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April 30, 2016

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April 30, 2016

International Law Fails to Protect Pregnant Women in War Zones, Argue Doctors

Apr. 20, 2016 — Deaths from violent conflict and lack of available care are major causes of mortality among pregnant women in war zones, warn doctors in a new ... read more

Would Changing Gait Pattern Decrease Your Likelihood of Running Injuries?

Apr. 6, 2016 — Are runners less injury-prone trekking barefoot than in pricey running shoes? Maybe, according to a new literature review. Advances in running shoe technology in the last 40 years have not reduced ... read more

Suicide Risk Can Be Intercepted in the Emergency Department

Apr. 5, 2016 — Universal suicide risk screening in emergency departments nearly doubled the number of patients who were positively identified as thinking about or having attempted suicide. In a new study, suicide ... read more

Examining Alcohol Use Prior to Suicides, Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

Apr. 5, 2016 — Injury death – including those due to intentional injury, with suicide most common, as well as unintentional injury, with motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) causing a majority – is the third leading ... read more

Watch What You Eat: The Dangers of a Bristle in Your Burger

Apr. 4, 2016 — Wire-bristle grill brushes, used for cleaning grill grates, may lose bristles when used. These bristles can adhere to the grill, become stuck to food, and then accidentally be ingested. A literature ... read more

Pituitary Insufficiency Is Prevalent After Blast Concussion in Military Veterans

Apr. 4, 2016 — A study in military veterans finds that explosive blast-related concussions frequently result in hormone changes leading to problems such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, depression and poor quality ... read more

Transgender Veterans Have High Rates of Mental Health Problems

Apr. 1, 2016 — Among military veterans identifying as transgender, 90 percent have at least one mental health diagnosis, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression, and nearly 50 percent had a ... read more

Experience in Afghanistan Highlights Plastic Surgeons' Role in Combat Trauma Surgery

Mar. 31, 2016 — Especially with improved chances of survival from severe combat trauma, plastic surgeons play a critical role in managing injuries sustained in modern warfare, suggest researchers with experience at ... read more

New Recommendations Link Better Sleep to Improved Concussion Outcomes

Mar. 31, 2016 — A panel of sleep and brain injury specialists recommends specific steps to test and develop sleep-related treatments to improve the outcome of mild traumatic brain ... read more

Most Civilians Support Wider Access to Training and Equipment to Stop Severe Bleeding in Victims of Mass Casualty Events

Mar. 31, 2016 — Many civilians have expressed interest in taking a bleeding control training course that would empower them to immediately assist victims of intentional mass casualty events, according to results of ... read more

Mar. 29, 2016 — Bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of concussions by 54 percent, and drastically cut the risk of skull fractures, according to a study. To assess the impact on the brain, the researchers compared ... read more

Mar. 29, 2016 — Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), a type of MRI, may be able to predict functional post-deployment outcomes for veterans who sustained mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion, during combat, ... read more

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Resolves Concussion Symptoms, Reports Suggest

Mar. 28, 2016 — Two case reports document improvements in concussion-related symptoms following an initial session of osteopathic manipulative treatment ... read more

PTSD May Affect Blood Vessel Health in Veterans

Mar. 23, 2016 — Post-traumatic stress disorder may decrease the ability of blood vessels to dilate, raising the risk of heart attack and stroke in veterans. Traditional risk factors such as high blood pressure, ... read more

Enhancing Sleep After Brain Injury Reduces Brain Damage, Cognitive Decline in Rats

Mar. 23, 2016 — Enhancing sleep after a head injury may help prevent some damage to brain cells, according to a study. Researchers found that enhancing the slow-wave cycle of sleep after head trauma minimized damage ... read more

Children With Simple Skull Fractures May Not Need Hospitalization

Mar. 22, 2016 — Challenging the longstanding practice of keeping all children with head injuries in the hospital overnight, new research suggests that patients with simple skull fractures can be sent home safely if ... read more

Only About Half of Suicidal Patients Asked If They Have Access to Firearms

Mar. 20, 2016 — Despite national guidelines urging emergency department doctors to ask suicidal patients if they have access to firearms or other lethal implements, only about half actually do, according to a new ... read more

Clues to the Causes, Risk Factors for and Prevention of Drowning Deaths

Mar. 17, 2016 — An international team of researchers has published an extensive review of scientific literature on factors involved drowning fatalities. They outline how the fear of drowning, fitness level, fatigue, ... read more

Mar. 16, 2016 — Among the mental health disorders reported in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2013, 8.7 percent of the burden of illness was attributed to Afghanistan-related military service while 28.7 percent was ... read more

What Does Your Smartphone Say When You Tell It You Were Raped?

Mar. 14, 2016 — What does a smartphone say when you tell it you were raped, want to commit suicide, feel depressed or are being abused? More than 200 million adults in the United States own a smartphone and the ... read more

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