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May 25, 2017

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May 25, 2017

May 23, 2017 — Immune diseases like multiple sclerosis and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis unleash destructive waves of inflammation on the body, causing death or a lifetime of illness and physical impairment. ... read more

May 22, 2017 — Researchers have modified an experimental malaria vaccine and showed that it completely protected four of eight monkeys that received it against challenge with the virulent Plasmodium falciparum ... read more

Engineered Protein Enlisted to Battle the MERS Virus

May 19, 2017 — Researchers converted a staple human ubiquitin protein into an anti-viral tool. Through subtle tweaks, they created an engineered version of the ubiquitin that binds more tightly and paralyzes a key ... read more

May 19, 2017 — Aedes aegypti, the primary mosquito that carries Zika virus, might also transmit chikungunya and dengue viruses with one bite, scientists ... read more

Scientists to Test Zika Virus on Brain Tumors

May 19, 2017 — In a revolutionary first, scientists will test whether the Zika virus can destroy brain tumor cells, potentially leading to new treatments for one of the hardest to treat cancers. ... read more

May 18, 2017 — A biochemical self-destruct trigger found in many types of cells takes on a different role in brain cells infected with West Nile virus. In a turnabout, it guards the lives of these cells and calls ... read more

May 18, 2017 — A protein called ZFP568 regulates an important fetal growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 2 (Igf2), according to a mouse study. The study is one of the first to show that KRAB-zinc finger ... read more

Costs for Generic Hepatitis C Drugs Available in India Would Be Paid Back in 5 to 10 Years

May 17, 2017 — Use of the generic versions of directly-acting antiviral drugs that are available in India to treat hepatitis C virus infection is not only cost effective but actually saves lifetime costs for ... read more

Important Step Taken Toward an HIV Vaccine

May 17, 2017 — Researchers have developed a strategy that can revolutionize vaccine design. The new strategy is used to develop vaccines that can prevent HIV infection and the development of ... read more

New Gene Therapy for Vision Loss Is Safe in Humans, Study Suggests

May 17, 2017 — In a small and preliminary clinical trial, researchers and their collaborators have shown that an experimental gene therapy that uses viruses to introduce a therapeutic gene into the eye is safe and ... read more

Undetected Ebola Infection in International Healthcare Workers Very Unlikely

May 16, 2017 — Undiagnosed Ebola virus infection was probably very rare in international workers who were deployed during the 2013-2015 outbreak of the virus in West Africa, despite mild and asymptomatic cases of ... read more

May 16, 2017 — An international team of researchers is now one step closer to eliminating a deadly parasitic disease responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world every ... read more

New Zika Virus Inhibitor Identified

May 16, 2017 — A new compound could serve as basis for drugs to prevent neurological complications of Zika, report ... read more

May 16, 2017 — Scientists have succeeded in developing a safe and easy self-donning and self-adjusting surgical gown called 'Selfgown,' which could also minimize environmental infection from splashes when ... read more

T-Cell Signaling Process Central to Immune Response

May 16, 2017 — The immune system cells known as T cells play a central role in the body's ability to fight infections and cancer. For decades, however, details of the molecular signaling process that leads to ... read more

More Than Half of Eligible US Travelers Not Receiving Measles Immunization

May 15, 2017 — 53 percent of individuals seeking pre-travel consultations at clinics across the country who were eligible to receive the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine were not vaccinated during the clinic visit, ... read more

May 15, 2017 — Vaccinating pregnant mothers year-round against flu in the resource-challenged region of subtropical Nepal reduced infant flu virus infection rates by an average of 30 percent, increased birth ... read more

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have conducted a study of Ebola survivors to determine if the virus has any specific effects on the back on the eye using an ultra widefield retinal ... read more

Certain Immune Reactions to Viruses Cause Learning Problems

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have discovered a mechanism by which the body's immune reaction to viruses like influenza and HIV may cause learning and memory ... read more

Two Dose HPV Vaccine Effective in Preventing Genital Warts, Study Finds

May 15, 2017 — New research offers the first published clinical evidence to support new recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for a two-dose HPV vaccine to prevent genital warts. ... read more

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