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Immune System News
October 28, 2016

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October 28, 2016

Stability of Exhausted T Cells Limits Durability of Cancer Checkpoint Drugs

Oct. 27, 2016 — Reinvigorating exhausted T cells in mice using a PD-L1 blockade caused very few T memory cells to develop. After the blockade, re-invigorated T cells became re-exhausted if antigen from the virus ... read more

Using Stem Cells to Boost Immunity Against Candida Albicans Infections

Oct. 26, 2016 — A biological mechanism has been revealed by researchers that generates cells that are better equipped to fight off serious infections caused by the Candida albicans ... read more

Inflammation Triggers Unsustainable Immune Response to Chronic Viral Infection

Oct. 21, 2016 — Scientists have discovered a fundamental new mechanism explaining the inadequate immune defense against chronic viral infection. These results may open up new avenues for vaccine development, say ... read more

Oct. 21, 2016 — In type 1 diabetes, the body attacks its own insulin-producing cells. Scientists have now reported on a mechanism used by the immune system to prepare for this attack. They were able to inhibit this ... read more

TB Tricks the Body's Immune System to Allow It to Spread

Oct. 20, 2016 — Tuberculosis (TB) tricks the immune system into attacking the body’s lung tissue so the bacteria are allowed to spread to other people, new research. The concept proposes that current ideas about ... read more

Scientists Reveal Link Between Cell Metabolism and the Spread of Cancer

Oct. 20, 2016 — A crucial factor in the spread of cancer has been discovered by a team of researchers that has demonstrated that the metabolism of macrophages, a particular type of white blood cell, can be attuned ... read more

Scientists Build a Better Cancer Drug to Pass Through Blood-Brain Barrier

Oct. 20, 2016 — In efforts to develop new treatments for brain cancer, scientists report they have altered the structure of an experimental drug that seems to enhance its ability to slip through the mostly ... read more

Oct. 20, 2016 — Zika virus infection leads to modifications of both viral and human genetic material, scientists have discovered. These modifications — chemical tags known as methyl groups — influence viral ... read more

Oct. 20, 2016 — Research has found that a natural compound isolated from onions, onionin A (ONA), has several anti-ovarian cancer properties. This discovery is a result of research on the effects of ONA on a ... read more

Gene Deletion Points Way to Flu Treatment

Oct. 19, 2016 — Researchers kept mice from getting the flu by removing a gene that regulates their immune system. According to the study, mice missing the gene Trim29 eliminated human influenza virus within 48 ... read more

Oct. 18, 2016 — The HIV virus increases the potency of the tuberculosis bacterium (Mtb) by affecting a central function of the immune system. This discovery helps to explain why infection with HIV greatly increases ... read more

Estrogen Signaling Impacted Immune Response in Cancer

Oct. 17, 2016 — Estrogen signaling was responsible for immunosuppressive effects in the tumor microenvironment across cancer types, a new study has concluded. These findings pave the way for combining ... read more

Oct. 17, 2016 — Spinal cord injury alters the type of bacteria living in the gut and that these changes can exacerbate the extent of neurological damage and impair recovery of function, new research suggests. The ... read more

Oct. 13, 2016 — L-arginine, an amino acid that is consumed through diet, can boost the activity of a particular type of immune cells, so called T cells, new research indicates. When the levels of L-arginine are ... read more

New Analysis Sheds Light on Zika Virus Evolution, Spread

Oct. 12, 2016 — Researchers have modeled the evolutionary development and diversity of the Zika virus to better understand how infection spreads between populations and how the virus reacts with the immune system. ... read more

Post Breastfeeding Tissue Remodelling Explained by New Research

Oct. 12, 2016 — A ground-breaking study into the changes that occur in a woman’s breast, from growing into one that provides milk for a new-born, and then back to its normal state, has discovered that ... read more

Combination Therapy Shows Promise in Fighting Neuroblastoma

Oct. 11, 2016 — Further light has been shed on the role of the cytokine TGF?1 in the growth of neuroblastoma, and suggests the possibility for a small molecule drug/antibody combinatorial therapy to treat this ... read more

New Immune Cell Subset Associated With Progression to Type 1 Diabetes

Oct. 11, 2016 — A recently described T cell subset may have a central role in the development of type 1 diabetes, research suggests. These so called follicular T helper cells were found to be increased at the onset ... read more

Viral Particles Support Prophylactic Vaccination Against Breast Cancer

Oct. 11, 2016 — Artificial structures of tumor antigens, so-called mimotopes, applied in vaccinations of cancer patients can trigger a long-term immune response. For the vaccine, however, a carrier is required that ... read more

Oct. 10, 2016 — The liver reacts to chronic injury by walling it off with scar tissue and calling in immune cells with inflammatory signals. If cancer arises, the resulting inflammation then stokes tumor ... read more

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