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April 30, 2016

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April 30, 2016

Scientists Solve Immune System Mystery for Type 1 Diabetes

Apr. 25, 2016 — Scientists have solved a decades-old medical mystery by finally identifying a previously unknown molecule which is attacked by the immune system in people with Type 1 ... read more

Research Opens New Treatment Strategies for Specific Form of Psoriasis

Apr. 25, 2016 — Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease that is characterized by patches of abnormal and inflamed skin. It is generally thought to have a genetic origin, which can be further triggered by ... read more

Apr. 22, 2016 — The most aggressive form of pancreatic cancer -- often described as one of the hardest malignancies to diagnose and treat -- thrives in the presence of neighboring tumor cells undergoing a particular ... read more

Cpf1: CRISPR-Enzyme Scissors Cutting Both RNA and DNA

Apr. 22, 2016 — Scientists delineate molecular details of a new bacterial CRISPR-Cpf1 system and open possible avenue for alternative gene editing uses like targeting several genes in ... read more

Apr. 22, 2016 — The genes Hobit and Blimp1 have been identified, and researchers have found that these genes control a universal molecular program responsible for placing immune cells at the 'front lines' ... read more

Sleep Loss Detrimental to Blood Vessels

Apr. 22, 2016 — Getting too little sleep causes changes in the metabolism of cholesterol, demonstrates a new study. According to the results, long-term sleep loss may contribute to the development of cardiovascular ... read more

Immune Cells in Organ Cavities Play Essential Role in Fast Tissue Repair

Apr. 21, 2016 — While scientists have known for many years that there are cells living in the cavities surrounding various organs such as the heart, lung and liver, their function has remained unknown. A recent ... read more

Can We Hypercharge Vaccines?

Apr. 21, 2016 — Researchers report that a fatty chemical naturally found in damaged tissues can induce an unexpected kind of immune response, causing immune cells to go into a 'hyperactive' state that is ... read more

The Importance of Resting Phases in B Cell Development

Apr. 21, 2016 — Everyone preparing for the London Marathon likely knows that to perform their best during the event, they need to rest up now. New research describes a new mechanism through which B cells ensure that ... read more

Apr. 21, 2016 — The leading infectious cause of severe infant respiratory disease, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is also a major cause of respiratory illness in the elderly. Approved vaccines do not yet exist, ... read more

Apr. 21, 2016 — A study reveals a molecule that triggers cancer recognition in natural killer (NK) cells. The study defines an important role for CD2 in stimulating NK cell responses to therapeutic antibodies. The ... read more

Researchers Identify Key Factor for Reprogramming Adult Cells Into Stem Cells

Apr. 21, 2016 — Scientists have identified and characterized a biological factor critical to the transformation of adult somatic cells (cells that are not sperm or egg cells) into stem ... read more

Discovery Could Lead to Better Asthma Treatment

Apr. 21, 2016 — Scientists have made a discovery that could lead to improved treatment for asthma sufferers. They have found that blocking a certain signalling molecule can alleviate symptoms such as mucus ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — Scientists have developed a new way to study mice that better mimics the immune system of adult humans and which could significantly improve ways to test potential therapeutics. The researchers ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — Researchers have developed a targeted therapy (ABTAA) for mitigating sepsis by strengthening as well as protecting blood vessels. ABTAA is a separate, independent treatment which eliminates the root ... read more

Gene Therapy Shows Early Success Against 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Apr. 20, 2016 — Early results suggest novel gene therapy is safe and effective for treatment of inherited immune disease, according to scientists. The study involved five males with X-linked severe combined ... read more

Defects in Body's Cell Disposal System May Contribute to the Most Common Form of Lupus

Apr. 20, 2016 — Scientists may be setting the stage for new approaches to control or prevent the inflammation and tissue damage associated with the chronic autoimmune disorder ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — Vaccines and therapeutics developed using mice sometimes don't work as expected in humans. New research points to the near-sterile surroundings of laboratory mice as a key reason. When the ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — TNF-alpha, a proinflammatory molecule and protein produced by the body's cells during infection, also promotes the immune system regulatory responses by first inducing immune surveillance cells. ... read more

Apr. 19, 2016 — The flu and other viral infections have long been known to cause mood changes, beyond the more familiar symptoms of fever and sore throat. A study in mice now reveals how the antiviral immune ... read more

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