of hundreds of new genomes from across the globe has yielded insights into modern genetic diversity and ancient population dynamics, including compelling evidence that essentially all ... read more

Common Genetic Variant Regulates the Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Sep. 21, 2016 — A new study revealed that a common genetic variant in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene reduces the neurobiological benefits induced by physical exercise in ... read more

Sep. 21, 2016 — A new gene therapy technique being developed is showing promise as a way to prevent breast cancer tumors from metastasizing. The treatment uses microRNAs -- small noncoding RNA molecules that ... read more

Sep. 21, 2016 — Gene therapy is a kind of experimental treatment that is designed to fix faulty genetic material and help a patient fight off or recover from a disease. Now scientists have engineered the ... read more

Sep. 21, 2016 — Everybody knows the burning sensation in the legs when climbing down a steep slope for a long time. It is caused by microruptures in the cell membrane of our muscle fibers. These holes in the cell ... read more

A Protein in Mosquito Spit Can Keep Dengue Virus in Check

Sep. 20, 2016 — Mosquito saliva influences transmission of viruses to a bitten mammalian host. For example, it contains factors that dampen the host immune response and so facilitate infection. A study reports on a ... read more

Sep. 20, 2016 — Genetic testing of mitochondrial DNA could reveal otherwise unknown ancestry that can influence a person's risk for certain types of breast cancer, a new study ... read more

Trial Offers Hope of a Treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Sep. 20, 2016 — Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a leading genetic cause of child death. Existing proposed treatments require injection direct into the spine, a barrier to widespread use. Pip6a-PMO can be injected ... read more

Sep. 20, 2016 — New research suggests the 3-D structure DNA forms as it crams into cells may provide an additional layer of gene ... read more

Inherited Parental Methylation Shifts Over Time, May Have Functional Effects in the Brain and Other Tissues

Sep. 20, 2016 — Inherited methylation—a form of epigenetic regulation passed down from parents to offspring—is far more dynamic than previously thought and may contribute to changes in the brain and other ... read more

Removing Cellular Bookmarks Smooths the Path to Stem Cells

Sep. 20, 2016 — Cells use specific proteins that help the cell remember what collection of genes needs to be turned on again after cell division. Removing these transcriptional bookmarks may be a key to better ... read more

Genetic 'Switch' Identified as Potential Target for Alzheimer’s Disease

Sep. 20, 2016 — An important part of the machinery that switches on a gene known to protect against Alzheimer's Disease has been discovered by a team of ... read more

Sep. 20, 2016 — Loneliness is linked to poor physical and mental health, and is an even more accurate predictor of early death than obesity. To better understand who is at risk, researchers conducted the first ... read more

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