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November 29, 2023

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A research team has successfully developed a novel pneumococcal vaccine by combining the team's proprietary mucosal vaccine technology with pneumococcal surface proteins that can cover a wide range of serotypes. Experiments were conducted using mice ...
A research team has successfully developed a novel pneumococcal vaccine by combining the team's proprietary mucosal vaccine technology with pneumococcal surface proteins that can cover a wide range of serotypes. Experiments were conducted using mice ...
Longevity of neutralizing antibodies is an essential factor for an effective HIV-1 ...
Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning this year will be potentially dangerous for respiratory illnesses, a third of Americans are not concerned about the threat, according to ...
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Parents who send their children to child care can breathe a little easier. New research shows that children in daycare were not significant spreaders of ...

A new study provides deeper insight into the safety of COVID-19 vaccines for people planning to become pregnant. The study found no increased risk of early or late miscarriage as a result of male or ...

A vaccine designed to protect against three different deadly coronaviruses shows success in mouse studies, demonstrating the viability of a pan-coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at the ...

One shot in the arm, and the whole body is protected. But how? For one thing, the immune system produces antibodies and cells that patrol the entire organism by traveling through the bloodstream. For ...

Scientists have discovered a tuberculosis (TB) vaccination strategy that could prevent the leading cause of death among people worldwide living with HIV. The results showed that, when given ...

A team has demonstrated in theory that a protein antigen from a childhood vaccine can be delivered into the cells of a malignant tumor to refocus the body's immune system against the cancer, ...

Researchers found that pre-existing immunity to Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can limit its transmission during pregnancy and protect against associated birth defects. The study marks an important step ...

As Streptococcus A cases continue to be prevalent, a new nasal vaccine could provide long-term protection from the deadly bacteria. The development of a Strep A vaccine which is currently in Phase 1 ...

A new study shows that a single dose of the vaccine, administered in mouse models, put immune cells into 'Incredible Hulk' mode, providing rapid protection against nine different bacteria ...

In September 2022, new bivalent COVID-19 boosters became available in the United States, but less than 20% of the eligible population ultimately received one. A new study identified why so many ...

Altered measles and mumps viruses could be used as a platform to create a trivalent COVID-19 vaccine that triggers immunity to multiple variant strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, new research in ...

Researchers have developed an improved way to test potential vaccines against bird ...

A dendritic cell vaccine administered before and after autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) was safe and immunogenic and was associated with durable clinical responses in patients with high-risk ...

Tumor vaccines can help the body fight cancer. These vaccines alert the patient's immune system to proteins that are carrying cancer-typical alterations. Physicians and cancer researchers have ...

A study has shown that combining adoptive T cell therapy (ACT) with an innovative, personalized cancer vaccine under development can benefit patients with late-stage, drug-resistant ovarian ...

During a bout of influenza, B cells interact with other immune cells and then take different paths to defend the body. One path is the B cells that differentiate into lung-resident memory B cells, or ...

Nearly one in three people exposed to SARS-CoV2 is infected, and as many as two in five with the Omicron variant. In the case of immunity -- conferred by vaccination, infection or a combination of ...

By adding synergistic self-adjuvanting properties to COVID-19 RNA vaccines, researchers showed they could significantly boost the immune response generated in ...

A new international study has shown mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) infections to be less severe among those who are vaccinated or had a previous infection in 2022, underlining the importance and ...

ChatGPT could help to increase vaccine uptake by debunking myths around jab safety, say the authors of a new ...

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