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October 4, 2023

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Experts in cloning and stem cell science are reporting that five lung stem cell variants dominate the lungs of patients with advanced cystic fibrosis, and that these variants drive key aspects of CF ...
Small cell lung cancer accounts for about 15 percent of all diagnosed lung cancers and is still associated with a high mortality rate. SCLC tumours often develop resistance to chemotherapy and thus poor prognosis is due to tumour recurrence which ...
Scientists have shown that their steerable lung robot can autonomously maneuver the intricacies of the lung, while avoiding important lung ...
During a bout of influenza, B cells interact with other immune cells and then take different paths to defend the body. One path is the B cells that differentiate into lung-resident memory B cells, or ...

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Yoga and breathing control practices, in combination with aerobic training, are particularly key exercises for asthmatic people seeking to improve their lung function, a new peer-reviewed study ...

New findings may lead to relapse-free treatment for a sizeable subgroup of lung cancer patients. In a study in mice, scientists have identified a biomarker that may help physicians select lung cancer ...

Overly active immune cells are often behind lung damage in diseases such as Covid-19. Researchers have developed an RNA agent for a lung spray that slows the activity of these cells, known as ...

Having a food allergy as a baby is linked to asthma and reduced lung function later in childhood, according to a new ...

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in fish and fish oil supplements, appear promising for maintaining lung health, according to new evidence from a large, multi-faceted study in healthy adults. ...

The mucus in the airways is not as sticky, inflammation in the lungs significantly reduced: Triple combination therapy can achieve these positive, lasting effects in patients with cystic fibrosis ...


Small-cell lung cancer is a particularly aggressive type of tumor with a consistently high mortality rate. In recent years, the research of scientists has significantly contributed to a better ...

The largest and most comprehensive cell map of the human lung has been completed. The Human Lung Cell Atlas reveals the great diversity of cell types in the lung and shows key differences between ...

Researchers have collaborated to refine a cell culture technology platform that grows genetically identical lung buds from human embryonic stem ...

A new study has shown that human T cells have an important role to play in controlling ...

Storing donor lungs for transplant at 10 degrees Celsius markedly increases the length of time the organ can live outside the body according to new ...

A new type of nanoparticle can be administered to the lungs, where it can deliver messenger RNA encoding useful proteins. Researchers hope to use them to develop new treatments for cystic fibrosis ...


Researchers develop a 3D cell culture system to test how inhibiting fibroblast activities can help treat lung cancer. To simulate the tumor microenvironment and mimic real tissues, the team ...

A new study has revealed FDA-approved trametinib and entinostat (which is currently in clinical trials) can be given in tandem to produce fewer and smaller tumors in mice with LKB1-mutated non-small ...

A new study represents a first step towards generating highly detailed 3-dimensional maps of lung tumors using genetically engineered mouse ...

Scientists have discovered why breast cancer cells that have spread to the lungs may 'wake up' following years of sleep -- forming incurable secondary tumors. Their research reveals the ...

One in 10 adults suffer from the debilitating effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Research around a new breathing device developed by pulmonologists offers promise for improving ...

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia is one of the deadliest birth defects. To better understand and treat this condition in the future, researchers designed a new cell model in the laboratory and tested ...

Contracting a lower respiratory tract infection in early childhood is associated with a higher risk of dying from respiratory disease as an adult, according to new ...

New research reveals how the relationship between nerves and immune cells in the lungs can contribute to the development of allergic ...

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