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Eye Care News

November 28, 2023

Top Headlines

Scientists can now pinpoint where someone is looking just by listening to their ears. Following a discovery that the ears emit subtle sounds when the eyes move, a new report finds that decoding the sounds reveals where your eyes are looking. These ...
Scientists have developed a novel approach that allows stem cells to be turned into retinal ganglion cells that are capable of migrating and surviving in the eye's retina. This approach presents a promising new treatment strategy for diseases like ...
Researchers show why only a subset of individuals exposed to trauma develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The research, centered on the body's stress hormone response, could pave the way for more targeted treatments for ...
A drug candidate has been found to be highly effective in treating a rare sight-threatening eye infection in a new international clinical ...
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Earlier Headlines

Scientists develop computer models of patients' eyes to identify the ideal intraocular lenses and visual simulators for patients to experience how they will see with ...

As the days get shorter and chillier in the northern hemisphere, those who choose to work out in the mornings might find it harder to get up and running. A new study identifies a protein that, when ...

Researchers have successfully demonstrated that hagfish slime proteins can accurately replicate membranes in the human eye. Scientists were able to properly grow retinal cells on hagfish slime ...

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has the potential to not only identify sight-threatening eye diseases but also predict general health, including heart attacks, ...

An infectious diseases surveillance system deployed at a hospital successfully flagged cases of a drug-resistant infection spread by eye drops months before national public health officials announced ...

It can be hard to know that you have glaucoma. Almost five percent of 70-year-olds were found to have glaucoma, and half of those diagnosed were unaware that they had the ...

Scientists believe they have discovered a special antibody which may lead to a treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition that causes loss of central vision, as well as night and color ...

A new study shows that young individuals with even mild asthma should remember to turn ventilation all the way up when cooking or burning candles. The fumes can cause irritation and inflammation in ...

Scientists have developed a flexible battery as thin as a human cornea, which stores electricity when it is immersed in saline solution, and which could one day power smart contact ...

Preterm babies given a supplement with a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have better visual function by the age of two and a ...

Markers that indicate the presence of Parkinson's disease in patients on average seven years before clinical presentation have been identified by a UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital research ...

Novel stem cell therapy called a CALEC transplant was performed safely in four patients with serious chemical burns tracked in a phase I clinical trial for 12 months. The patients experienced early ...

Unexpected new insights into how COVID-19 infects cells help explain why coronaviruses are so good at jumping from species to species and will help scientists better predict how COVID-19 will ...

People with albinism often have poor vision. A new study reveals the underlying ...

The first randomized controlled trial of its kind aimed at identifying an effective way to manage myopia was published last ...

In a sample of nearly 3,000 older adults who took vision tests and cognitive tests during home visits, the risk of dementia was much higher among those with eyesight problems -- including those who ...

Scientists have found a way to use nanotechnology to create a 3D 'scaffold' to grow cells from the retina -- paving the way for potential new ways of treating a common cause of ...

Researchers have discovered that the sentinels guarding the healthy human cornea from pathogens and inflammation are T cells, and not another type of immune cells called dendritic cells, as ...

Investigators have provided new understanding of how diabetes delays wound healing in the eye, identifying for the first time two related disease-associated changes to the ...

Aerobic glycolysis, the process by which cells transform glucose into lactate, is key for eye development in mammals, according to a new ...

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