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May 29, 2016

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May 29, 2016

May 27, 2016 — Skin, eye and hair pigmentation requires a delicate balance of acidity within the cellular compartments where melanin is made -- that balance is partly regulated, scientists now know, by a protein ... read more

First Discovery in United States of Colistin Resistance in a Human E. Coli Infection

May 26, 2016 — The Multidrug Resistant Organism Repository and Surveillance Network at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research characterized a transferrable gene for colistin resistance in the United States that ... read more

Who Should Pay for Gene Therapy?

May 26, 2016 — As gene therapy trials show promise to cure or ameliorate several diseases, it is time to explore ways to pay for the treatments, according to a new commentary. Noting the potential of gene therapy ... read more

May 26, 2016 — Scientists have developed ultra-fast, meta-genomics analysis software called Taxonomer that dramatically improves the accuracy and speed of pathogen detection. In a new paper, the collaborators ... read more

Scientists Discover Mechanism That Turns Mutant Cells Into Aggressive Cancers

May 26, 2016 — Scientists have caught a cancer-causing mutation in the act. A new study shows how a gene mutation found in several human cancers, including leukemia, gliomas and melanoma, promotes the growth of ... read more

Researchers Link Gene Expression Patterns of Normal Tissue to Breast Cancer Prognosis

May 26, 2016 — Researchers have identified a particular gene expression pattern in normal-appearing breast tissue around tumors that was linked to lower 10-year survival rates for women with estrogen ... read more

Differences in Metabolism Between Androgen-Dependent, Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer May Lead to New Therapies

May 26, 2016 — Integration of gene expression and metabolomics data identified key metabolic pathways that are altered in prostate cancer, report scientists at conclusion of their ... read more

Genome Sequencing Provides Diagnosis for Some Types of Intellectual Disability

May 25, 2016 — A study is one of the first to show the life-changing benefits of genome-wide sequencing for children with certain kinds of intellectual disability, report ... read more

Researchers Identify Immune Genes Tied to Common, Deadly Brain Cancer

May 25, 2016 — Researchers have identified a group of immune system genes that may play a role in how long people can live after developing a common type of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme, a tumor of ... read more

First Large-Scale Proteogenomic Study of Breast Cancer Provides Insight Into Potential Therapeutic Targets

May 25, 2016 — A new study integrates genomic and proteomic data to yield a more complete picture of cancer biology than either analysis could do alone, report ... read more

May 25, 2016 — Neuroscientists have found that loss of the autism-linked Shank gene prevents brain synapses from maturing, in a study of fruit flies. Many genetic variants have been linked to autism, but only a ... read more

Fixing Cystic Fibrosis: In Vitro Studies Show Therapeutically Robust Correction of the Most Common CF Gene Mutation

May 25, 2016 — In experiments with isolated cystic fibrosis lung cells, researchers have partially restored the lost function of those cells to therapeutic ... read more

Consumer Knowledge Gap on Genetically Modified Food

May 25, 2016 — While consumers are aware of genetically modified crops and food, their knowledge level is limited and often at odds with the facts, according to a newly published ... read more

Understanding the Underlying Mechanisms That Lead to Psoriasis

May 25, 2016 — Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition that affects some 125 million people worldwide. It is characterized by itchy, scaly skin plaques. The exact cause of psoriasis is unclear. But mounting ... read more

New Study Surveys Genetic Changes Linked With Parkinson's Disease

May 24, 2016 — The genetic modifications associated with the development of Parkinson's disease (PD) and PD-associated dementia has been the focus of recent research, which is bringing new investigative tools ... read more

May 24, 2016 — Bacteria use a form of 'social media' communication, quorum sensing, to monitor how many of their species are in the neighborhood. This is important in the pathogenicity of Vibrio cholerae, ... read more

Do DNA Repairs Full of Mistakes Develop Into Cancer?

May 24, 2016 — If DNA damage response (DDR) does not work when DNA is damaged by radiation, proteins which should be removed remain instead, and a loss of genetic information can be incited, which, when repaired ... read more

Research Points to Possible New Prevention Strategies for Ovarian Cancer

May 24, 2016 — The discovery of early changes in the cells of the Fallopian tubes of women carrying the BRCA genetic mutation could open the way for new preventative strategies for ovarian cancer, reducing the need ... read more

Sequencing Analysis Identifies Genomic Alterations in Colorectal Precancers

May 24, 2016 — Whole-exome sequencing of both colorectal adenomas (precancers often called polyps) and intestinal mucosa at risk for developing into adenomas from patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) ... read more

May 24, 2016 — A research team wanted to know how HIV uses its tiny genome to manipulate our cells, gain entry, and replicate--all while escaping the immune system. They've spent a decade developing an ... read more

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