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May 24, 2016

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May 24, 2016

Middle School Intervention Program Leads to Long-Term BMI Reduction for Obese Students

May 23, 2016 — A five-week obesity prevention program for seventh grade students in Southern California helped obese students lose weight over a long-term period. The average reduction in body mass index (BMI) ... read more

Loss of Inflammatory Signaling Molecule Protects Mice Against Diet-Induced Obesity

May 19, 2016 — Mice lacking the proinflammatory signaling molecule TAK1 are protected from obesity and insulin resistance induced by a high fat diet, a new study has ... read more

New Study Evaluates Nicotine's Relationship to Body Weight, Food Intake

May 18, 2016 — A carefully controlled series of studies demonstrates that the self-administration of nicotine by rats suppresses body weight gain independent of food ... read more

No Link Between Eating Dinner After 8pm, Obesity in Children

May 17, 2016 — Researchers have found no significant link between eating the evening meal after 8pm and excess weight in children, according to a new ... read more

Converting Cells to Burn Fat, Not Store It

May 16, 2016 — Researchers have uncovered a new molecular pathway for stimulating the body to burn fat -- a discovery that could help fight obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular ... read more

Regular Physical Activity Is 'Magic Bullet' for Pandemics of Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease

May 16, 2016 — The statistics on regular physical activity in the U.S. are bleak; only about 20 percent of Americans engage in recommended levels of regular physical activity and about 64 percent never do any ... read more

Program Participation Results in Long-Term Weight Loss

May 14, 2016 — A new study demonstrates the effectiveness of long-term participation in a national weight-loss ... read more

Another Reason for Wine Lovers to Toast Resveratrol

May 13, 2016 — Red wine lovers have a new reason to celebrate. Researchers have found a new health benefit of resveratrol, which occurs naturally in blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, grape skins and ... read more

The Gluten-Free Diet in Children: Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

May 13, 2016 — The prevalence of celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disease, is increasing. The only treatment for CD is a gluten-free diet. However, the increasing prevalence of CD does not account for the ... read more

Obesity on the Rise in Indonesia

May 13, 2016 — Obesity is on the rise in Indonesia, one of the largest studies of the double burden of malnutrition in children has ... read more

Brain Cells That Aid Appetite Control Identified

May 12, 2016 — Brain cells that play a crucial role in appetite and weight gain has been identified. They are known as NG2-glia cells.Although these cells exist within different parts of the brain, it is those ... read more

Babies of Mothers With Gestational Diabetes Have More Body Fat, Scans Reveal

May 12, 2016 — Babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes have more body fat at two months of age compared to babies born to healthy mothers, says a new study. Scientists used MRI scanning to measure body fat ... read more

Physical Activity, Functional Ability Increase After Weight Loss Surgery

May 12, 2016 — People who have their stomach size surgically reduced move around more and easier after weight loss surgery, a study has found. Patients are able to walk further and are more physically active in the ... read more

Fruit Discovery Could Provide New Treatments for Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

May 11, 2016 — A combination of two compounds found in red grapes and oranges could be used to improve the health of people with diabetes, and reduce cases of obesity and heart disease. The find has been made by ... read more

Neighborhoods With More Take-out Restaurants Amplify Social Inequalities in Unhealthy Eating and Obesity

May 11, 2016 — People who live or work near to a greater number of take-out outlets are more likely to eat more takeaway food and to be overweight, but new research indicates that neighborhoods that are saturated ... read more

New Potential Marker for Obesity Found

May 11, 2016 — A potential new biological marker for the development of obesity has been found, along with a possible target for obesity prevention and treatment, report ... read more

Five Ways Game of Thrones’ The Mountain’s Diet Can Make You Mighty

May 11, 2016 — Health and exercise scientists have analysed the daily diet of around 12,000 calories that helps Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays “The Mountain” in hit television series Games of Thrones, ... read more

Obesity Less Dangerous Than 40 Years Ago

May 10, 2016 — New research from Denmark involving more than 100,000 individuals suggests that the excess risk of premature death associated with obesity has decreased over the past 40 years. All-cause mortality ... read more

Junk Food Causes Similar High Blood Sugar Levels as Type 2 Diabetes

May 10, 2016 — A junk food diet can cause as much damage to the kidney as diabetes, according to a study. In their study, researchers used animal models of diabetes and models of diet-induced obesity and insulin ... read more

Influential Factors of the Social Divide in Child Obesity Rates

May 10, 2016 — Researchers have identified important early life factors that contribute to childhood obesity rates being different for children from different socio-economic ... read more

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