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May 4, 2016

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May 4, 2016

Teens With Allergies and Asthma: Start Prepping Now for Move to College

May 3, 2016 — Being in a new location with new risky behaviors can negatively impact your health and increase your risk for ingesting food allergens and exposure to allergy and asthma triggers. A new article ... read more

Percentage of US Children Who Have Chronic Health Conditions on the Rise

Apr. 30, 2016 — The percentage of children with chronic health conditions is on the rise, and new research shows this is especially true among children who live in or near ... read more

Dexamethasone for Asthma in the ER: Better Compliance, Nearly Equal Effectiveness

Apr. 27, 2016 — Adults with asthma who were treated with one-dose dexamethasone in the emergency department had only slightly higher relapse than patients who were treated with a five-day course of ... read more

Exposure to Cigarette Smoke and Flu Virus May Prevent Lung Medications Working Properly

Apr. 10, 2016 — A new study backs up observations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients showing reduced effectiveness of symptom-reliever medication in flare-ups linked to cigarette smoking and infection ... read more

Oily Fish Eaten During Pregnancy May Reduce Risk of Asthma in Offspring

Apr. 6, 2016 — Children born to mothers who eat salmon when pregnant may be less likely to have doctor diagnosed asthma compared to children whose mothers do not eat it, new research has ... read more

Study Reveals New Way Lungs Respond in Asthma Attacks

Apr. 4, 2016 — Researchers identify new process for preventing narrowing of airways that could lead to new treatments for disease. Millions of people suffer with asthma, with the disease affecting one in every 11 ... read more

Asthma Is Associated With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Excess Weight

Apr. 1, 2016 — Among reproductive-age women, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as well as overweight and obesity are independently linked with asthma, new preliminary research from Australia ... read more

Asthma-Free? Maybe Mom Experienced a Sunny Second Trimester

Mar. 30, 2016 — The best way to reduce a child's chances of developing asthma might be making sure Mom had enough vitamin D during the second trimester, a new study shows. The most cost-effective way to get Mom ... read more

Air Pollution Increases Risk of Early Death in Gothenburg

Mar. 24, 2016 — People who live where there are high levels of air pollution have an increased risk of dying prematurely. Air pollution levels in Gothenburg have, however, decreased by half in the past few ... read more

Developing Better Drugs for Asthma, High Blood Pressure

Mar. 24, 2016 — If a patient is ill and takes drugs for that illness, these drugs often lead to further illnesses and complications. This affects millions of people throughout the world. An international research ... read more

Mar. 18, 2016 — A rescue inhaler can be a lifesaver during an asthma or COPD flareup, but using a rescue inhaler is complicated and misuse is common, putting patients' lives at risk. An education strategy, ... read more

Planned Repeat C-Section Not Linked to Worse Child Health Than Vaginal Birth After C-S

Mar. 15, 2016 — Long-term health outcomes in children of mothers with planned cesarean sections are not substantially worse than those children of mothers with vaginal births after cesarean section, according to a ... read more

New 'AsthmaMap' Could Redefine Disease and Personalize Treatment for Patients

Mar. 14, 2016 — A new digital 'map' detailing different mechanisms that contribute to the development of asthma could help researchers redefine the disease. The map works by dividing asthma into different ... read more

If You Treat a Parent's Depression, Will Their Child's Asthma Improve?

Mar. 11, 2016 — A new study is underway to determine whether treating a depressed caregiver will improve the child’s asthma. The researchers say the findings eventually may reduce health disparities in child ... read more

Why Does 'Rogue Gene' Cause Asthma in Early Life?

Mar. 10, 2016 — Researchers are to study why some people are more likely to develop asthma. The team will analyze a particular gene called ADAM33, which is associated with the development of asthma and airway ... read more

New Target Could Help to Reduce Symptoms of Asthma Attacks, Research Shows

Mar. 8, 2016 — The role of a receptor in the body that could help to prevent or reduce the effects of asthma attacks has been examined by an international team of researchers. The team examined the role in the body ... read more

Omalizumab Decreases Colds in Inner-City Children With Asthma

Mar. 6, 2016 — Treatment with omalizumab significantly decreases the number of colds in inner-city children with allergic asthma, researchers report. Omalizumab, sold under the brand name Xolair, is an injectable ... read more

Asthma Symptoms Linked to Increased Stress, Anxiety Levels in Teens

Mar. 6, 2016 — Common asthma symptoms like waking up in the middle of the night and shortness of breath are associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety in teens with asthma. In a small study of 38 asthma ... read more

World's First 3D-Printed 'Sneezometer' Will Help Asthma Patients Breathe Easy

Mar. 2, 2016 — The world’s most sensitive spirometer can assess breathing with twice the sensitivity of regular machines. Experts say that it will help with the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of ... read more

New Discovery Opens Doors to Manipulating Fat Production in the Body

Mar. 1, 2016 — Move over diet and exercise, a new weight control method is in the works and it involves manipulating the production of fat cells at their source. A new research report shows that at least some human ... read more

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