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Infectious Diseases News

February 24, 2024

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A pharmacy associate professor has developed a novel nanomedicine loaded with genetic material called small interfering RNAs (siRNA) to fight human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) using gene ...
Scientists have long thought of the fluid-filled sac around our lungs merely as a cushion from external damage. Turns out, it also houses potent virus-eating cells that rush into the lungs during flu ...
Researchers demonstrate the contribution of climate change to the spatial expansion of West Nile virus in Europe, a virus that constitutes a new public health threat in the continent. Their findings highlight a notable increase in the area ...
A new clinical trial suggests that a combination of the drug vorinostat and immunotherapy can coax HIV-infected cells out of latency and attack them. The findings highlight how close -- yet still far -- researchers have come to developing a cure for ...
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The prospect of the worrisome triple threat of COVID, RSV and flu was assuaged last year by the effectiveness of flu vaccines. Two recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control and ...

An experimental treatment using viruses to kill bacteria gave a mother more months of life and furthered knowledge to help future patients, researchers report in a recent case ...

Seeing a glycoprotein on the envelope of the HIV virus snap open and shut in mere millionths of a second is giving investigators a new handle on the surface of the virus that could lead to broadly ...

Fighting disease-causing bacteria becomes more difficult when antibiotics stop working. People with pre-existing conditions in particular can carry resistant germs and suffer from repeated infections ...

A new type of E. coli that is both highly infectious and resistant to some antibiotics has been discovered. The newly identified mutation of antibiotic-resistant E. coli is described in a new ...

Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent and growing global crisis. Researchers are exploring phages, viruses that infect bacteria, as a possible solution. In the new study, researchers successfully ...

Using a DNA-based delivery particle, researchers created a vaccine that can induce a strong antibody response against ...

Researchers are currently developing anti-viral surfaces to decrease the spread of infectious diseases. A recent study found that a resin ingredient is effective against coronaviruses and strongly ...

The composition of microbiota found in the gut influences how susceptible mice are to respiratory virus infections and the severity of these ...

Scientists have found direct evidence that exposure to common cold coronaviruses can train T cells to fight SARS-CoV-2. The research promises to help scientists design and improve ...

The spread of West Nile virus in Europe is strongly linked to agricultural activities, urbanization, and bird migration, according to new ...

Around one million individuals worldwide become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, each year. To replicate and spread the infection, the virus must smuggle its genetic material into the ...

A new study has revealed how HIV squirms its way into the nucleus as it invades a ...

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) does an excellent job at suppressing HIV to undetectable levels in the blood. However, small amounts of latent virus hide throughout the body, and when treatment is ...

UNSW Sydney medical scientists have cracked a mystery whose solution has long eluded researchers. UNSW Sydney medical scientists have cracked a mystery whose solution has long eluded ...

Infants born full term to mothers who were infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy had three times the risk of having respiratory distress compared with unexposed infants, even though they themselves ...

Researchers have discovered various 'protective switches' in the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that shield it from attacks by the immune ...

People living with HIV need to take antiretroviral treatment for life to prevent the virus from multiplying in their body. But some people, known as 'post-treatment controllers,' have been ...

Long Covid patients suffer from chronic symptoms such as fatigue or shortness of breath. As researchers have discovered, this is to some extent due to a part of our immune system called the ...

Tuberculosis, caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) kills upwards of 1.6 million people a year, making it one of the leading causes of death by an infectious agent worldwide -- and ...

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