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May 24, 2017

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May 24, 2017

Sleep Loss Affects Your Waistline

May 22, 2017 — Sleep loss increases the risk of obesity through a combination of effects on energy metabolism. This research will highlight how disrupted sleep patterns, a common feature of modern living, can ... read more

Chance of Colon Cancer Recurrence Nearly Cut in Half in People Who Eat Nuts

May 18, 2017 — Something as simple as eating tree nuts may make a difference in the long-term survival of patients with colon cancer, a new study ... read more

Following Gastric Band Surgery, Device-Related Reoperation Common, Costly

May 17, 2017 — Among Medicare beneficiaries undergoing laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery, reoperation was common, costly, and varied widely across hospital referral regions, according to a ... read more

Young Women's Gradual Weight Gain Lifts Pregnancy Blood Pressure Danger

May 17, 2017 — Researchers are challenging women to start thinking about pre-pregnancy health sooner, with the finding that years of gradual weight gain more than doubles the risk of hypertensive disorders in ... read more

'Healthy' Obese People Still at Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events Than General Population

May 16, 2017 — New research shows that so-called 'metabolically healthy' obese people are still at higher risk of cardiovascular disease events such as heart failure or stroke than normal weight ... read more

Breast Cancer Risk Is More Affected by Total Body Fat Than Abdominal Fat

May 16, 2017 — A reduction in overall body fat, rather than abdominal fat, is associated with lower levels of breast cancer markers. Levels of several breast cancer risk markers were reduced in postmenopausal women ... read more

May 16, 2017 — A team of investigators has identified key inflammatory cells involved in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Current treatment for the disorder involves changes to diet, yet no medication has been ... read more

Switching to a Low-Glycemic Diet May Stop Age-Related Eye Disease, Study Suggests

May 16, 2017 — Development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) could be arrested by switching from a high-glycemic to a low-glycemic diet, suggests a new study conducted in ... read more

Popular Weight-Loss Surgery Puts Patients at High Risk for Alcohol Problems

May 16, 2017 — One in five patients who undergo one of the most popular weight-loss surgical procedures is likely to develop problems with alcohol, with symptoms sometimes not appearing until years after their ... read more

Nonprescription Use of Ritalin Linked to Adverse Side Effects, Study Finds

May 15, 2017 — New research has explored the potential side effects of the stimulant drug Ritalin on those without ADHD showed changes in brain chemistry associated with risk-taking behavior, sleep disruption and ... read more

Better Than BMI: More Accurate Way to Determine Adolescent Obesity

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have found a new, more accurate way to determine if adolescents are overweight, important findings considering many school districts label adolescents -- who tend to be more vulnerable to ... read more

Osteoarthritis Could Be Prevented With Good Diet and Exercise

May 12, 2017 — Osteoarthritis can potentially be prevented with a good diet and regular exercise, a new expert review ... read more

Imbalanced Gut Microbiome Linked to Systemic Sclerosis, Study Suggests

May 12, 2017 — Americans and Norwegians with systemic sclerosis had higher levels of bacteria that can cause inflammation and lower levels of bacteria that are believed to protect against inflammation compared with ... read more

May 11, 2017 — Tamoxifen is the gold standard for endocrine treatment of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer. Tamoxifen is also known to have metabolic effects. A new study reports that the drug also prevents ... read more

Loss of Spinal Nerve Fibers Not the Only Cause of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

May 10, 2017 — Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have now sampled spinal cords of thirteen people with MS and five healthy controls, and found that spinal cord cross sectional area is not a good ... read more

Experts Argue That Obesity Is a Chronic, Relapsing, Progressive Disease

May 10, 2017 — Experts consider the argument for obesity as a chronic relapsing disease process. They note that obesity fits the epidemiological model of a disease process except that the toxic or pathological ... read more

Common Sweetener in Low-Cal Foods Also a Marker for Weight Gain

May 10, 2017 — A new study has identified the sugar alcohol erythritol as a biomarker for increasing fat mass. In contrast to previous assumptions and research, erythritol can be metabolized by, and even produced ... read more

Older Age at Menopause and Use of Hormone Therapy Produce Increased Risk of Hearing Loss

May 10, 2017 — It has long been suspected that menopause and the use of hormones had a direct effect on hearing. However, findings from previous studies have been conflicting, with some suggesting that hearing ... read more

Diet Rich in Fruit, Vegetables and Whole Grains May Lower Risk of Gout

May 9, 2017 — A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, nuts and whole grains and low in salt, sugary drinks, and red and processed meats, is associated with a lower risk of gout, whereas a typical 'Western' ... read more

Alzheimer's Disease Likely Not Caused by Low Body Mass Index

May 9, 2017 — A new large-scale genetic study found that low body mass index (BMI) is likely not a causal risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, as earlier research had ... read more

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