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Disability News

June 22, 2024

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Scientists have achieved a significant research milestone in the field of spinal cord injuries -- mapping out the cellular and molecular dynamics of paralysis in unprecedented detail with their ...
A new study identifies a druggable cellular target that, if controlled properly, could prevent or lessen autonomic dysfunction and improve quality of life for people with spinal cord ...
Researchers have demonstrated a new method that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer simulations to train robotic exoskeletons to autonomously help users save energy while walking, ...
A novel omega-3 injectable emulsion reduces brain damage in newborn rodents experiencing lack of oxygen at delivery, a major cause of disability in human infants and ...

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Engineers have created a brain-computer interface that doesn't require calibration for each user, paving the way for widespread clinical ...

Using advanced methodology, scientists have been able to reveal at the cellular level how lesions in multiple sclerosis ...

Scientists can make high resolution images of the human spinal cord during surgery. The advancement could help bring real relief to millions suffering chronic back ...

Certain factors associated with developing age-related hearing loss differ by sex, including weight, smoking behavior, and hormone exposure, according to a new ...

Scientists have developed a new robot that can 'mimic' the two-handed movements of care-workers as they dress an ...

Researchers have developed a simulator that enables artificial visual observations for research into the visual prosthesis. This open source tool is available to researchers and offers those who are ...

The first stem cell culture method that produces a full model of the early stages of the human central nervous system has been developed by a team of engineers and ...

While it's not surprising to spot teens wearing headphones and earbuds, it's also becoming a widespread trend among younger children, a national poll ...

A team of scientists have demonstrated the first successful use of a neural prosthetic device to recall specific ...

Drugs that trap excess zinc in the inner ear could help restore lost hearing or, if administered before an expected loud sound exposure, can protect from hearing loss, study ...

Sensory feedback is important for amputees to be able to explore and interact with their environment. Now, researchers have developed a device that allows amputees to sense and respond to temperature ...

A tiny microfluidic device can improve cell therapy techniques for spinal cord injury patients. The device can remove a large percentage of stem cells that have not yet fully become spinal cord ...

A novel gene therapy for hearing loss was administered to six children in China in a clinical trial. Each child had an inherited deafness caused by mutations in the OTOF gene, called DFNB9. The ...

Low back pain is a major cause of disability around the globe, with more than 570 million people affected. New research shows that many people with persistent low back pain (more than 12 weeks) ...

We may not think about it while doing it, but our nervous system is directing our bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and more to move as efficiently as possible at varying speeds. Replicating this in ...

One in three children who suffer from bacterial meningitis live with permanent neurological disabilities due to the ...

An innovative study explores the use of robotic-assisted joint replacement in revision knee scenarios, comparing the pre- and post-revision implant positions in a series of revision total knee ...

This month, a group of stroke survivors in British Columbia will test a new technology designed to aid their recovery, and ultimately restore use of their limbs and hands. Participants will wear a ...

In people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), changes in neurons appear to activate immune cells. Lowering the inflammation could reduce the symptoms of the disease, according to a new ...

RSV, a common infection in children and the elderly thought to only infect the respiratory tract, can also infect nerve cells and cause nerve damage, according to a new study. The findings could have ...

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