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Pain Control News

July 24, 2024

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Opioid medications offer people relief from debilitating pain, but these drugs come with dangers: the risk for addiction, miserable withdrawal symptoms and the potential for fatal overdose. Researchers have now identified a strategy to design safer ...
Researchers have identified a new way to make opioids safer, increasing the pain-relieving properties of opioids while decreasing unwanted side effects through the spinal inhibition of a Heat shock ...
New research could transform how we understand the way opioids affect the brain. Despite significant discussion surrounding the ongoing opioid crisis, current understanding of how opioids function in ...
A new study has found that prolonged nerve injury (in an experimental model of chronic pain) reduces the expression of the transcription factor, Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2C (MEF2C) in the nucleus accumbens, a brain region that regulates emotion, ...

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A multi-institutional study found that 1 in 6 youths fill an opioid prescription prior to surgery, and 3% of patients were still filling opioid prescriptions three to six months after surgery, ...

Menthol sensing appeared long before cold sensing, suggesting distinct activation modes that can be disentangled, paving the way for new pain therapies without adverse thermal side ...

Adults with a history of low back pain went nearly twice as long without a recurrence of their back pain if they walked regularly, a world-first study has ...

Findings indicate that such software can dramatically improve patient safety during ...

A new study found chronic pain among older adults could be significantly reduced through a newly developed psychotherapy that works by confronting past trauma and stress-related emotions that can ...

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a common cause of pain and joint stiffness. And while physical activity is known to ease symptoms, only one in 10 people regularly ...

Researchers have revealed how the brain processes emotions related to sustained pain and ...

Research suggests that males and females differ in their experience of pain, but up until now, no one knew ...

A drug approved to treat eczema provided significant improvement in the symptoms of patients with severe itching diseases that currently have no targeted treatments, according to a new study. The ...

Diabetes rates continue to rise. Scientists have now created a pain-free drug delivery method to help people with diabetes manage the disease and maintain their health more easily. Researchers have ...

Researchers combine AI and mobile health to predict recovery from lumbar spine ...

A new study is one of the first explorations of prescribing patterns of tricyclic antidepressants for treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy at healthcare facilities predominantly serving ...

Treatment of autoimmune diseases like lupus has long relied on steroids to knock down the immune system, but more targeted therapies are currently undergoing clinical trials. To make sure these ...

An increase in nightmares and hallucinations -- or 'daymares' -- could herald the onset of autoimmune diseases such as ...

Disc-related back pain may one day meet its therapeutic match: gene therapy delivered by naturally derived nanocarriers that, a new study shows, repairs damaged discs in the spine and lowers pain ...

Researchers say they have uncovered insights as to why lupus symptoms and severity present differently in individuals with the autoimmune condition, which affects up to 1.5 million Americans. The ...

Neuropathy, the nerve damage that causes pain and numbness in the feet and hands and can eventually lead to falls, infection and even amputation, is very common and underdiagnosed, according to a new ...

Using light pulses as a model for electrical defibrillation, scientists developed a method to assess and modulate the heart function. The research team has thus paved the way for an efficient and ...

Dietary treatment is more effective than medications in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). With dietary adjustments, more than seven out of ten patients had significantly reduced ...

Researchers have identified a potential new treatment for persistent neurological symptoms of Lyme disease, commonly seen even after antibiotic use. The study found that fibroblast growth factor ...

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