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September 26, 2023

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A novel drug target has been newly identified in the fight against drug resistance in cancer ...
Small cell lung cancer accounts for about 15 percent of all diagnosed lung cancers and is still associated with a high mortality rate. SCLC tumours often develop resistance to chemotherapy and thus poor prognosis is due to tumour recurrence which ...
Scientists have discovered two new genes that cause head and neck cancer patients to be resistant to chemotherapy, and that silencing either gene can make cancer cells previously unresponsive to ...
Fresh discoveries about a type of immune cells could give lung cancer patients a more accurate prognosis and better identify who will benefit from immunotherapies. Researchers found that the location in and around tumours of cytotoxic T cells, which ...

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Scientists have discovered why breast cancer cells that have spread to the lungs may 'wake up' following years of sleep -- forming incurable secondary tumors. Their research reveals the ...

Researchers show how stimulating dendritic cells through certain pathways produces strong T cell activity against tumors and works in conjunction with immune checkpoint inhibitors to produce even ...

New data from a clinical trial shows improved rates of survival and reduced risk of recurrence in patients taking osimertinib, a targeted therapy for non-small cell lung cancer ...

A new study found that deleting a gene called KMT2D caused normal (basal) lung cells grown in complex cultures called organoids to transform into lung squamous carcinoma (LUSC) ...

A research team has shown that Sarunashi juice and its constituting component isoquercetin help prevent and reduce lung cancer in laboratory ...

Researchers report that they have developed a new experimental pipeline to combine bacterial therapy with current cancer drugs. Their study, which explores resistance to bacterial therapy at the ...


About 80% of people with cancer suffer from significant muscle wasting, or loss of muscle tissue, and 30% of these patients die from this condition. New research in mice finds that the severity of ...

While it may seem common knowledge that smoking is bad for your lungs, if and how ultrafine particles present in cigarette smoke impact the development and progression of lung cancer remains unclear. ...

Airway inflammation and emphysema are more common in marijuana smokers than cigarette smokers, according to a new study. Researchers said the difference may be due to the way that marijuana is smoked ...

Scientists investigating the mechanics of the early stages of lung cancer have identified a new potential treatment, which could also aid early detection of the disease. Levels of a key protein -- ...

A new study has revealed significant racial disparities in how quickly minorities with the most common form of lung cancer receive potentially lifesaving radiation therapy compared with their white ...

This year, about 200,000 people will be diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer, the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. Researchers are working to improve the odds for ...


Despite significant advances, mortality from brain tumors remains high with five-year survival rates of 36%. More accurate diagnoses might improve the situation, but tissue biopsies are invasive and ...

The majority of the socioeconomic disparity, or deprivation gap, in cancer incidence could have been prevented in England between 2013 and 2017 if nobody had smoked, according to a new ...

In Germany, about ten per cent of all children are born before the 37th week of pregnancy and are thus considered premature. Many of these premature babies require help with breathing due to their ...

Researchers used extensive single-cell analysis to create a spatial map of tumor-infiltrating B cells and plasma cells in early-stage lung cancers, revealing new roles for these immune cells in ...

A new mechanism has been identified through which very small pollutant particles in the air may trigger lung cancer in people who have never smoked, paving the way to new prevention approaches and ...

About 30,000 cases of lung cancer occur in Spain each year. Mutations in KRAS oncogenes account for 10-15% of these cases, a subgroup against which there are still no effective therapies. Researchers ...

An experimental combination of two drugs halts the progression of small cell lung cancer, the deadliest form of lung cancer, according to a study in ...

More females than males who have never smoked have lung cancer and increasing evidence indicates that air pollution may be a major risk factor for these ...

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